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"A-Yo Your voice is like a sweet jelly

It lingers around my ears and finds you

I want to have you BABE

I feel good when I think about you"


♪ ♫ ♪ The Tune ♪ ♫ ♪


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Taken at: Twin Peaks Township

Model : Kylie (Model No. 06 — Collection 001.5)

I ended up photographing Riot Fest and the other photographer took Iggy Pop but I shot a little from the side as crowdsurfers fell into the photopit rammed into me. Anyways, this montage of photos from a distance still shows Iggy's personality in his body I hope. He has a very expressive sense of body language in my opinion.


Oh, and I also crossed one of my favorite bands off my bands to photograph before I die list...Jesus and Mary Chain!


**All photos are copyrighted. Don't steal them!**

I love sugar Pops. My one weakness

Piazza Santo Spirito Firenze

Some times the sounds you hear out shooting.... are folks out shooting!!! i was moving quickly away from this beauty.

Bank tube station. Still one of my favourites.

The most difficult thing about shooting Globe Thistles is to NOT get bumble and honey bees in the shot. Globes are currently the most popular flowers in the gardens and they're covered with bees most of the day.

Pattern and brief tutorial blogged here!

A new print I debuted at WonderCon. I'll have it up on my shop this week!

52 of 2011 group week 26 theme "pop of colour". I swore I would not do flowers this week... but then couldn't resist this one. I'm not sure having seen the rest of this weeks submissions so far this "pops" enough... but any more and the red looks a tad overdone!


Taken on another stop at Wilmington on the way home from work.

A beautiful little Grape Hyacinth (Muscari latifolium) with its bright lavender top popping. At Smith's Lyman Conservatory, of course - we're still buried in snow with more on the way. :)

It's my Dad's birthday today...I miss him, it's been 10 years now and I miss him.....

This was at my 19th birthday party....WAY back in 1981, mercy! It's an actually polaroid, I scanned it, the crease is where it's folded to fit in the frame ^.^

Texture Tuesday ... the Pop eDition

with Kim's texture 'may'


English daisies and carnations ...

The kids are so good at this game. we left with TWO huge stuffed animals they almost popped every one ;)

First go at colour isolation, quite pleased wiht the result. The shot was taken when trying out my new lens at the Albert Dock in Liverpool.

Such beautiful beautiful light this morning and the silhouette just popped out of the shot when I got home and uploaded. Stunning day here in Sydney - water still cold which was so perfect, invigorating and refreshing to jump into .

Come by to see a preview of my new fabric collections:




I'm still playing catch up, I'm making my way around! Big hugs to all ♥


Credits & SLurls & more Info: The Style Asylum


Imitation Poses @ anyBODY FEB 7th @ 8AM SLT


Song: Chicago Soundtrack Cell Block Tango





Uh uh



Pop, six, squish, uh-uh, Cicero, Lipschitz

Pop, six, squish, uh-uh, Cicero, Lipschitz

Pop, six, squish, uh-uh, Cicero, Lipschitz

He had it coming

He had it coming

He only had himself to blame

If you'd have been there

If you'd have seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!"

Charlotte had heard of breaking strings before but never popping springs....

pop! pop! pop!

but it can bloom only one or two days... so fragile.








Colour-popped image of a ladybird walking along the edge of our shed roof.


I wanted to see the effect of cropping it in a letter-box format & I really like the composition.


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pop bottle sign for POPS in Arcadia on Rt 66. Weather was not great there, raining, but still and interesting sign to advertise the place

The Roulettes flying over Hobart a few weeks back.

my lil pop-corn monster <3


Because I need the colors even when it rains..

Porque eu preciso das cores mesmo quando está chovendo...



My Pop, 2006, 7-3/4"W x 9-3/4”H, Mixed Media on Wood Panel.


Here's a new "hyper-collage" that I just completed mostly for the purposes of using the image for some upcoming licensing projects. I'd like to name it something other than "hyper-collage" but haven't thought of a suitable title yet. Let me know if you think of anything good. This will probably be my last post before heading off to Houston for a few days to judge the design awards for The Art Director's Club of Houston and to also give a brief slide lecture on my work. So nobody post anything new on Flickr until I get back! Hee, hee. Just kidding. Hit "All Sizes" on this bad boy to get a better look at the all the colorful details!! Oh, and the size of this one is 7-3/4"W x 9-3/4"H on wood panel.

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