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Our Tomcat Mickey after a day chasing birds!


Textures by jennyw47


Hmmm, what a time saver - easy on the septic system as well...

This Wild Poppy, has seen better Days.

After each feeding, both the male and female parent will collect the feces sacs and dispose of them away from the nest. Not the most glamorous of duties but it keeps the nest clean and cuts down on insects and parasites.

after a long day on the town these tourists have had as much as they can take .




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Seven week old Chester was exhausted after our photo shoot yesterday. He went under the front of the couch, came half way out the back and passed out. In fact, all nine pups fell fast asleep with in minutes of entering the house.


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Another post from my Peregrine series I really liked and it just may have been a 'fluff and poop' capture!...:) According to a reliable source, Gail, when they poop it is generally a pretty good sign a flight will follow!...FYI (for your information)


best seen large


Member of the Nature’s Spirit

Good Stewards of Nature


After a walk. Happy and tired.

Explore. May 21, 2009 #493


There were hundreds of Seagulls camped out on Flatrock.

They wernt doing much, so I lobbed a big rock in the middle of

them to try and catch a lil bit of action. Only a few moved.

The rest weren't phased one bit. XP


Shot in RAW/ISO100 at f4 using 70-300mm.



-Single RAW tonemapped in Photomatix

-Opened in Photoshop CS4



-Photofilter (deep blue)


-Noise reduction


She's had enough of the Frisbee tossing and catching for this day.


I very much appreciate the gesture, but no invites please.

its a hard life being a fat cat :-)


Doing the impossible takes it out of you.

I like dogs. Had two when I was a kid. Came to feel as an adult that dogs need to run - loose, free and sometimes unattended, no leashes. Get into their own kind of trouble, work their way out of it, just like me, if you know what I mean?


I also know, however, that in the City, there is more doggy ass than available grass.


You should see these poor little things, and not so little things, trying to find a semi-fresh patch to take a new poop. I don’t know what it these concentrated spots smell like to dogs, but I know what it smells like when all us humans are forced to go in the same few places over and over.


That barking you hear is your pooch. “Hey, for God’s sakes, somebody get an Airwick stickup and attach it to the base of this tree, please! I can smell more butt than a midget in an NBA locker room.”


Poor Pooch. I've had, on occasion, to do my business in public too, but not under the gaze of the public, for crying out loud.


So, our law says “gotta’ be on a leash in public.” That makes me sad. Our law also says, “if you love your pooch, love its poop. Pick it Up!” That makes me glad…when people do it.


Have you noticed that people who do "scoop that poop!" seldom make eye contact with anyone until long after the deed is done and disposed of?


I don’t think I could be a pooper-scooper, either. I don’t relish picking up my own poop (don’t ask: Hey, sometimes shit happens) much less someone else’s. If you were to see someone in a Hazmat suit walking a dog, that would be me. And, I must admit to a slight reluctance to shaking hands with people who live downtown and own dogs. But, as the politicians say, one must sometimes simply "grip and grin."


I tell you what - between the geese and the dogs, and the seagulls and pigeons on strafing runs, a leisurely walk in the park is anything but nowadays.


Sign seen in the Park: “Achtung! Poopen! Vatch Vehr You Schteppen!”


Perhaps Doggie Diapers? Yeah, I know….it would be the final indignity to see Lassie in Huggies or Rin Tin Tin in Depends, but, hey...if I gotta' wear 'em when I'm out....


“Scoop that Poopie”, scoop, scoop that poopie, poopie!” – There’s a rap song in there somewhere, probably by Luke & Too Live Crew or, (ahem) Snoop Dogg, but I’ll be damned if I’ll write.


My sentiments exactly!

Yesterday I was tagged by rockwilder . I ran to find my camera but 1st I got a pencil and a book, never got a eraser toooooo . so here it is.. lol :-)


ok. here the rules .....


1. Sit down.

2. TAKE A PICTURE OF YOURSELF RIGHT NOW. Don't primp, just snap one!

3. Upload it.

4. Tag 5 people to do the same




Anuj Nair




Thai Jasmine




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We got this great pooping pig for our birthday from Nigel and Gund and George and so we took it with us when we went camping this weekend. it was really funny!

We all have those slip ups at one point or another. Even though this was my second visit to the Pemberville Sub, I'm still unfamiliar with traffic patterns and the subdivision itself, so this was bound to happen. Regardless, CSXT 8790 rushes under the C&O's at W.E. Pemberville.

52:2012 - Landscape (Why do I keep putting these off until the last minute?)


Yup... that's a poop tree. When I was learning to do HDR and panorama images I practiced on this tree. It was only when I got them home and began to merge the photos that I noticed the many cow pies around the tree trunk. I have no idea why I didn't see them while I was there. I still call it the poop tree today. :)


I've been noticing banding in my photos... Is it just my monitor? I noticed this in my last uploads also.

There was more poop in this building than any I've ever seen. Human poop. It was like every bum in the city got together, had a meeting, took a vote, and declared, "Frome henceforth, bums of good standing in Beirut shall make this building the recepticle of their shits. May her strong walls shield our dumps from prying eyes. Yea verily yea"


Really, just piles of poop, everywhere.

not peeing but pooping


or maybe both actually

Found on the door of an old outhouse. I simply thought it was odd.

Bunny Poop Adoption Day! Flat Bonnie's BFF's - Oopsie (right) & Poopsie (left) the bunny poops. With Oaty and Timmy the hay bales.

Custom Superdeux B*shit.

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