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Spring 2013. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This is one of those times when you think about maybe taking some of the color OUT of the photo so it does not look like you oversaturated it. But I left it as it was. The timing of the evening light was just perfect for this super still reflection on the pond.



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short walk in Kadriorg park yesterday. diptych


Strange name, but pretty. No walks around, just this one open spot. Loved these floating log gardens.

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North Carolina, Chatham County, Odell Pond Dam


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Water lily in our garden pond at Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex

Mist around the autumn night pond.

Shot this on the way home from a meeting. I ended up staying at this location for a few hours. I just could not leave. Could you blame me?

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South Shore Cultural Center, right on the shore of Lake Michigan (which you can see behind the trees). This is a smallish, two acre total, wetland, pond, savanna, woodland piece of land with a secluded, two-acre beach just to the north. It all provides quite a different view from the concrete, glass and steel of the dowtown, high-rise building we moved from. - Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny, "Our Spanish Love Song"


We'll get migratory birds out here, various types of butterflies and bugs (dragon flies, bees, mantises), as well as rabbit, raccoon and other four legged, semi-wild furries. Fishing isn't too far away either: again, just over behind those trees. The sun rises off to the left over the Lake. That's kinda' nice. So do many of our full moons over the course of a year; they come `a sliding up right off the edge of the water on the horizon. Sometimes the moon is pale pink; other times it is a rosy red, pearl and silver, or pale straw like a light, white wine.


(Man, you should see the full moon rising over the Lake, hanging just 20 degrees above the horizon. Actually, you will get to see that; here.)


The prairie plants and grasses will soon flower; the trees too. No gardeny, civilized things; real plants. The stuff that resided here for thousands of years.. I think I'm going to like them more than the easy-care, cutesy little perennials planted in downtown planters that are supposed to remind us of nature.


They don't really.


From this vantage point, there is a golf course 100 yards to my right. Nine holes, I think. I ain' agin `em; golf courses that is, I just wish they let us put native grasses and plants around them, and fish the water hazards, which are always deeming with unfished bass, it seems. And yeah, the ocassional slice and hook brings a golf ball arcing this way; coming from further away than the "fore"" can reach. C'est la Vie.



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I am still waiting for a blue sky sunny day,but the colors are really starting to get pretty this week...have a great day everyone!

Not far from home - Queensland - Australia.


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Semer is a small village (pop. 160) on the River Brett, almost midway between Hadleigh and Bildeston in South Suffolk.


The centre of the village is dominated by this large pond. The tower of All Saints' church can be seen in the background here.


I came across this pond and i've to say it looks like you can practically walk on it! Can't even get to see the water at all. Those green bits (don't really know what's that?) just seem to cover all over the entire pond. Its amazing how they seem to multiply and spread like nobody's business. Spotted a nice view of a fallen autumn leaf on the water so there you go ;)


- Thanks g_heyde for letting me know that the green bits are "common duckweeds" :)

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