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Pollution is a killer made by people......!

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Paris, Bois de Boulogne

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Argentina Buenos Aires CABA.


Ph.Wal wsg


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Hemwegcentrale Amsterdam


One of the most polluting coal plants in the Netherlands. The Centrale Hemweg is a power plant in Amsterdam. The current complex consists of two units, a new gas-fired power station and a coal-fired power station. Due to the pollution this central appearance will be closed in 2025.

Smile on Saturday - Made by Me

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A Statement Against Pollution

This was a sculpture I did for an exhibition done in collaboration with the Moving Ethos Modern Dancer Company called Purity & Pollution. It was floating in the pool during the exhibition. It is entirely made out of garbage (rubbish) and is mostly made of plastics, although glass and cans (tins) are included and the surfboard of course. I am trying to encourage people to throw their garbage (rubbish) in the appropriate places, not just throw it anywhere thereby destroying, land, birds, animals, the ocean, and other waterways.


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I think there are better places for astrophotography than an East Westphalian forest. But I wanted to try my Irix 15mm Firefly f2.4 times before I go to a really dark place. 😉 Even small villages ensure proper light pollution and airplanes constantly draw lines into the picture.


Ich glaube es gibt bessere Orte zur Astrofotografie als einen ostwestfälischen Wald. Aber ich wollte mein Irix 15mm Firefly f2.4 mal ausprobieren, bevor ich an einen wirklich dunklen Ort fahre. 😉 Selbst kleine Dörfer sorgen für ordentlich Lichtverschmmutzung und Flugzeuge ziehen ständig Linien ins Bild.

The Carina Nebula and Running Chicken Nebula from my Adelaide metro (Bortle 6) backyard. This is a combination of 13 stacked shots with a Optolong L-Pro filter and 1 shot with an Astronomik 12nm Ha filter as a luminance layer. Lots of issues, no lens collar meant I was getting trailing from differential flexure despite autoguiding. The light pollution meant even with the filter the blue channel was maxing out way too early. Horrible gradients over the frame (this is a crop). After huge amounts of adjustment the star colours are somewhat red. I will try the L-Pro again with a longer focal length (see if that stops the gradients) and will see if it helps when used without light pollution. Otherwise I am doing something very wrong here!

Concerned about environmental protection


Sooner or later, we will have to recognise that

the Earth has rights too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans.


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someone's car needs repair


someone's car needs repair

It looks really pretty, BUT it is pollution. There is the street overflow. So after rain there is alot of debris. There is an inbetween station thats collects bottle sticks whatever before it travel to next pond. There are several of these collect basins before it ends up in Lake Ontario. This is the 1st collect basin. The blue colour is reflection a blue grafitti. I have no clue what debris was but it was very thick cream like gathering around the stick. I was very hard to focus on. Good manul focus practise. Straight from camera.

*Working Towards a Better World


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someone's car needs repair

I think this is the swan that was starving to death after it got a plastic Six pack rings around when it was younger.

The sunrise from a couple of days ago, sky full bad stuff from the steelworks.

photo taken long before the sun came up, the glow that you see is just light pollution, and the first blue that came through it. it was still dark when I took this picture, so I needed a shutter speed of 211 sec.

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For many years we used to camp on this lake and have only pitch dark skies at night. Now there is considerable light pollution over the lake coming from Kingston about 45 minutes south of here. Some say the city has grown so much to cause this. Others claim the new LED street lights give off a brighter light.

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