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picture taken at documenta14, at Athens School of Fine Art


Bili Bidjocka

​(b. 1962, Douala, Cameroon)

The Chess Society


and a blog article on the website about re-interpreting art by taking a picture of it. Am I an artist when shooting art?


and also on the blog "About Darkness in Photography".


Every child's birthright. Or so it used to be.


Over 5 million children in the U.S. will be negatively affected by the Republicans’ attack on Medicaid according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Five million.....just like her.


“There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children. “


Nelson Mandela


The reception lines gather rust, and the loading tower of Hatfield Main Colliery lies idle, as King Coal falls out of favour to the UK Government's quest to meet stringent carbon emissions targets.


And, in a metaphorical "rubbing of the nose in it", a trainload of biomass chippings, the in-favour replacement fuel, passes by the redundant colliery hauled by EWS liveried Shed no. 66119 working the 10.10 Immingham Port - Drax Power Station (6H88).


The extent to which this truly reduces the carbon footprint of the planet is perhaps open to question - the biomass chippings are produced in North America, transferred to port, and then shipped over the Atlantic before further transportation to their final destination. I guess someone has done the sums.......


9th May 2016

Morning get-together, Valencia.

I picked this leather briefcase up at an antique store about a year ago. Forgot about it in the garage. The name engraved was a local politician. He was a tax collector, city counselman and eventually a police commissioner in the mid 1940's to late 1950's from what I could gather from my investegating. I am not saying this he was a dirty politician, but as a pulled it out of the garage and saw the dust that had covered the outside, I was reminded of the political season this year....what dirty Politics. I wondered what back office dealing was the brief case part of, How many behind locked door meetings has it attended, and how many secrets has it protected?


As I began to take photos I could help to think how much truth do we really know. No matter the country you may live in, we all must have some level of skepticism about the things we are told. No matter what employer we work for or office setting we may be is filled with Dirty Politics. I wonder about the up coming elections in the US. We have many candidates to decide on...will it be the Socialist, the narcissistic female who believes the is the queen? Or will it be the Surgeon, the one who thinks it no fair his dad and brother were once elected? Perhaps it will be the Canadian born Texan, the chosen establishment robot, or the billionaire business man. Whoever it is God, God help us.


Good luck to all of you that have to sluggish through the muck of the Dirty Politics with your governments and place of work.

Corel painter Hér eru þau frambjóðandinn, kona hans, og spindoktor. Here they are the candidate, his wife, and the spin doctor.

Surprise!! Surprise the White House emergency is back!! Every time there’s scandal or voting time, there’s Osama out of the emergency vault!


Huntington Bank Pavilion

Chicago, IL


Detail on a stone building. Downtown Denver, CO.

MUST BE SEEN in ORIGINAL SIZE to see all the details !!


There is also a spider logo on the left flag !!

Huntington Bank Pavilion

Chicago, IL


New Politics


The Big Orlando 2014


Central Florida Fairgrounds


Orlando, Florida


December 7, 2014

TOPSHOT - US President-elect Donald Trump boards the elevator after escorting Martin Luther King III to the lobby after meetings at Trump Tower in New York City on January 16, 2017. / AFP / DOMINICK REUTER (Photo credit should read DOMINICK REUTER/AFP/Getty Images)

Huntington Bank Pavilion

Chicago, IL


Here comes an antidote to all that Valentinic nonsense. The story so far: Two defecting Lloigor have come together to share vino and tittle-tattle. One of them has just had a very scary meeting with the itinerant spectre of one Margaret “Maggots” Thatcher and is now recovering from the shock and commenting its harrowing experience with its mate. The chum’s last remark and final word is “Stupid old cow…” in Welsh. (Translation courtesy of my most learned compadrito, don Ricardo Hincks.) NB. This is my first collaboration ever. The creature I’ve used as a foundation for this illustration is a Lloigor figurine crafted by John Morey, ridureyu1 on Flickr. Here’s a link to the wee resinous chap itself. Do have a shufti at John’s page if you like your monsters tri-dimensional; some of them are absolutely to die for.

John provides some information about these much maligned creatures on that page but you know, for mucho pan nunca mal año, so here’s some more. The Lloigor are rather enigmatic non-material beings made of some kind of psychic energy or other but capable of manifesting themselves occasionally as massive dragon-like creatures. The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopaedia (Daniel Harms, Elder Sign Press) has this to say about the Lloigor, amongst many other things: The Lloigor are filled with a never-ending pessimism. Their minds are not divided into the id, ego and superego, as those of humans are. As a consequence of this, they are unlikely to put any of their plans into action. (Which is not only good news for us puny humans but also very wise in any case. Would that NATO should observe such exemplary behaviour!) Still, it should be realized that they may be dangerous foes to those who learn of their existence. My own experience of these beasties (limited to the defecting variety though it is) is that you buy them a few drinks and volunteer to listen to their bitching about Azathoth till they turn purple in the face and you’ve got friends for life. NB2. The reason this lot here speak Welsh is because Wales happens to be one of the traditional centres of Lloigor activity. Having said that, these two have long absconded from their original tribe and only hang around Wales because they happen to love the place. And who wouldn’t?


Huntington Bank Pavilion

Chicago, IL


TV debate for six candidates wanting to be West Midlands metro mayor

Huntington Bank Pavilion

Chicago, IL


I dunno why, but we are always talking politics and it's never good..

aka The Shape of Things to Come

'Nuff said. Go on, Chilangos of the world, unite. You have nothing to loose but your toxic flammable tower blocks.

Winter Palace here we come!


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