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Penn Valley is a nice little rural community located in the lower foothills of Nevada County. This is ranching land with properties sporting some combination of cattle, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, and any other critters on four legs.


What I like most about the area however, is its landscape of shaggy oaks scattered amongst the rolling hills and pastures. If it weren't so darn hot during the summer months, I think I'd politic Marg to move down here. As it is, my band practices in Penn Valley, so I guess that will have to be enough. Them farm animals really appreciate a snappy tune.


Penn Valley CA

available as a print in all sizes

"O Come, All Ye Faithful,

Joyful and Triumphant!"


Now, my dear Brexiteers and anti-Brexiteers, what now? The elections to the European Parliament have confirmed that the UK is not just deeply split, but that it is polarised with no reconciliation in sight. It is not good enough when each side claims victory. It is even worse when the battle lines are drawn in quasi-religious ways. What do you want? A civil war? Crucifixion? The humiliation of the other side? Finding new scapegoats? Time to wake up and get rid of the blinkers!

Auto-portrait using one daylight LED lamp. Edited in Fuji's raw converter and refined in Luminar.

One LED daylight lamp, edited in Fuji's raw converter and refined in Luminar.

A la altura del brazo derecho podemos ver en relieve la fábrica de este industrial


Nicolau Juncosa (Poboleda,1865 - 1932) va ser un important industrial i polític, tinent d'alcalde de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona. Ell mateix va encarregar el sepulcre al marbrista Antoni Pujol, el qual realitzà l'obra entre els anys 1913-1914 la qual, però, no degué quedar enllestida fins després de la mort de Juncosa perquè, segons sembla, per reproduir amb exactitud els seus trets facials, Pujol va utilitzar una màscara mortuòria de guix.


El conjunt escultòric, anomenat “La solució”, reprodueix el difunt, en actitud meditabunda, recolzat damunt d'un llibre i amb el baix-relleu d'una fàbrica al seu darrera. L'embolcalla amb un gest de tendresa el vel de la mort, representada en forma d'esquelet. És una de les escultures més populars i reproduïdes del cementiri.


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What now? Now, when moronic nationalism has taken charge of the UK and, very likely, is going to stay for at least five more years? What is going to happen to the democratic neighbours that work on the assumption that truth must speak to power? And us, the famously common and ordinary people, what will we be doing vis-a-vis this new populist authority?


Congratulations to Paris for winning the World Cup! I have never experienced such energy before in my life and, what I love most about it is how it brings people together. I've been thinking quite a lot about the politics between the two countries. Neither is perfect but I don't think France would have ever allowed for the horror of Trump to take place and when our talented athletes protest like Colin Kaepernick did, there is a backlash instead of a celebration. I don't think that would happen in France because, at least from what I experienced, people of all races are seen with more respect. I loved seeing how diverse the French team was and the energy of the streets. It was one of those surreal events that I will probably always are there actually people on top of the Arc de Triomphe?!? Yes, there were.


I am finally back from what was the most bipolar energetic vacation I ever went on. I had to fly back to Paris from Lisbon for my return trip to Chicago and on Sunday in the midst of all of this energy, I find out my flight through Air France has been cancelled. I spend 20 hours between airports between connecting flights, delays, lust luggage-you name it. Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong when Air France cancelled our flight with less than 10 hours notice and without a replacement flight until Thursday.


So, I hope that in a few years, I remember these moments of extreme joy and happiness and maybe not so much the last 24 hours of traveling hell. Oh, and I just found out that the airline for the connecting flight found my bag so...things are looking up.


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Félicitations à Paris pour avoir remporté la Coupe du Monde! Je n'ai jamais expérimenté une telle énergie auparavant dans ma vie et, ce que j'aime le plus, c'est comment elle rassemble les gens. J'ai beaucoup réfléchi à la politique entre les deux pays. Ni l'un ni l'autre n'est parfait, mais je ne pense pas que la France aurait jamais permis à l'horreur de Trump de se produire et quand nos athlètes talentueux protestent comme Colin Kaepernick, il y a une réaction au lieu d'une célébration. Je ne pense pas que cela se produirait en France parce que, du moins d'après ce que j'ai vécu, les gens de toutes les races sont vus avec plus de respect. J'ai aimé voir à quel point l'équipe française était diversifiée et l'énergie des rues. C'était un de ces événements surréalistes dont je me souviendrai toujours ... comme s'il y avait des gens au sommet de l'Arc de Triomphe?!? Oui il y en avait.


Je suis enfin de retour de ce qui a été le plus énergique des vacances bipolaires. J'ai dû retourner à Paris de Lisbonne pour mon voyage de retour à Chicago et dimanche au milieu de toute cette énergie, je découvre que mon vol à travers Air France a été annulé. Je passe 20 heures entre les aéroports entre les vols de correspondance, les retards, les bagages de luxure, vous le nommez. Tout ce qui aurait pu mal se passer a mal tourné quand Air France a annulé son vol avec moins de 10 heures de préavis et sans un vol de remplacement jusqu'à jeudi.


Donc, j'espère que dans quelques années, je me souviendrai de ces moments de joie et de bonheur extrêmes et peut-être pas tellement les dernières 24 heures de voyage en enfer. Oh, et je viens de découvrir que la compagnie aérienne pour le vol de correspondance a trouvé mon sac alors ... les choses se lèvent.


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politica politicista

populismo populista

gente gentista.

il fine è uno solo: comandare

Missed again, I'll never make it.... Cagnes-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes)

We do not want the Prime Minister who lies and cheats...

On the way to the White House and she got a Megaphone :-)

She will let the christmas bells ring there.


seen and photographed on J-S Design. (southwest germany )



I think photographers are walking always between realities cause our percetions are creating different realities

And if this will be truth what does it means about our daily politic?

When diplomacy is unnecessary and making facts are the choice of politic.


This is made against the right drift of the half World,against national-facism and rassism.


This Song is devoted to germany,austria and my own nose.



383 004 ČD Cargo, Kostomlaty nad Labem, Empty car train from Falkenberg to Devínska Nová Ves

March for Truth Rally - Federal Plaza - Chicago - 2017

Fallas de Valencia. España Esta es una imagen con © Todos los Derechos Reservados. Por favor no use esta imagen en páginas webs, blogs, facebook u otro medio sin mi explicito permiso.


This is a copyrighted image with © All Rights Reserved. Please don't use this image on websites, blogs, facebook, or other media without my explicit permission.

This monument was built by Spanish Civil War prisioners by order to the dictator General Franco between 1940 and 1958.

The monument is formed by a great cathedral crowned by an amazing cross (the bigger cross ever built in Christian culture).

In the church is placed the dictator tomb.

Politic aspects beyond, the cross is placed in an amazing enviroment, between mountains in the heart of Sierra de Guadarrama and it is a mandatory visit to the turist of all over the world.

Politik need votes

Politik needs your mind

Politik needs human beings

Politik need lies


That's what my friend is an evidence politik is violence

What my friend is a evidence politik is violence


Politik use drugs

Politik use bombs

Politik need torpedoes

Politik needs blood


Politik need force poltik need cries

Politik need ignorance politik need lies


Politik kills politik kills politik kills

Politik kills…


Texte : Manu Chao.


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On the billboard German commercial business is written: "For the Love of the Czech". That's a lie! The Germans have never liked us. We've always hated the Austrians and the Germans and the Russians. They all came to us with the army and ordered as we speak and how to live. The company Kaufland sells cheap and spoiled food. We buy it, it's cheap. But why write such crap? They do not like us, we is not. It's just business! Better would be to write: It's crap but for little money, buy you idiots Slavs!


Na bilboardu německé obchodní firmy je napsáno: " Z lásky k Česku". To je přece lež! Němci nás nikdy neměli rádi. My jsme vždy nenáviděli Rakušany a Němce a Rusy. Všichni k nám přišli s armádou a nařídili jak máme mluvit a jak žít. Firma Kaufland prodává levné a zkažené potraviny. My je kupujeme, je to levné. Proč ale píší takové blbosti? Oni nás nemají radi, my je taky ne. Je to jen obchod! Lepší by bylo napsat: Je to sračka, ale za málo peněz, kupujte vy idioti Slované!


Women's March - Chicago - Grant Park - 1-21-17

No politic in it. Just RED!!!

Artist unknown



Tribute to PK especially on Perak issue.

Life goes on...let it be.Politican is always politican.

Daulat Tuanku!


Summer 2018, London, England, UK

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