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in Park Julianowski, Łódź

Ice covered most of the canal here at Capernwray, with only a few patches of clear water. There was no breeze at all, everything was still and calm.


With the low hazy sunlight it all looked very quiet and peaceful.


Taken as I returned from a canalside walk this afternoon, Capernwray*.


(*From British History online:

Koupemoneswra, 1212; Caupemanneswra, 1228; Kaupmanwra, 1244.; Copmanwra, 1248; Caponwra, Capernwray, xvi cent.)

the best music for the whole series "Polish Clouds" is

amazing track by Olafur Arnalds :


"Poland" by Olafur Arnalds

texture by Lenabem Anna; thank you Anna

As music illustration listen this one Reprice: track 17, Vangelis

My last walk with my family at Powsin...


Happy ,sunny Wednesday......

All the good to you My Friends and Visitors....:-)))




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"Light in Nature creates the movement of colors."

~ Robert Delaunay


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not all of them look like that...

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I took this photo in Otwock, a town in central Poland that covers an area of 47 square kilometers. Forested areas make 23% of the territory (Otwock is also home to a unique architectural style called Swidermajer). I love this place!



For more information about my art:



A Perfect Rhyme


A poem by Katie Gabrielle


A mindless thought of chaos

Climbs into my head,

A sudden glimpse of solitude

Pushes on ahead.


A staircase to the ruins of

Long forgotten dreams,

Silver tears against the sky

Falling into streams.


A mirror of reflections

Imitating time,

Images of yesterdays

In a perfect rhyme.

Concept of what the Status of Liberty might have looked like in 1886

Square rigged sailing vessel, seen near Mazury, north-east Poland.

A friend of mine who is owner of these cars and when he saw the picture he said:"This is fuckin amazing dude!" And I said :" Your cars are damn cool." He replied:" My cars are polished turds haha."

So title of this image goes to him.

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Pologne 2015 - Jour 2, Vieille ville de Varsovie.


Je crois que, quiconque voyage en Pologne sera surpris par la multitude de couleurs qu'offre l'architecture Polonaise. Un exemple ici, avec les façades et toits des bâtiments qui bordent la vieille ville de Varsovie.

The Basilica of St. Josaphat, c. 1901, the heart of Milwaukee's Polish community.


photo by Mark Adsit

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Royal Garden " Łazienki" in Warsaw




My camera club (C.H.B. Camera Club) went to the Settlers Museum in Waipawa. The curator very kindly opened it up in the evening so we had it all to ourselves. Had a field day taking photos!


...It was a mad ride to this location 5 explorers and mad gear all squeezed into the mean green machine driven by the madman ill-padrino. From germany to poland it was all smooth sailing on the bahn, but shit it's a serious wake up call when you hit that border line into poland thats when the name changes to the BUMPY bahn. Nonetheless we made it and it was well worth the trip!!!! Good Times!!!


From the Excess Baggage Tour 2011 with A.Govia, Rusty, ill-padrino & Photoportee

Nail polish!

This isn't all of it. ;)

Yes, so maybe I *am* a bit addicted the heart bokeh on picnik. x)

Polish landscape with a touch of Monet.


Taken on the road from Polanica Zdrόj to Szalejow Gorny.


Canon A720 IS

The Su22 "Fitter"of the Polish airforce, RIAT 14

willow trees along river Ner

© All rights reserved. A low-res, flatbed scan of a 6x7 (2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inch) transparency


This was the last pretty sunset I caught before this big, windy, clear weather pattern set-in.

The tide was exceptionally-low, which meant for shallow pools of standing water that made excellent reflections and once again made me use the wide-angle lens. Well, they are fun.

Anyway, I hope you find this scene enjoyable. I know we are ready for more like this in coastal California.

Thanks for your time and interest!

I'm so tired. Geez.

I hate that word so much. I hate to be always tired. I hate unnecessary knowledge, too. I hate to hate. I am a hypocrite.


Model: Maja Kempińska (my facebook fan-page)

Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine. Tower Polish Gate, 16th century.

Landscape at Wambierzyce, SW Poland not far from the Czech Republic.



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