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as seen at Generation Printing on west 3rd Avenue at Ontario Street, Vancouver

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he must be wearing red underwear!!!!!!

as seen at the south east corner of the Gordon & Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre at the Vancouver General Hospital.

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as seen on the north side of the new parkade under the Granville street bridge, Granville Island, Vancouver

as seen at Bridges restaurant on Granville Island, Vancouver

from the same wall as these eyes

Located on the south shore of False Creek between the Cambie Street Bridge and the 2010 Athletes Village.

Posted for "Guess Where Vancouver" pool.


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The Pattison Pavillion with the Diamond Centre being the reflection.

as seen outside the Clean Energy Research Centre on East Mall at UBC, Vancouver


"Mom's the word: remixed" is showing at the Art's Club on Granville Island, Vancouver.

I saw the original production a few years ago and it was a laugh a minute ;-))

The fill flash effect is caused by the subjects being backlit by direct sunlight and front-lit by naturally reflected sunlight off glass buildings.


Part of the "No Flash Corner" theme.


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as seen in the international arrivals hall at the Vancouver International airport

as seen at Global Mechanic, 2150 Fir Street, Vancouver

this classic Vancouver wall will soon disappear...the building is currently up for lease!!

so shot this one just in the nic of time ;-))


happy father's day to all dads out there!!

A funny place to find a heron. I wonder if he helped the reception? lol

this is a flipped reflection of Global Mechanic at 2150 Fir Street, Vancouver, as seen in the window across the street at False Creek Collision...hence soft focus!!

the shadow of the street lamp reaching down to touch this man's heart

as seen outside Plen+y on McDonald at West Broadway in Kits, Vancouver

This is the new bridge on the Central Valley Greenway. I cycled part of this route this afternoon for the first time from New Westminster to about 4 km west of this bridge and return. It was all quite flat so it was easy cycling. I am looking forward to another day when I can explore this bicycle route further.

as seen at the Gallery of BC Ceramics on Cartwright, Granville Island, Vancouver

part of a rusty old bridge/tunnel in the new park, west of the athlete's village, south east False Creek, Vancouver


more images in first comment

as seen at the north east corner of the public market building, Granville Island, Vancouver.

With the 2010 winter Olympics in full swing, we are constantly reminded to be aware of our personal belongings...also look at Eric's wallet grab


preference...b&w or color?

As a few folks seem curious, the object is actually a sundial. At the time of day, evening actually, it would be a bit difficult to tell the time.

as seen at the Cecil Hotel, Granville Street, Vancouver


Ok...18 rolls of film from the last while. Enjoy.

This will be one of the easiest guesses I have posted.

Sights of what is to come.

The crowds were crazy for the rehearsal at BC place this afternoon.

Maybe too easy for the Guess Where Vancouver group. Hard to say.


Guess where the photo is taken from. Where am I standing?

effects of global warming?

these are three of the five stacks as seen at the Southeast False Creek Energy Centre situated next to the Cambie street bridge

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Bonus points for correctly observing what is significantly unusual about the reflection in the building on the left.

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the Granville Street bridge,Vancouver, as viewed from Granville Island below.


it took almost 30 min just to get onto the Burrard bridge from English bay by car last night as they were doing the preparatory work for the new bike lane...suggest using the Granville (as seen here) or Cambie bridge over the next few days


2247 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC.


Another one for the chopping block.


Go out and get some nice pictures. This will be gone in a couple of years.


First listed in 1913 for John I. Marshall


Owned by John Inness Marshall in 1913.

The colorful window panels inside the Chemistry Building at the University of British Columbia. (Metro Vancouver/University Endowment Lands, BC, Canada)


(Part of Guess Where Vancouver, Apr. 28/2008)

(Part of Flickr Explore, highest position #105)

GWV: Identify where I was standing (street/intersection) please.

the overpass near the entrance to Stanley Park.

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