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We had a great time exploring parts of the Maine coast on the long weekend in October. I had never heard of this lighthouse but saw a photo on google earth and decided to check it out. WOW..sure glad we got there, and the light was so pretty with the sun getting low in the sky off to the left of the image. Of course I took LOTS of photos. There were lots of people around and the lady soaking in the sunshine on the left of the red building was determined not to move, and I was going to clone her out, but changed my mind.


Pemaquid Point Light was built in 1827. The station sits on a sloping, rocky promontory with dramatic ridges left by the pounding sea. The tower's original Fresnel lens is still in use. The keeper's house now hosts a Fishermen's Museum. It exhibits equipment, photos and artifacts from the fishing and lobstering industries as well as the lighthouse service. The tower and outbuildings are open daily.


Caretaker: Friends of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.


Neist Point Lighthouse, the most westerly point on Skye. The shot was taken about 15mins after sunset. I was standing on the cliff top, the wind blowing hard, watching a rain storm coming towards us, trying to shelter the camera and tripod from the wind hoping the long exposure would work.


Canon EOS 5D MKII, Canon 17-40mm, F16, 17mm, ISO50, Exp 30 Seconds

Lee Soft Grad 0.75, Lee Pro Glass ND 0.9

Raw File Processed in Lightroom, Edited in Elements.


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Alstrom Point over Lake Powell, Utah


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Neist Point Lighthouse is the most Westerly point on the Isle of Skye, I was in the company of a professional photographer who said to me as I stood there with my camera still in my bag that I had two minutes to take a shot before the light went. He was right and this is the best that I could do. I will go back there another time more prepared.

The Pidgeon Point Lighthouse near Pescadero


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Neist Point, Duirinish, Isle of Skye: the most westerly extremity of the island.


This view is just as big a cliché as Elgol and is, almost always, crawling with photographers around sunset. Just to make my attempt slightly different, I used the NDx1000 filter to get a long enough exposure to smooth out the sea.


See for a tutorial on the use of the NDx1000 filter for long exposures.

Detroit point tonight. The point has been sold and things out here may never be the same so I am trying to capture as much of the undeveloped point as possible and hope that things don't change much out here.


“Everything changes but change itself. Everything flows and nothing remains the same... You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters and yet others go flowing ever on.”




I went away this past weekend for a much needed break to friends in Bayfield. I was determined to shoot this lighthouse while there. Difficult to get a great angle to shoot --ugly parking lots, signs etc. Probably would have been great if I'd been out in a boat but didn't have one with me:-)). I did get a great sky that night though. I'm trying to get caught up with everyone the best I can before I take off again this weekend.

First time getting a photo explored. Thanks for all the comments and faves!

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A surprise sunset at Pescadero Point last week… on the way out to the coast, the skies were dull and cloudless, but we went out anyways figuring hey, it’s the ocean - always fun even when photos don’t happen.


Luckily some gentle cloud cover pulled in and the tides were just high enough to make for some nice long exposures… the point I take away is, when you get a chance to go… go!


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And here it is … Neist Point!!! That's why I'm up so early. Neist Point is a small peninsula on the Scottish Isle of Skye (Inner Hebrides) and marks with its lighthouse the westernmost point of the "winged island". The lighthouse is located directly behind this rocky massif, which you can see on the photo. In my next pictures I'll show you the lighthouse :-) With the steep cliffs and the summit of the "Water Stone Head" (296 m) this picturesque peninsula and also the lighthouse is an attraction for tourists from all over the world. Besides the inevitable Scottish sheeps you can also observe numerous seabirds, and with a bit luck seals, dolphins and whales. Some of them swim directly near the cliffs. I hope you like it :-)


I want to thank all very much for your "views", "Comments" and "Favourites" :-) The only thing that matters is that you have joy in this photo. Again, thank you :-)

Dead Horse Point National Park, Moab, UT Centered Sunrise Please check out my website and You are welcome to purchase high quality luxury wall art as well at

Red Point is a low promontory on the north west coast of Highlands, Scotland. On a clear day it's a wonderful view point towards Isle of Skye and Hebrides.

North Rim, Grand Canyon. Sunrise at Point Imperial


THE place to see sunrise at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


This one required getting up at 4:00 am, but well worth it -- I love the warm glow of the just risen sun on the colorful cliffs and buttes.


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point of view on seascape, Gulf of Juan les Pins, French Riviera

Point Roadknight

Anglesea 3230

Great Ocean Road



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The view of the Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, California. There were a lot and there are still some dairy farms here.

Church Point is a small community on the Fundy Shore of Nova Scotia. It is the home of Université Sainte-Anne, the only French-language post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia.


Church Point is about a two hour drive from my home. There is a hockey rink and my son plays hockey. The team has to arrive an hour before game time, so that is an hour for me to explore.


It was a warm January day, a little bit above freezing, with the sun mostly shining, and the water mostly calm, but every once in a while a wave would roll in and send up some spray as it curled over on the rocky beach. This is the result.

"Punta de los Reyes…. God help the hapless mariner who drifts upon her shores."


Probably the story behind this specific boat is much less dramatic but the coasts of Point Reyes are dangerous and filled with ship wrecks.


This fish boat got stranded in Inverness.

A well know photography topic under magnificent late afternoon skies.

I used all kinds of Lee stuff and the photo is almost the same as on the CF-card, so almost SOOC. Much better than yesterdays owl photo that had purple fringing around the branches.

Could've chosen for a 16:9 crop?!


Shortly after shooting the lighthouse posted before this, and after the sun had set, I was shooting some long exposures on the water and looked up and saw this amazing sky. It only lasted a few minutes but it was one of the best I've ever seen.

Thursday!!!! Hope everyone is doing great!! Sometimes the world does not look exactly the way I want, so I fix it. :-))


Will be back later today visiting everybody.

Impossible Project Instant Lab

Impossible Project px600

Brush Creek Falls

Mercer County


Although it's one of my favorite waterfalls in West Virginia, I had never been totally satisfied with many of my images taken here. During last years Autumn season, I visited here on several occasions and decided to skip the usual compositions; I waded across the creek and scrambled up to this vantage point for a unique point of view of this beautiful waterfall. I now have several images that I'm quite happy with! As always, thanks for looking and your comments are much appreciated.


*The Nature Conservancy helps protect this area, learn more here:







The Point Atkinson Lighthouse in Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, Canada


:copyright:2011 Michael Russell


Nature's Pyramid!


Most visitors to the Many Glacier area incorrectly assume that Grinnell Point is one of the tallest peaks in the entire valley. Its summit is listed at 7,600 feet, which actually makes it the second lowest official summit in the entire Many Glacier region.


Grinnell Point is a point near the easternmost extension of Mount Grinnell's long summit ridge. It rises so abruptly and so prominently that from Swiftcurrent Lake, it totally obliterates any view of the much larger Mount Grinnell, which tops out at an elevation of 8,851 feet, over 1,200 feet higher.


Pictured here on the left is a portion of The Garden Wall and on the right, Swiftcurrent mountain.


An open mine shaft is on the side of this peak. Dutch Lui (Luis Meyers) found traces of silver, gold and copper near here, which started a minor mining craze in the late 1880's. Fortunately not much was found and the miners left for the Klondike and richer grounds.


Grinnell Point is one of most popular climbing peaks in the park, with several methods to access the top. If I can get my creaky knees to agree I hope to stand on top someday. The view would literally be Awesome.


Thanks for taking a look!

Point Cartwright, Sunshine Coast, QLD.

I suppose I should change the name from Unhappy Camper.. as I am just slightly still annoyed camper at this point.

View On Black


Ludovico Einaudi - Le Onde


I had a beautiful afternoon in the valleys, today ...

have a lovely night, and a beautiful sunday :-)

Marin County, California

April 2014

Nugget Point - Located at the northern end of the Catlins coast down the road from Kaka Point.

Point Cartwright on the Sunshine Coast

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Was a morning when the sky was just plain, rain clouds were making their way in. Thought I would try a 6 shot pano of the lighthouse. Edited:- work done to the horizon, Thanks Muz for some advise :-)

Punti di vista (Monferrato, Piemonte, Italy)

la panchina è su un parcheggio a pagamento, per sedersi dite che bisogna esporre il ticket?


(the bench is on a paid parking, you say that you have to sit expose the ticket?)

The Point Sur Lighthouse shot from the top of the stairway heading up to the keeper's house and out buildings.

If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own. Henry Ford

The Point Bonita Lighthouse on the tip of Marin leading to the Golden Gate.

this image reminds me that seeing art is an individual thing. it really does depend on your.....point of view!

California - Zabriskie Point è una parte del Death Valley National Park nota per la bellezza del paesaggio di origine sedimentaria, vulcanica ed in seguito erosiva. La topografia del luogo è tale che essa rientra nella cosiddetta formazione di Furnace Creek, chiamata popolarmente badlands perché in questa terra cattiva, a causa della siccità e del sale, non riesce a crescere alcuna pianta.

Zabriskie Point è composto da sedimenti provenienti da un antico lago, chiamato Furnace Creek, prosciugatosi 5 milioni di anni fa, molto tempo prima della formazione della Valle della Morte.

Il nome Zabriskie deriva da Christian Brevoort Zabriskie, che nei primi anni del XX secolo fu vice-presidente e general manager della Pacific Coast Borax Company, famosa per l'estrazione e il trasporto di borace dalle miniere della Death Valley tramite i twenty mule teams, pariglie composte da diciotto muli e due cavalli.


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