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Konica IMPRESA 50 expired 2001

double exposure


Episode 8 is finally up! :) Should show up on iTunes in the next few hours :)

Un Saludo Cercano Amig@s Oyentes del Podcast de Divulgación de Grabaciones - Bienvenidos a un Nuevo Audio de Reflexiones Prácticas


Agradecerles como siempre la escucha desde muchas partes del planeta, la atención y consideración que nos brindan día a día.


Hoy dedicamos nuestra reflexión a el devenir y a la mente amig@s, temas estos dos de gran calado en nuestros contenidos, puede ser que a usted le pueda interesar realizar un reconocimiento en cada uno de ellos y nosotros, desde le invitamos a que recorra este camino con nosotros.


Ya saben que pueden dejarnos su participación en cualquier momento si es que así lo desean, serán bienvenidas todas sus aportaciones.


Que tengan un Día Equilibrado y en Paz - Seguimos en Contacto aquí en el Podcast - Hasta Pronto

Film Photography Podcast Episode 123

April 15, 2015


Viviane Li visits Harman Technology Ltd. in Mobberley in the United Kingdom, home of the well-loved Ilford black and white films and darkroom paper. She takes us on a tour of the factory to learn about various stages of manufacturing.

Photo Copyright 2015. Viviane Li. All rights reserved. . Do not reproduce without permission.

veja mais sobre jogos, animes e mangás no

Señoras y Señores Espectadores de Divulgación de Grabaciones, Buenos Días y Bienvenidos a una Nueva Emisión del Podcast en formato Vídeo.


En esta conferencia que hoy les vamos a compartir podemos comprobar la importancia de encontrar la verdadera vocación de cada uno de nosotros en el paso por esta existencia, por este mundo físico en el cual estamos inmersos durante un tiempo no muy largo.


Es deber de los maestros y maestras descubrir la Vocación de cada estudiante y orientarle en ese sentido. Aquel que trabaje en la vida de acuerdo con su Vocación, trabajará con Amor Verdadero y sin Ambición.


El Amor debe reemplazar a la Ambición. La Vocación es aquello que realmente nos gusta, aquella profesión que con alegría desempeñamos porque es lo que nos agrada, lo que amamos.

En la vida moderna por desgracia, las gentes trabajan a disgusto y por ambición, porque ejercen trabajos que no coinciden con su Vocación. Cuando uno trabaja en lo que le gusta, en su Vocación Verdadera, lo hace con amor porque ama su Vocación, porque sus aptitudes para la vida son precisamente las de su Vocación.


Ese precisamente es el trabajo de los maestros: saber orientar a los alumnos y alumnas, descubrir sus aptitudes, y orientarles por el Camino de su Auténtica Vocación. Esperamos que les guste el contenido de esta información y que la disfruten.


Para el resto de contenidos, pueden acceder a la Página Web Oficial del Podcast pudiendo dejarnos su participación si lo desean, aquí en You Tube disponen de todos los vídeos que hemos colocado para todos ustedes.


Gracias por su Atención y Compañía Amig@s - Hasta Pronto


I started writing drabbles after a friend in college wrote a set of them in a 100×100 project. Woody Allen’s play about Abraham Lincoln obsessing over “How long must a man’s legs be? Long enough to reach the ground” inspired me.


Then, a group of writers started the site “100 Words Or Les Nessman” where they challenged themselves to write about a topic, or they had to write about Les Nessman. Featured writers posted on the site, and guest writers joined in the comments section of each post.


On a whim, I recorded my stories, and those recordings became a separate podcast feed and archive on May 31, 2005. I swore that I would write a story a day until the day I die. Since I’m not dead yet, I’m still writing these things.


When the Nessman group went under for the last time, I started the Weekly Challenges and invited the commenters to join in.


- - - - - - - - - -


I got back into Second Life because of a storytelling competition hosted by Podcast Pickle.

There were so many podcasters in SL back then.

Now, so few remain.

Did they break free while I've remained trapped in here?

Free from SL? Free from podcasting?

Or, in the case of Weekly Challengers who have come and gone, free from me?

What was it all for?


- - - - - - - - - -


It's always amusing when someone has no idea I do this.

This, as in the podcast.

Not this, as in Flickr.

Or even the ranting commentaries I spew in the descriptions.

"Hey, I used to read your blog. Why don't you blog anymore?"

I can't help but mumble: You. Ignorant. Fuck.

Sometimes, I tell them. But usually I don't.

When I do tell them, and they see it...

Are they shocked? Surprised?

I just do what I do.

Marketing and awareness are noisy.

And I'm a firm believer in opt-in.

My friends lists are not marketing lists.


And then, when they do look at the site and the archives...

Man, the horror they must experience at some of my worst.



I don't like to do open mikes much anymore.

Because it's rude to talk but not listen.

And I'm burned out on badly-recited Mary Oliver smut.

Or Shakespeare sonnets. Or Dickensian noise.

Or rambly blah blah poetry noise.

I'm tired of hearing myself talk.

And the whining about how it's too late... or too early.

People wanting teleports or personal reminders.

I'm not a performer.

I'm a writer who reads their stuff now and then.

Mostly then, when I didn't know any better.


I don't care if they respect me.

Because I don't respect them.

And why waste time on those you don't respect?


The opposite is true... there are people that I do respect, but don't show up to their events or their reads.

Or even buy their books or e-books or whatever.

I just don't have the energy or the time or the desire to do anything most days.

Isn't chronic depression and neurosis awesome?


- - - - - - - - - -


These days, my Wordcounter notepad opens with:

George was a pirate, but he wasn't a very good pirate.

Oh, God, how sick of that phrase I am.

Something during the day will spark a story.

People are a good source of ideas if you watch them.

Especially the neurotic ones.

I try to write other stories

Nothing comes to me. Nothing at all.

I listen and observe and imagine... nothing..

So I keep crawling back.


- - - - - - - - - -


Awards are bullshit.

My first sport was soccer.

Everybody got a participation ribbon.

Then, everybody started getting trophies.

When I saw 17th place trophies, I figured it was all bullshit.

I threw away my trophies.

When I got a "best New Boy" dictionary at school, I looked around... I was one of two new students in the class.

I threw it out, too.

Sometimes, I'll congratulate someone for an award.

But only if it's something they earned through effort, dedication, and quality.

Otherwise, it's a popularity contest or a pile of resources versus another.

And what do I care if it's some industry patting itself on the back?

Emmy Awards. Oscars.

It's all patting themselves on the back.

Even Nobel Prizes are, in the end, popularity contests and political messages.

Pulitzers are the media using itself to promote itself.

It's all just noise.

So, do what you do for the sake of doing it, and do it well.

If you do it for the praise and congratulations, your motivations are suspect.

Do it for the challenge. Do it for expression.

Otherwise, you're warping your art to earn awards.

God, how I hated the podcast episodes that were mostly begging for votes and clicks and awards.

They violated the performer-audience relationship.

I'll send a tip now and then, or a donation, but I won't be used up like a ballot and stuffed into a box.

You've already won my attention. What more do you want?


- - - - - - - - - - - -


Nalates brought up freedom of speech and rights in her blog.

You know, because of this Kathy Griffin beheading Donald Trump thing.

My immediate response was "What if it's really Kathy Griffin holding up the severed bloody head of Alec Baldwin portraying Donald Trump?"


There are a lot of problems with the Kathy Griffin's stunt:


- She was an active participant in the No H8 campaign, and yet she has regularly expressed hatred for many people and things, including herself. (Which, when you think of it, it's perfectly justified for her to hate herself.)

- This was not a spur-of-the-moment thing. You have to build a prop, hire a photographer, plan the shoot, get wardrobe, etc. This was a deliberate act of hate.

- This is incitement to violence. As a Zionist Jew, I'm well-experienced with incitement against me and my people. I'm also well aware of the speed with which liberals AND conservatives dismiss incitement to violence as art... holding to a lesser standard... lone wolf radicals... freedom of expression, etc. And yet, many societies in which this incitement occur don't have actual freedom of expression, and this incitement is institutionalized. Just as it is in Hollywood, these days.

- Her apology is a non-apology, especially when you consider that she posted a video that anticipated the backlash and mocked her detractors.

- CNN has yet to condemn her or fire her from the New Year's Eve show she does with Anderson Cooper. Cooper himself expressed disgust for her behavior, but hasn't openly called for her removal. (If she had stood there with Anderson's bloody head, would she have been condemned as homophobic?)


As for conflating this incident with the silencing of countless other left or right voices, nobody has a right to appear on television... here... let me copy and paste my comment to her post:


At what point does it go from free speech/artistic license to incitement to violence and murder? Individual rights end at the point where they deny the individual rights of others. And in this case, she is implying that Donald Trump has no right to live or she is inciting others to kill him.


If this were Tim Allen or James Woods holding up the severed head of Obama in 2016, they’d be called racists and blacklisted and audited by the IRS. Or, if they were holding up the severed head of Hillary, tarred as misogynists and blacklisted by the Clinton Foundation Donors looking to protect their investment.


And I do not believe that anybody has a RIGHT to be on TV, just as you do not have the right to spray paint your manifestos on my driveway or tattoo them on my face. Each medium requires resources, and those who own the resources have the right to expression over them that they can allow others to use. But it does not obligate them to allow others. The producers make their choices, the sponsors make their choices, and the audience makes their choices. The market dictates the winners and losers, within the hopefully limited boundaries that government provides (without unnecessary subsidy).


In the case of broadcasted medium through the FCC-licensed spectrum, the owner is allegedly the citizens. But when you can make the case that Dancing With The Stars informs the public and serves the public interest, I’ll believe that. Just look at the parting rant from the former editor of NewsBlues for the current state of that industry.




Long-winded, tangled... but I stand behind it.


I find Kathy Griffin's picture just as revolting as incitements to violence and murder in white supremacist churches in the Idaho panhandle, radical Nation of Islam assemblies in Detroit, and mosques across the country... the world.


Your God isn't promoting murder... you are.


And Kathy's god is Fame.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


So, with all that in mind...


Was that an incitement to violence?

Or was it artistic expression?


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


CNN fired her.

Good, but she should have been fired years ago.


Her apology is a non-apology.

You'd think that an actress, comedienne, and performer could fake it better.

(Maybe washed-up hack Bruce Villanch wrote it for her?)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I had the opportunity to become part of the entertainment and attention-whoring shitshow that is Hollywood.

And I said no.

Sure, it took some convincing.

Yeah, I'm funny. Yeah, I'm creative. Yeah, I can write for others.

Ghost-wrote a ton of shit for others.

But in the end, no... not for me.

Thank you, Robin. Thank you for making me see into my blind spot.

Just because you're good at something, if you don't love doing it, you don't have to do it.

Do what you do, love what you do, and do it well.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


I've said some horrible things as SecondLie.

And I stand behind every one of them.

No apologies at all.

Because, if I did apologize, it would be disingenuine.

You're welcome to follow and read. Or not.

Nobody's forcing you to.

As for people who retweet it to their followers, well, okay... in a way, that's not opt-in.

But you're welcome to mute or block or filter.

I will not hold it against you at all.

Because it's very likely that I don't follow you.

Or even know you exist.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


"No wonder why you're called Crap."

That's the last thing I'll hear from you when you say it.

Because if that's all you have to go on, and that's all you can come up with, then you're really not worth paying attention to.


Podcast Tutorial - Audacity

Para los nuevos en las Macs como yo PuroMac es un recurso muy interesante.

En español y actual.



Le trophée du Festival de Romans, un Talavera, gagné en 2007 pour le Grand Prix catégorie "podcasting."

Primer logo de Dial Podcast

Whipped something together for the 58th Radiozero podcast.

Marc Maron and Pete Holmes sticker collab with El Toro

A pug podcast? Roscoe considers sharing his wisdom with the world.

Film Photography Podcast - Episode 116 – January 1, 2015


The internet radio show for people who love to shoot film! Argus Dual 35 Point and Shoot Half Frame! Tungsten Film! Exakta VX2B! Ideal Rangefinder! Adaptall Lenses! Mamiya Sekor 500 DTL! Pentax Spotmatic! Lots More!


Listen in:

Film Photography Podcast Episode 123

April 15, 2015


Viviane Li visits Harman Technology Ltd. in Mobberley in the United Kingdom, home of the well-loved Ilford black and white films and darkroom paper. She takes us on a tour of the factory to learn about various stages of manufacturing.

Photo Copyright 2015. Viviane Li. All rights reserved. . Do not reproduce without permission.

Mark Dalzell chats up his Ricoh flea market find on FPP 112!


Film Photography Podcast - Episode 112 – November 1, 2014

The internet radio show for people who love to shoot film! Ricoh Five-One-Nine! Groove Book! 620 Film! 1970s Photo Magazines! Kodak Duaflex IV and more!


Listen -

Dig these crazy kids, Jamie and Kyle, and their kick-ass podcast: Naughty Karate!



somethin' quick this morning for the next radiozero podcast.

Logo for the WordPress Podcast

Thornbury Castle Near Bristol.


Trying to get perseid Meteor shower. No Meteors in shot :( but I did get to see some.


OM2sp, 24mm, f2.8, Sensia 100

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