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A wench in the stocks at Plunderathon 2008. For those of you who dont know about this, it's where a huge group of people meet up dressed up like pirates to pillage, plunder and get 3 sheets to the wind in a drunken rampage in downtown Portland. It was an incredible amount of fun to get dressed up and participate.

The flying spaghetti monster, the God of Pastafarianism. He came around and blessed all us great and miserable pirates alike.

Shortlegs the Very Flexible Pirate carrying the tug-of-war rope.

Outside the Barrel Room

Flames, skulls and pirates, what more could you ask for?

Yet more cleavage. Man, I sure took a lot of pictures of the cleavage contest.

Now with 20% more cleavage!

Nino from last year was spotted, and took a picture with Shortlegs the Very Flexible pirate.

Bla bla bla MORE CLEAVAGE!

There were also sharks.

during the beanbag war, we harassed some "lawyers" (seriously, people walking down the street -- I think they were a bit scared)

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Plunderathon, Portland.


Todd thinks this is Dawn Manske. Thanks, Todd.


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Karissa the beautiful pirate, selecting socks at Pride during a Plunderathon.

Sweet, savage cleavage.

A pirate wench ran right up, dropped trou and offered herself to be spanked. None of us could beat that, so she won the plunderathon spanking paddle.

ok, I admit I dressed up for a "pirate event"

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