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Greek, Late Archaic period, ca. 530-500 BCE

Originally erected in the sanctuary of (Athena) Alea at Tegea, Arkadia.

Found built into a wall in the modern village of Stadio.


Inscription (IG V,2 75; PHI 32083):

[σεμνὰ λαβὼν Χρόμ]ιος ℎαλέαι μ’ ἀνέ[θεˉκεν]

[ἄ]ϝεθλα· καὶ τἐˉπιόντα δ[ὸς λαβε͂ν].


Archaeological Museum of Tegea, Arkadia, Greece (website)

inv. 3366

From Tegea, Arkadia. Late 4th-early 3rd c. BCE.


National Archaeological Museum, Inv. 1422

Athens, Greece

Bronze bowl, with an inscribed dedication by Damarete.

Hill of Aghios Sostis, Tegea, Arcadia, Greece

Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore Karpophoroi (?)

6th c. BCE


Δαμαρέτα ἀνέθε̄κε.

(IG V,2 102)


National Archaeological Museum, Athens inv. 14924