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© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Candid eye contact street photography from Glasgow, Scotland. I miss the mixtape days ;)


Previously unpublished shot captured in October 2019.

AZOURY - Daphne Headphone Black (or white) at SaNaRae (


Taken at Follow your Bliss

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Candid street photography from Glasgow, Scotland. Enjoy!

A waiting Worcestershire bound passenger looks down at her phone, maybe to choose the next track to play find her next Pokemon!....In the background London Midlands 172 219 approaches with a Birmingham bound service.


For alternative railway photography, follow the link: to the Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle.

Candid Street Photography From Glasgow, Scotland

My first test using Luminar for editing a RAW photo :)

Can you take it all away? Can you take it all away? Well you shoved it in my face. This pain you gave to me...

Cassette tape look familiar? It's because I used it in . It was on my wall for a while but when it fell off I figured I would use it for another picture.


Explore #67

Yoda is in a Country Music mood right now...


1. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk - Trace (sellout) Atkins

2. Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off - Joe Nichols (dork)

3. Hurt - Johnny Cash (miss him)

4. Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy - Big & Dumb

5. She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy - Kenny Chesnuts roasting on an...

somehow my friend made me setting up an october playlist for robert. so here it is

(Personal conversation deleted)


Eventually the woman and her friends did move on, a couple of GG's came along and took their place and I ended up chatting with them a bit. We exchanged compliments on each other's appearance and the one pointed out to me that the second one had recently lost 60 pounds. Holy crap! I was impressed and told her so. She should be very proud of herself. That takes a real commitment to lose that kind of weight.


Robyn and I had talked about going to Lucky's to go dancing, but as the time for the drag show approached I ordered one last drink. "You ordered another drink?" she said to me. "Well I guess I'll have one more cosmo." So she ordered another drink as well and we ended up staying through the first round of performances of the show. Ugh! I could've finished my drink lickity split, or even left it on the bar. The loss of $3.50 wasn't going to kill me. But the drag show just might.


It was painful. Robyn and I agreed that you have to subject yourself to this sort of punishment once in a while to remind yourself of how bad it is.


Tonight the theme was to celebrate Billie's 40th birthday, but that didn't soften the blow of feeling like my brain was being shoved through a meat grinder. By the time we finished our drinks and went to the door Robyn didn't feel like going to Lucky's and decided to go home.


I decided that I'd rather go to Hot Mass than Lucky's and headed there instead. I changed into a pair of lower heeled boots that I'd brought along and wouldn't kill my feet while dancing. This place is about having fun and not being seen. No point in hurting myself if I don't have to.


I was there earlier than normal and it seemed like more of a ghost town than it usually does. Parking wasn't an issue and neither was getting in, the guy that checks I.D.s didn't even want to see mine.

When I arrived at the Blue Moon a little earlier than normal, I was surprised that there weren't any seats available at the bar. So I just stood in an open spot between two groups of people. To my left was a guy and a girl, and to my right were two or three guys and one girl. I wasn't in a hurry, I figured something would open up eventually. At times it looked like the group to my right might be leaving since only the guy was sitting and the rest were standing.


I don't know who was selecting the music for this evening, but it was all disco music. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad. I've tried listening to Studio 54 radio on Sirius XM before and can usually only make it through one song before I need to flip the channel. But this was okay. It made me wonder if I would've enjoyed listening to disco music at bars back in the day if I had been old enough to get into places.


After a while the guy to my right said that he could move down if I wanted his chair.

I told him I was fine. Then the woman that was with him said, "But you're wearing heels. We can move down, it's not a problem."


"Okay," I said. "If it will make all of you feel better, you can move down and I'll have a seat." So they all moved their stuff down and admittedly, I was happy to get off my feet.


When Robyn showed up I gave her the chair so as not to stress out her knee. After she went to have a smoke I complimented the woman to my right on her appearance. She had on a leopard print-ish style dress with a black background and red spots. The back on it was open down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. She also had short blonde hair that was nicely styled. She took my hand, kissed it, and thanked me for the compliments. She said that this was probably the nicest dress she had and doesn't normally dress up that much. I told her again that she looked great and that I really liked her dress then kissed her hand in return.


At one point the group was trying to take a selfie. I watched as they took one photo, looked at it, then went to take another one. When they did this, I intervened and told them to give me the phone and I'll take it for them. They readily handed over the phone and were happy to let me take their picture. I'm pretty sure it came out better than their selfie did.


somehow my friend made me setting up an october playlist for robert. so here it is

somehow my friend made me setting up an october playlist for robert. so here it is

somehow my friend made me setting up an october playlist for robert. so here it is

hmmm... recently played..., or new release...?

~ 51/52 weekly photo challenge

Tonight, I will be playing some of my favorite tunes and your requests at Eclipse Club & Resort! Come party with me from 9pm - 11pm SLT.

Dyrham Park House, Gloucestershire, UK

The Live Room. Manchester...

I think I've worked out the difference between a road trip and a long drive One has a good playlist. One doesn't. I know right.. 🚗 🎶

📷 DJI Phantom 4 Pro

IG: @j.a.y_daley

On the road today :o) It's been a LONG time since I've had time to just sit and listen to music... and oh how I miss it!! I listen to a crazy mix... I think everyone I've ever talked to about music hates something on my list of favorites. Then again, they usually like something too. This is an incomplete list of artists I listen to...


I'm not checking in to flickr to keep up with everyone at the moment, just to keep up with my 365. Please feel free to move on without comment, it's really ok!!


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Trubbs

My infinite playlist.

what's on yours?


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Tried to take this shot secretly but as I had walked up from behind him then turned to make the shot I guess I'd been a bit to obvious . I didn't raise the camera , but as I clicked the shutter he gave me a glance for a fraction of a second then went back to what he was doing . When I shoot like this I often feel that people can sense what I am doing . any good tips for undercover shooting would be appreciated .


" Love comments but please no logo's or awards "

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Candid eye contact and a knowing smile from Glasgow, Scotland. Enjoy!

Bruce is on the top this week !


enlarged view


All rights reserved © Nick Outdoor Photography

becaussseeee she did it firsttttt. you should do it too cause i need new music to listen to!


[obviously if i'm listening to old usher. :P]


click here so you can read it!

Here's my latest submmission on Lego Ideas.

Pick your favorite musical genre and place it on stage, ready to be played by the jukebox.

The jukebox can be opened on top to reveal the discs mechanism.

The stand has the shape of a stage and supports the floor below the jukebox.

Six musical genres represented (Classic, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Dance and Rap), including eight minifigures.



Candid Street Photography from Edinburgh, Scotland

A waiting passenger takes in some tunes as 1L79 1334 Liverpool Lime Street to Birmingham New Street rounds the curve through Tipton Station in the hands of a West Mids Class 350.


Kodak Colorplus 200

Practika BX-20

Practikar 50mm f1.8


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Paris. De la gare de l'est à Nation

Thousands across France have turned out for another day of protests against Macron's controversial pension reform plans.

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