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The key to a woman's heart

is hidden in her playlist

En 999


🎼 Selena Gomez, Camilo - 999 🌸


ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴘʜᴏᴛᴏ


💻Firestorm Viewer


Candid street photography from somewhere in the Netherlands.


PLEASE don't comment my photos with meaningless 'seen in' or 'awards'.


A waiting Worcestershire bound passenger looks down at her phone, maybe to choose the next track to play find her next Pokemon!....In the background London Midlands 172 219 approaches with a Birmingham bound service.


For alternative railway photography, follow the link: to the Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle.

I think I've worked out the difference between a road trip and a long drive One has a good playlist. One doesn't. I know right.. 🚗 🎶

📷 DJI Phantom 4 Pro

IG: @j.a.y_daley


with Reira , Mag , Gray ,

Minha , Memil and me


photo . M E M I L


[ song : please me - cardi b & bruno mars (slowed + reverb) ]


[ autumn ]


Candid Street Photography From Glasgow, Scotland

My first test using Luminar for editing a RAW photo :)

Tried to take this shot secretly but as I had walked up from behind him then turned to make the shot I guess I'd been a bit to obvious . I didn't raise the camera , but as I clicked the shutter he gave me a glance for a fraction of a second then went back to what he was doing . When I shoot like this I often feel that people can sense what I am doing . any good tips for undercover shooting would be appreciated .


" Love comments but please no logo's or awards "

We out here drippin' in don't make no sense.

Yoda is in a Country Music mood right now...


1. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk - Trace (sellout) Atkins

2. Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off - Joe Nichols (dork)

3. Hurt - Johnny Cash (miss him)

4. Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy - Big & Dumb

5. She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy - Kenny Chesnuts roasting on an...

She looks like a model

Except she's got a little more ass

Don't even bother

Unless you've got that thing she likes

Ooh, I hope she's going home with me tonight.



Can you take it all away? Can you take it all away? Well you shoved it in my face. This pain you gave to me...


Blurry- Puddle of Mudd

somehow my friend made me setting up an october playlist for robert. so here it is

somehow my friend made me setting up an october playlist for robert. so here it is

Tonight, I will be playing some of my favorite tunes and your requests at Eclipse Club & Resort! Come party with me from 9pm - 11pm SLT.

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Street photography from Glasgow, Scotland.


Black and white re-edit of a shot from November 2017. Wishing you all a fantastic, safe and 'photography filled' weekend ahead. Enjoy!

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Candid street photography from Glasgow, Scotland. Enjoy!

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Candid eye contact street photography from Glasgow, Scotland. I miss the mixtape days ;)


Previously unpublished shot captured in October 2019.

Those flashing lights come from everywhere.

The way they hit her I had to stop and stare.

She's got me love stoned.

Man, I swear she's bad and she knows.

I think that she knows.



On the road today :o) It's been a LONG time since I've had time to just sit and listen to music... and oh how I miss it!! I listen to a crazy mix... I think everyone I've ever talked to about music hates something on my list of favorites. Then again, they usually like something too. This is an incomplete list of artists I listen to...


I'm not checking in to flickr to keep up with everyone at the moment, just to keep up with my 365. Please feel free to move on without comment, it's really ok!!


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Trubbs

My infinite playlist.

what's on yours?


Explore #25

Cassette tape look familiar? It's because I used it in . It was on my wall for a while but when it fell off I figured I would use it for another picture.


Explore #67

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Candid eye contact and a knowing smile from Glasgow, Scotland. Enjoy!

becaussseeee she did it firsttttt. you should do it too cause i need new music to listen to!


[obviously if i'm listening to old usher. :P]


click here so you can read it!

All she wants is to dance

That's why you'll find her on the floor

But you don't have a chance

Unless you move the way that she likes

That's why she's going home with me tonight.





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