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Coming at you bright and strong, there is no missing the playground equipment as you drive by.

This is an item in the kids' playground in a park. I'm not sure what it does as I've never paid any attention to it before the snow chose to sculpt it. I think though that a kid can sit on it and bounce up and down. Just a guess.


The snow in this image has a pinkish hue in several places. I've no idea why, except for under the plaything which is explainable as a reflection of the red plastic. The rest, I just don't know. I thought of trying to take it out in Lightroom but then I decided I liked it. :-)


This will be my last photo of shadows on the snow. I promise. (but I've got my fingers crossed)

Playground of Central High School at sunset.


Thank you so much for your views, comments and faves! They are encouraging as I continue on my photographic journey.

Playground for the street children ? They seemed to have fun.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York

This is super grainy and pretty sloppy overall, but I like the overall shot a lot (the shadows of the monkey bars, the sky, the general composition, and the overall feel to it). I plan on retaking this shot some night soon when the sky is nice again and perfecting it.

All of this set are virtually SOOC...i wish i'd taken a straight snapshop of the park to go with it, as it did *not* look like this! A stop or two of underexposure and my wonderful 50mm lens found the gorgeous colours.

Leica M (Typ 262) and Summicron 50.

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Test shot with Leica 50mm Noctilux-M, at f/0.95, for anyone interested.



A. Seibert Wetzlar E75/1:1,6

Young girl takes on the challenge . . .

Sunrise in front of the local playground.

Early Evening Sunlight on Wooden Playground.

Location: NE OH, USA

Motor skills development . . .

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