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Playing with textures and brushes is a great pleasure.

I used a pic from last visit at Lake Bodensee/Vorarlberg and merged 6 layers and the birds - here is the result.

I think it´s a bit too dark, but looking out of my window I see the same dark cold and wet mood.

Winter is coming - brrr.

'Playing with pixels' On Black


Handheld HDR


Photomatix mixed with some Photoshop & then some..

Wish you all a great weekend





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Quebec Nature..............................................Canada .


Je suis parti pour une semaine en pleine nature .


Gone to nature .


Merci pour vos élogieux commentaires !


Thang you for your comments !

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"A small Ladybug

Flies by pretty pink flowers and stop to hug the petals

And smell the beauty".


Happy Pretty Pink Tuesday!

sun developed bad polaroid film


I ruined film when it jammed in the camera and I made attempts to take it out and put it in another camera. upside down.

I decided to see what would happened when developed in the sun.

no comments necessary.

just seeing what would happen.


more weird stuff below.

I love playing.

On the Malecon of the Havana in Cuba, a child is playing with the big waves that are hitting the wall.

You can look, but you can't touch

I don't think I like you much

Heaven knows what a girl can do

Heaven knows what you've got to prove

— Garbage

Listen to Meeee



On a hot day, a pair of youth play in the water and ham it up for the camera on the Tukad Unda dam, Bali Island, Indonesia.


Coming to FOXCITY

Play ball poses \o/


Cute, carefree & athletic - for TCF August.



Hair by Beusy

Outfit by Scandalize

Trainers by Reign♥

I found this little girl at a beach, was playing with sand. Seems she was lonely among other children on the beach. A beautiful angel...


**Credit Here**


I know you say you love me, love me

For sure you meant forever, forever

But then I start to wonder, wonder

If that's the honest answer

And maybe I can leave it

For sure you make me happy, happy

And if I never know it

I wonder if it matters


Listen to Meeee



There are four fledglings playing game around the nest after meal. Only three in the picture.

Playtime is over. It's Monday and for those of us that work a traditional work week it's the first day of a new working week. However, this is a short week as I am supposed to be going to a wedding across country on Friday. I say supposed to because getting there might be an issue. My car failed its MOT which means it's not driveable until it's re-MOT'd


Read more and get all the credits at The Glamour Sauce

Lili is a great cellist. She loves to play the cello outside and wait for her little animal friends that always come to listen to her music. ^__^


As you can see, the snow has already melted, which makes our backyard look super bare. :(


I hope you all have had a nice week! <3

Polar Bears in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

I know nothing about Poker, but I wondered if this would be a good hand to have, so I went searching on Wikipedia.

This is what I found - it's almost good (I think) LOL

"A Five Of A Kind becomes possible when a Joker is added to the deck as a bug, a form of wild card that may either act as a fifth Ace or be used to complete any straight, flush or straight flush. Under these rules, the only possible five of a kind is five Aces, A♥ A♦ A♣ A♠ Jkr" Wiki


Created for EXPLORE Worthy - The Number Games 7, S3 (Art from 2017)

(Winner - 1st place)


Playing cards courtesy of Pixabay.


Golden scales purchased from Renderosity.


Texture - Rays Of Light, mine.


= = = = = = = = = = = = =

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~ Thank you for visiting my photostream, for the invites, faves, awards and kind words. It's all much appreciated. ~


After getting up before 5am two days in a row to photograph the river and the rocks it's definitely allowed to play around in the woods.

Although I almost got stabbed by my tripod's centre column....

Labrador dogs playing at the adriatic beach in Croatia


When we were back in Croatia in autumn 2016, I was able to observe our two Labrador dogs while playing on the beach. That was a perfect time to test the Canon EOS 1DX Mark II. Especially the autofocus.


In combination with the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L it is an extremely powerful system. I was totally impressed by the speed and precision of the autofocus. Of about 1,000 photos taken, a maximum of 5 were out of focus! And all the photos were taken under similar conditions. The dogs ran and played on the beach, ran into the water, so that water drops dripped. They then ran towards me with the sun in the back, but the 1DX Mark II had no trouble at all to find the focus.


I know only two other cameras, which offer a comparably good and fast autofokus. This is the Nikon D5 and the Olympus E-M1 Mark II, where I see the Canon at first, the Olympus second and the Nikon on the third place.

View On Black

yeah it was cold, and very snowy, but the sun was out so we stayed after school and played for a good hour on the playground. it made them so happy. me too.


i just love this cherry red color.

Playing with some painterly effects. Paper texture added in PhotoShop.


Thank you, BossBob, for the instruction on how to make a rain drop more brilliant.


Shadowhouse tints. No, not iPhone.

Go is a 2,500 year old strategy game from China. It's extremely simple to learn yet very difficult to master. I've enjoyed playing Go for a long time. I even named my store after one of the few rules of Go (Ko Industries). I'm pretty terrible at it though.



Girl on Left: Myself

Girl on Right: Eata Kitty



Two exposures taken a few seconds apart. It would be possible to do some complicated HDR I suppose but instead I thought I would turn that light back on and make the nun more like an apparition. Feel free to tell me you like the straight shots better. I'll put them below.

Edit Replaced after more work on the light and shadow. 30/10/09


Thank you to the Image Poetry Group who are featuring this image on their front page this month :-)

Being positive I will tell you :)


The weather gave me the great opportunity to play indoors with my camera yesterday... Thanks to that I got this... :D


I would have loved to have the tip of the leaf sharp... but If I moved my camera, the reflection of the lamp and the window would be gone the same as those lovely stripes in the droplet... So, I left it this way....


Enjoy your weekend my friends :)

Foto ganadora de la categoría Macro en la 9ª Edición del grupo



I'm working on presets for Aperture and this is one I came up with.

2017 03 07


- Outfit -


Hoodie: *chronokit* Hoodie02 Black Ladies

( The Mens Dept )


Claws: + Spellbound + Spooky Salon // Spoopy Dark

Boots: *katat0nik* (black) Old Boots

( The Arcade Gacha )


Tail: DDD_Fluffy Short tail(normal)_tail

Glasses: +S+ DIGI SIGN-B [M] Wear? ' +++SOMALI+++ '



Hair: Doe: Twinkle (solid) - Colors

( Gacha )


Tattoo: -7P-CyberPunk Tattoo Appliers


- Furniture -


+S+ Flash Wall type2  ' +++SOMALI+++ '



+S+ Nixi Countdown Nixi-10


Blog: ~ le soleil ~


For more information have to blog <33

Thanks so much for your time♡♡(*•̀ᴗ•́)♡

Many thanks to you!

Out alone in summit park for some graveyard work. Trees playing in colour glowing rocks, and stars shooting everywhere. Enjoy the light in the dark that I work the graveyard shift to make for you.

Lambs playing on the rocks, behind our house.

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