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Playing with textures and brushes is a great pleasure.

I used a pic from last visit at Lake Bodensee/Vorarlberg and merged 6 layers and the birds - here is the result.

I think it´s a bit too dark, but looking out of my window I see the same dark cold and wet mood.

Winter is coming - brrr.

Wish you all a great weekend





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'Playing with pixels' On Black


Handheld HDR


Photomatix mixed with some Photoshop & then some..

sun developed bad polaroid film


I ruined film when it jammed in the camera and I made attempts to take it out and put it in another camera. upside down.

I decided to see what would happened when developed in the sun.

no comments necessary.

just seeing what would happen.


more weird stuff below.

I love playing.

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"A small Ladybug

Flies by pretty pink flowers and stop to hug the petals

And smell the beauty".


Happy Pretty Pink Tuesday!

I found the silhouette of the children playing on Pixabay, and wanted to use it in some way. This is what I came up with. The background is a composite of three original images. Thanks for stopping by. All comments are appreciated.

On the Malecon of the Havana in Cuba, a child is playing with the big waves that are hitting the wall.

Lambs playing on the rocks, behind our house.

Lili is a great cellist. She loves to play the cello outside and wait for her little animal friends that always come to listen to her music. ^__^


As you can see, the snow has already melted, which makes our backyard look super bare. :(


I hope you all have had a nice week! <3

Playing with some painterly effects. Paper texture added in PhotoShop.


Thank you, BossBob, for the instruction on how to make a rain drop more brilliant.


Shadowhouse tints. No, not iPhone.

Being positive I will tell you :)


The weather gave me the great opportunity to play indoors with my camera yesterday... Thanks to that I got this... :D


I would have loved to have the tip of the leaf sharp... but If I moved my camera, the reflection of the lamp and the window would be gone the same as those lovely stripes in the droplet... So, I left it this way....


Enjoy your weekend my friends :)

Foto ganadora de la categoría Macro en la 9ª Edición del grupo



Go is a 2,500 year old strategy game from China. It's extremely simple to learn yet very difficult to master. I've enjoyed playing Go for a long time. I even named my store after one of the few rules of Go (Ko Industries). I'm pretty terrible at it though.



Girl on Left: Myself

Girl on Right: Eata Kitty



Outside of the box.


Mobile in the distance at sunset. Foggy, but pretty.


Shot outside of the blue lagoon in Iceland

2017 03 07


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Model me.

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yeah it was cold, and very snowy, but the sun was out so we stayed after school and played for a good hour on the playground. it made them so happy. me too.


i just love this cherry red color.

Two exposures taken a few seconds apart. It would be possible to do some complicated HDR I suppose but instead I thought I would turn that light back on and make the nun more like an apparition. Feel free to tell me you like the straight shots better. I'll put them below.

Edit Replaced after more work on the light and shadow. 30/10/09


Thank you to the Image Poetry Group who are featuring this image on their front page this month :-)

I am going ^^here^^, right now, to play!


Catch ya all later.


Have a great Saturday :-)

Incendia fractal with digital manipulation. I just had to play with that gold some more.

Serie “En los límites de la realidad”


Una de las cosas buenas que tiene flicrk, y que debería ser casi la más importante, es aprender cosas de los demás. Yo me enorgullezco de poder decir que he aprendido de unos cuantos de vosotros, me he apropiado de vuestra alma (con vuestro consentimiento) en alguna ocasión o directamente me habéis dado las “pistas” para poder aprender mas sobre procesados, composiciones, luces que por mí mismo seguro que no habría conseguido. A día de hoy sigo aprendiendo, alimentándome y disfrutando mucho de vuestros consejos y galerías.

Todo este peñazo para qué? para deciros que hoy gracias a la nueva web de Josep Cequiel, uno de mis más apreciados contactos y que forma parte del llamado por mí, con cariño, “trio calaveras” he descubierto el filtro food con el que se consiguen unos reflejos de agua increíbles en las fotos.


Este es mi primer intento, nada que ver con los vuestros Josep, Andreu, Lombart…. pero yo me he divertido volviendo a retocar una de mis fotos, y mientras que me siga divirtiendo seguiremos por aquí.


One of the good things flicrk, and should be almost the most important things is to learn from others. I am proud to say that I have learned a few of you, I have appropriated your soul (with your consent) at some time or casting have given me the "clues" to copy processed compositions, lights for myself certainly would not have gotten. Today I am still learning, feeding and really enjoying your advice and galleries.

All this peñazo for? to tell you today thanks to the new website of Joseph Cequel, one of my most valued contacts and part of the call for me, with affection, "trio calaveras" I found the food to filter that achieves a stunning water reflections in the photos.


This is my first try, nothing to do with yours Josep Andreu, Lombart .... but I have fun going to touch one of my pictures, and while I continue to keep having fun here.

Maine Coone Milos beautiful eyes

My first hot air balloon festival. I fear I may be posting from this one for months.

we had our first 60'F spring day this week... yippeeaaaa!!

had a little play time after work. : )


all of my uploaded images are low-resolution and copyright protected. if you would like to use or license any of my photos, please contact me via flickrmail. thank you for looking.


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Camera NIKON D90

Lens Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 G VR

Exif: 18mm | 1/10 sec | f/3.5 | 100

Place & Date: Birulia , Bangladesh. | 20 July 2012


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I'm working on presets for Aperture and this is one I came up with.

The reception lines gather rust, and the loading tower of Hatfield Main Colliery lies idle, as King Coal falls out of favour to the UK Government's quest to meet stringent carbon emissions targets.


And, in a metaphorical "rubbing of the nose in it", a trainload of biomass chippings, the in-favour replacement fuel, passes by the redundant colliery hauled by EWS liveried Shed no. 66119 working the 10.10 Immingham Port - Drax Power Station (6H88).


The extent to which this truly reduces the carbon footprint of the planet is perhaps open to question - the biomass chippings are produced in North America, transferred to port, and then shipped over the Atlantic before further transportation to their final destination. I guess someone has done the sums.......


9th May 2016

Fritz was enjoying his game of fetch today. Water was splashing everywhere. His nose was covered in mud. It was a good day for him.


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La leggenda del Pianista - Playing love

Ennio Morricone


Puente de l'Assut de l'Or de Calatrava


Sammy's got his mojo back. This last surgery seemed to take a lot out of him but he is finally back to his old sweet self and hamming it up for the camera. I adore this boy.

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