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The Museum Plantin-Moretus is unique. It is just as if after 440 years the working day is about to begin for the type founders, compositors, printers and proofreaders in the world-famous printing works. It is a book lovers paradise.

The oldest printing presses in the world are there, intact and ready to roll. The offices and shop echo with conversations between Christoffel Plantijn and aristocratic and scholarly clients from all over the world.

Feast your eyes on the home of the Plantin and Moretus families! Through the drawing rooms, soaking up the atmosphere of life in Antwerp in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and admiring the impressive art collection which includes portraits by Peter Paul Rubens.

Rarefied libraries lined with the breathtaking 30,000 old editions that make up the Moretusses’ collection. Marvel at the magnificent manuscripts and some of the finest examples of European typography.

It is a is a dynamic museum. Highlights from the collection are shown in special exhibitions and other displays. The workshops are a chance for everyone to try their hand at printing, etching or bookbinding. Visitors who have been granted access to the reading room for research purposes can study the books, prints and drawings. There are fun trails through the house for children and opportunities for them to discover their creative side. Finally, the walled garden (seen in previous pictures uploaded by me) is an oasis of peace, conducive to a moment of quiet reflection.


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Antwerpen, Belgium

Plantin-Moretus Museum.

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Antwerp, Museum Plantin-Moretus, August 2013


Christophe Plantin's 1580 edition of Johannes Goropius Becanus' Opera. The Dutch physician, linguist, and humanist Goropius (born as Jan van Gorp van der Beke; 1519-1572) theorized that the Brabantic dialect was the oldest language known to man, and in his Hieroglyphica, Goropius "proved" that Egyptian hieroglyphics represented Brabantic.

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The courtyard inside the Plantin-Moretus museum in Antwerp (Belgium).


The museum is housed in the former "Officina Plantiniana", the printing house of Christoffel Plantijn established in the 16th century.


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Het Museum Plantin-Moretus aan de Vrijdagmarkt in Antwerpen is de enige drukkerij-uitgeverij ter wereld, die bewaard is gebleven uit de renaissance- en baroktijd. Het is de voortzetting van de Officina Plantiniana. Deze werd in 1555 gesticht door Christoffel Plantin, de eerste industriële drukker uit de geschiedenis. Het museum biedt een overzicht van de boekdrukkunst van de 15de tot de 18de eeuw. De volledig uitgeruste drukkerij bezit de oudste drukpersen ter wereld (circa 1600). De statige patriciërswoning bevat stijlkamers gestoffeerd met wandtapijten, goudleer, schilderijen (onder meer van Rubens), sculpturen, aardewerk en porselein. Het Prentenkabinet verzamelt prenten en tekeningen van Antwerpse meesters van de 16de eeuw tot vandaag. Met zijn internationaal bekende verzamelingen van 16de en 17de-eeuwse tekeningen en grafiek is dit één van de 50 belangrijkste prentenkabinetten op wereldvlak. In de historische binnenplaats kan je in de tuin van de rust genieten. Het Museum Plantin-Moretus/Prentenkabinet werd in 2005 erkend als UNESCO-werelderfgoed en prijkt als enige museum ter wereld op deze lijst.


De schilderijen met landelijke taferelen van Theodoor de Bruyn, de lambrisering en de marmeren schoorsteenmantel in de eetkamer vormen een harmonieus geheel in Lodewijk XV-stijl. De schilderijen en omlijstingen werden recent gerestaureerd door Kerat bvba.


Foto: Frederik Cnockaert

from the amazing Plantin-Moretus Museum collection

from the amazing Plantin-Moretus Museum collection

Museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerpen, Belgium

Plantin-Moretus Museum

Printing presses and other equipment in the Plantin-Moretus museum in Antwerp, Belgium.

Museo Plantin Moretus | Antwerp, Belgium

look. he's even lost most of his body, still totally unmoved

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Plantin Moretus Museum, Antwerp

Plantin Moretus Museum, Antwerp

upper: taken in 1982; below: taken in 2018

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