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If you're going to try plagiarize my work, at least don't end up in my referrer logs like this twat!

Above: our about page


Below:'s about page


That's some marvelous body copy! (In both senses of the word.) Whoever did Mr Mayfield hire to write his about page? Give that man a raise.


Honestly, I always thought these talentless, unethical pirates were a little cleverer, but it turns out: not so much.


"But!" you may interject, "He added an underline to the headline, swapped 'OnWired' for 'Daynger' and changed the list from a bold, rich orange to a pale, vomit-looking color completely unrelated to the palette! Surely that constitutes a totally new creative work, derived independently from the original, no?"


To which I reply: "Touche."

Whilst I encourage viewing source and seeing how it works (hey, we all learnt our trade that way!), and of course following my tutorial on Vitamin, please don't steal my code and graphics wholesale, Ingenia.


UPDATE: Three hours later, their vines are gone.

Ripped my front page site content, and is publishing as their own.

Joomla? Joomla?!?


Blech. At least he went to the trouble of changing the contact email from "" to "". Poor sap couldn't figure out my javascript in the Portfolio section, though... if he had any talent, I presume, he wouldn't have ripped off someone else's design to start with.


Classy Original:

Blatant Copy:


UPDATE: Did a little write-up here: That Didn't Take Long

If I had stumbled across this site today, I would thought hey, they're clearly taking heavy inspiration from Bright Creative, a little too much even, but I'll let it go.


That is, if this weren't the same site that was a direct copy right before this 'redesign' launched. The same site who I emailed two months ago to point out I had noticed the ripoff. The same site that held me at bay over the past two months while they 'worked on a redesign' so their client 'wouldn't lose money in the mean time'.


The shop responsible, Web + Grafik was also caught lifting their own portfolio site from Deluge Studios in Memphis, and appears to have taken it down after I mentioned it to them.


Hey Mike Whitney of Web + Grafik: if you do stuff like this on the internet, people find out.

I'm not even going to ask... if it looks familiar.

Look familiar? Discovered because they used our analytics script intact and showed up in our logs. They even named their file "onwired.css." Classy, no?


Here's the offender:


Copyright: Expanism Webdesign,


Ripped by: (link has been removed because the rip-off has been removed from their website :)

From an aesthetic point of view, I sort of understand ripping off a talented designer like Dan. People like him produce lovely work, and wanting that for yourself can be a serious temptation. It's still wrong and I don't condone it for an instant, but I kind of get the motivation.


But why anyone would do a complete site theft of a half-assed design like mine-- changing only the copyright notice and some telephone prefixes and then commenting out just enough stuff on the home page to break the layout-- utterly mystifies me.

Some French bloke likes our work so much, he stole the whole website! Freel free to email him your thoughts.

The Mike Poss site has been doing the rounds for a very long time.. a few weeks ago, along comes a dude with a very similar name, Mike Kus, seemingly getting some good exposure for his 'style', with fellow designers even calling it "his style", much to my dismay. About time someone called it out really.

No, your eyes don't deceive you - has had its first rip-off! Check out the criminal at


Copyright: Expanism Webdesign,


Ripped by: (link has been removed because the rip-off has been removed from their website :)

Tag design ripoffs with "piratedsites"


If you don't know why this is here, you won't care anyway, but this should give you a clue: .


Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

My this looks mighty familiar. o_O;


* Presses send on the cease & desist email.


Update: His response to my C&D: "Hey, I am not removing anything, I got this website made for me I didn’t create it my self, I paid good money for it, so sorry I’m not removing it."


Some people feel "ownership" of what they encounter over the Internet: the work of others. Yesterday I found someone (Here) who completely stole my website design, and very badly, not only has some links unchanged, but he's so mediocre that wrote things like: "Finally my page comes online after a lot of work..." or "I love my job..." and "So expect some new work, be it Grafic Design, Photography or Webdesign!"


Particularly bad ripoff of


arrrrrgh! webroot be pirates matey.

What a great portfolio piece for them!

Stolen by Eric Wood of Moon Viper

Now this one is just silly - have actually used the SAME images... including the one that features my name!

Unbelievable. Umar Salman, the same guy behind the blatant rip of my personal site - see ) - also created this: a very clear rip of and

It's not a rip-off, but stealing my background image and changing the hue does not make for an original piece of work.

Some French bloke likes our work so much, he stole the whole website! Freel free to email him your thoughts.

He states in his post that he made a homemade translation of my Freelance Tips, and that is great; however he did not ask me for permission to translate and post on HIS blog.

Another rrrip - Joel Delane, you lazy ass.


I suppose this is to be expected when your background is duplicated (without permission) in a tutorial for a perfectly centered portfolio.

Yet another rip-off of I don't think the similarities need pointing out. And if you're in any doubt about where that background image came from, compare to

Hasn't this happened before?


Apparently history can repeat itself, even if the site that was ripped doesn't exist anymore. The designer who ripped me the first time is now scamming other owners by using a rip of the 3rd verison of Nyxsis, again.


This time I'm going to find out who he is.

Yet another rip-off of What's interesting about this one is that he even goes so far as to rip the *portfolio* section as well. I wonder if the work in the portfolio is actually his? And if you're in any doubt about where that background image came from, compare to

Good grief. Based on the stylesheet IDs, I'd say this was ripped off about one year ago. Ugh.


Oh, AND THAT'S MY LOGO, GIRL. You can just send restitution via PayPal. Thanks.



Ripped off:

"this site was stolen from


never trust a "designer" who can't even create their own site"

It is always nice when someone totally steals your site design. Going through my Mint statistics today I came across something called Ideate Plus - I almost fell off my chair. I am in the process of sending a cease and desist order to Melissa Armstrong... she does not even bother to change my text!

Looks like someone decided it would be fun to ripoff my website. Check out the full size version. Original is on the left, rip on the right. Bastards!


To make matters worse the individual also decided to release a theme based on my site -

Blatant ExpressionEngine ripoff... Compare the original with the not so original version.

screenshot of a site that stole my blog layout :(



They've since changed their header.

Blatant rip of

Stolen by Eric Wood of Moon Viper