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I put this together in five... Will just have to suffice as a space filler tonight!


Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and fave my photo.


Thank you all for your visits and support:)

Have a good week:)

“With some people solitariness is an escape not from others but from themselves. For they see in the eyes of others only a reflection of themselves.”

~ Eric Hoffer

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"Anything and everything is good for shooting in macro,

be it a tree or a patch of grass.

Everything is always more interesting up close.

To the normal eye something may seem average or boring,

but when you take the time to look closer, details pour out."


Alissa Megan

(American macro photographer)

It rained a few days ago and the roses were covered in drops.


It's summer here, another few weeks and it will be autumn, so far the weather has been very mild. Not at all like our usual summer.

Thank you for visiting my stream !!


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Saw these beautiful flowers when I was out walking just recently, and made a date to come back and shoot them! Love the colours.

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I just put a piece of tissue paper behind this little mum. :)

For those of you watching the Superbowl... Go Packers!!

Macro of water refractions of Pink Flower.

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Pink Gerbera Daisy - Trying out some textures in photoshop ................

Azalea center and rain drops


For Michelle ... Thank-you !


Have a great week

Polymer clay tulip beads in... pink!


These guys are holeless. Some will get little green leaves / stems added to them I think.

I got this a few years ago from a local Cancer Research shop. Pink has been on my stream already

Loved the lovely pale pink of this water lily, seen while canoeing at Mill Lake in Abbotsford, B.C. (10-06-29-1198)


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Found this lovely deep pink Dahlia bloom when walking through an area at the back of some gardens not far from us.

A rich sea of pink in dad's garden.

Pink Ranunculi petals covered in dew drops. Petal Art

This is one of my favorite creations I've made for a while, it just makes me smile! Every once in while one of my projects actually turns out like I was picturing! =)


More pretty photos, as well as the recipe and how-to's for this cake, on my blog, Glorious Treats


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