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Texture for Macro Mondays

Pink rose from our garden



take 2. got some new pink stuff this past weekend. :)

My theme for 2016 is: 52 months in a year...beginning with June of 2006.


I took this photo in January of 2008.

My appreciation and thanks to all of you for your comments awards and faves

Pink Quill (Tillandsia cyanea)


I have never seen a plant quite like the Pink Quill. My photo doesn't quite do the plant justice as the pink and purple seemed so vibrant in person. The plant has beautiful pink quills (hence the name), and purple flower bloom from the quill. I've read that it's a relatively easy to care for house plant. Definitely on my list :-)


Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA, USA

almost done with my pink phase ;-) Hold on

Intoxication: the state of being intoxicated, especially by alcohol, or in this case, the colour pink.

How could a bee be unhappy surrounded by beautiful pink belladonnas. I had no idea this bee was in the flower until he backed out, giving me just enough time to snap his photo before he took off to another blossom.


Hope you have a good day whenever you see this. Thanks for stopping by and for all of your kind comments.


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Pink Heart and Diamond Sparkle's.

Non mi sono dimenticata dei dolcetti domenicali..... e oggi dei semplici cupcakes. Rosa naturalmente, rosa confetto per addolcire un pò queste giornate invernali.


♫ Pink ♫

Someone I worked with many years ago gave us these bulbs which grow into pretty pink flowers. Sadly have forgotten what they are. Some sort of Lilly I would think ... ☺ Thank you Joan (After the Rain) for the ID. NERINE or Guernsey Lilly.

. . . ♥ . . .


I noticed this beautiful pink rhododendron bud opening yesterday at my son's home.


Texture: French Canvas by Florabella


All my photos and creative work, is copyright protected and may not be used anywhere without my express permission.

Another variety of Echinopsis, I can't remember the name.

Spotted this pink Volvo tractor in a field as i drove by. The scene was perfect. Pink evening sky, pink tractor and some pink flowers scattered the field.


Macro Mondays: Buttons

116 Pictures in 2016: #6/116 Diagonal


What girl doesn't love a pink glittery button? I bough these for a cardigan I'm making for my niece and thought perfect for the theme


Happy Macro Monday!

Pink Pyjama Party?

Poem by Stephen Katona


Now what would you think,

Of a party all pink,

With pink iguanas,

Dressed in pink pyjamas?

Guests as big as an elephant,

Their size quite irrelevant,

As long as they've the right hue,

Just remember dyes are taboo.

Their skin must be real,

To join in our meal.

The frogs can eat slugs,

And all kinds of bugs,

Like the dragon millipede,

Which is dangerous indeed.

Would it be so shocking,

When flamingoes come flocking?

Do you think I'm shallow,

To eat only marshmallow?

We'll set you a place,

If you have a pink face.


'I think, ' said a dolphin called pinky,

'This is all rather stinky.

We may look quite bizarre,

But colour is not who we are.

Our skin is only one part,

Look at others hearts,

And get to know their minds,

Then you'll find,

That it's best to be kind.

Tell everyone alive,

They can just arrive,

With their own sort of jive.

The more different their dance,

The better to enhance.

Teach us something new,

Follow a different avenue.

What might seem strange,

Can help us to change.

A party for all,

Would be a ball.'


Have a great evening everyone and thank you for all your views, comments and faves! I appreciate it very much!

Step inside the fame to get a better view of the beautiful pink Hydrangea flowers ...



A macro of an Anemone.



Olympus 60/2.8 @2.8

Olympus EM 10 Mark II


Hope, you enjoy!

Hello my friends, have a great day! Greetings from Brazilian friend! -/- SEE LARGE

Thank you for visiting.

Simple and warm image.

Have a wonderful day everyone - still trying to catch up!


RHS Flower Show Tatton park.

Pink Peony with drops

HPPT !!!

Thanks each and every one of you for your visit and support:)


Explore #122 January 13, 2009

Textures by Topaz

Summer Flowers Petunias Pink Outdoors Green Leaves

Japanese Anemone, Denver Botanic Gardens

Summer Garden Flower Plant Pink Rose Petals Outdoors Grass Green Head Green Leaves

Reflection of lamplight off the studs on the outside of my daughter's Victoria Secret tote bag. Pink is in.


Our Daily Challenge - Reflection - 4/23/16

Pink Parasol oriental themed parasol found in a market in North Carolina.

Pink Border Flower

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