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Loch Arklet.


Just happened to spot this from the car on my way back from Inversnaid last weekend.


If you happen to be driving in the opposite direction when I'm in this "one eye on the road, the other on the scenery" mode, just cut me some slack .. and keep your fingers firmly crossed!

'Butterfly Blue' Pincushion flower

Very interesting flower. Does anyone know this protea's name?

Handmade pincushion with felt.....

my cutie love!!!! >__<

this one is actually bigger than the wee ones i have been making. i still dont know if this should be my swap cushion or not. if it is i want to make something to go with a wee shroom

for the scrappy pincushion swap


Filled with walnut shell granules

4 inch diameter.


I hope you like it partner!

Protea - any shrub of the genus protea native to S. Africa, with conelike flower-heads.

Scarlet Ribbon


*** Group cover photo FLORAL FANTASY 11th August 2017 .


Robin's Pincushion or Bedeguar Gall (Diplolepis rosae)

9 August 2018, Cuttle Pool Nature Reserve, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, Temple Balsall

This is what I received from the very talented Carol (mamacjt), minus the they didn't make it to the photo shoot! I LOVE my goodies, I am one lucky swapper! Thanks again Carol.

I had this little dog cut out sitting on my work table. It was taunting me. I had to make another pincushion.

Needle felted wool & cotton thread, 4 inches high

custom order been working on for weeks ~ almost done but not quite

I can absolutely see why this is called the 'PINCUSHION' PROTEA.

Die enige eg SUIKERBOSSIE (ZA).

Read all about this amazing plant, this is the BEST article I've EVER come across on any flower:HERE


Protea flowers normally remain closed, (with the style curved, and the stigma within the mass of tepals), until an insect, bird, or rodent disturbs the flower. At that point, the flower snaps open, the style straightens and the stigma is held some distance above the bloom.


Thanx for your visits and comments, M, (*_*)

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53/100 square

2/10 spring

A pincushion protea at Kirstenbosch.

wee 16 patch pinnie {squares finish at 1/2"}

this is my contribution to the pincushion swap. It measures 2.5" x 5.00". Sorry there were no peek views but once I started it I had to continue until it was finished.. As you can see it goes on the front of your sewing machine. I have one and find it one of the most useful 'bits ' I have ever made. Hope you do to ,partner.

Finally I made myself a little pincushion. The top half has polyfill and the bottom half has beanies so that it stands up. I like it, but I wish it was more perfect.

Little felt ball blue bird and pincushion for Secret Santa Swap

Jan 6, 2013

Here is Mt. Fujimidai located in the south end of the Japan Central Alps.

Altitude is approximately 1,700m, and it is not high mountain, but there are not so so many high trees because wind is very strong here.The gentle hilly areas are covered with bamboo grass mainly. The hilltop looked like a pincushion by the snow.

A part of the mountain range of the Japan South Alps is seen in the left depths, and the peak outstanding most is Mt. Hijiri (3,018m).

Not the best shot as I had to climb to the top of a high ladder to take this one,

and I was shaking alot. When fully opened it is beautiful.

you could win this pincushion

over at my blog !!

The exquisite protea bloom.

Avila Beach, CA

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