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At the Peterborough Custom Car & Hot Rod show 2015


Just started playing with Lightroom free trial. I think it has rescued this old Hudson. The origional image was a bit miserable and washed out. What do you think?

Aberdeen Marine Operations Centre. They need to fix the blue lights in the lower two windows.


HDR using the A200's lame +/-0.7 auto bracketing. I tried to keep it subtle / realistic to look how it did at the time.


Please do not post large or sparky graphics in comments, thanks.


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For Pimp My Pixels Group.

Original Pic by duyirish.

Other versions here.


What was done:

Added a fully desaturated layer

Motion blurred that layer at 45 degrees

Set layer mode to Screen

Tune down Opacity to ard 80%

Followed instructions at for the borders. It works!

Flatten layers then duplicate 2 copies

Add vignettes to 1 layer, set to bright for the glare, set to dark for the left to lessen the distraction of the hand on the other layer. Did some erasing to leave a bit of the dark layer for that effect.


Main idea was to somehow lengthen the shadows from the light. I liked how long the shadow is at the ear area in the original.



include All in one Dress!!


- more Pic and info - > blog

Here we go with a short PIMP for Gine !!

Hope you like it =)


Original here

Background  JoesSistah Thx for sharing !!


For the 'Sliders Sunday' Group

HSS Everyone - Have a great day!


Thank you for looking and for your faves and comments, which are always very much appreciated!

A little URBEX fun over the weekend, please view Details here


Thanks for Looking!


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u Guyz r iRreplaceable ..

i'll miss these Days

A.A.A , MeMoo , MeMe , TaTToooY , Pinko , Jo-Jo and Wall-e


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Fleetoffice, Hamburg-Hammerbrook

Our Kaiser Wilhelm Monument near Porta Westfalica is in a process of renovation. Even now in December work is continued to open the basement area and documentation centre in early spring.

I didn't realize it at the time, but this is now my fave shot from the other night.


Josh says he looks like Jay-Z in this shot, haha. I was going to link to a song...but it's far too early on a Friday for Hova....maybe later. :-)

Body: Maitreya Lara

Head: Catwa Catya bento

Shape: DeeTaleZ Shape for Catwa Bento Head Basic 1 (modded)

Skin appliers:

Head: Amara beauty - Lydia PACK A catwa applier

Body: amara beauty - Maitreya applier 04


Jennifer is Wearing:

[Glitzz] Sophie Body - Transparency Fatpack - Maitreya

WeArH0uSE [torn] panyhose @Applique

!gO! Steam Lara - skirt - 1

KARU KARU Ankle Boots

Hair: >TRUTH< Leticia - black & whites

~Black Arts~Laima Mesh Hat with Veil Black

Lips: #6 violetta. -Amaterasu -lips (red) (amaterasu gacha)

Contour: Veechi - Fierce Blush [Catwa]


Shot taken at the beautiful Gemini sim, come and visit.


Visit this location at Gemini in Second Life

Erm...just because!





@ The Jewish Mother Hilltop, Virginia Beach, VA

La pasta me tiene entero Hardcore!

Welcome to "the hat chronicles" Season 3 - Episode 3

Okay seriously... we all thought the twinkly fairy dust thing was a gimmick.


yes, the cowboy is officially back. it is not a dream. we didn't make this up. He IS back and causing even more havoc than before. Somehow pimp and minipimp were the last to find this out. Unfortunately the pimp family found out about the return of the cowboy the hard way.


This started out as just another normal day for pimp and the mini. Just back from vacation, they decided to take an evening stroll. They used the quiet evening to discuss plans on how they wanted to celebrate "pimp week" which is coming up next week. (it starts on Monday in place of the former useless holiday Columbus Day).


And that is when it happened. It actually all happened so damn fast the no one had a chance to even think about what was going on.


Yes, the cowboy showed up on the scene! After all these years, revenge was on his mind. Completely caught off guard, pimp didn't have a chance to light a cigarette, use his powerful cock sword, or do anything awesome at all!


Quick as a firefly, the cowboy used his new and improved super duper magic fairy dust and sprinkled it all over our two heroes. And just like that, they became motionless. Like statutes on the bench they were sitting on. They were frozen in time!!


To make matters worse, the cowboy took a photo of each pimp member to laugh it off with you turn coat cowboy fans on flickr. We know you're out there traitors!


To start, the cowboy decided to keep the minipimp here. He posted the photo of an angry minipimp right behind this photo on this stream. What a jerk!


However with pimp himself, he had something much more sinister in mind. Pimps missing shot got tossed into cowboy hat photo warp zone and sent off to a land far far away. But where? Let's mic up on the cowboy to see what he had to say about all of this:


"giddy up limp family! Yeeeeeeeehawwwwwwww!!!! Guess who's back! Hey yo limp, i think I'll keep yo minilimp with the cowboy right here wit me. Y'all just a pathetic fedora wearing fool! The cowboy is banishing y'all to the crusty ol original limp pimp dick photo stream. You know, that stream you ran me over in that car all those years ago. Muhahahaa! Hope y'all have fun hanging out in no mans land on a retired stream limp loser. Don't let da door hit y'all in da ass on da ways out pal!"


Wow. Could this get any more worse for flickrs favorite little family? Minipimp is now a POW with the cowboy. To make matters worse, Pimp got demoted to the pimp 1.0 stream. Once again it looks as if our otherwise peaceful pimp stream has a new guy in charge.


This is the lowest point ever conceived imaginable for the pimps folks. Even the pimps fedora can't save him now.


Will a new pimpoholic step up?


Maybe that pimpoholic could be YOU! Are you ready to show us your pimp skills? Do you got what it takes???


Yeehawwuch. be continued

Group; Pimp my Pixels

Thread: inspiration needed!!

Original Photographer; 2 little monkeys

URL of Original Pic;

Cuz regular pimping just aint cool enough.

Kelburn Castle nr Largs, one side of the castle has had a revamp, love it or hate it,its colourful!!

3 shot overlay.......1.Sky and clouds

2.Rocks and Water

3.Man with umbrella, trees

Forceful, a war-time thug of a tug is actually in the Maritime Museum and usually looks a lot drabber than this. Time for some abstract fun. Forceful, after a face-lift at my hands, is now an old pink softie wearing it's heart on it's bow. :) Not that I'm into demure!! Just like hot pink! :)


Enhanced in Aperture and Aviary.


Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate your comments.


_MG_1520 2014_06_14

I have two rose bushes that do some extraordinary mutations to their flowers

1979 Mercedes-Benz 240 D

Well,the above photo was taken at Galeria Perdana Langkawi. It is a gallery to display all gifts and private belongings belong to Tun Mahathir, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Personally,it is very "interesting" to know a lot of stuffs that he collected throughout his terms that lasted for 22 years. :P

View LARGE for better details. Press L

Introducing pseudopimp.


pimpexposure is dead.


I now rule this stream and the whole damn website. now that pimp is gone, nobody can stop me. no fedoras, no cigarettes, no pimp, no nothing.


i am the cowboy. giddy up!

Okieeess here we GoOoooo ....


I PIMPED Kelso & Tippy together xD

~ Put both PIMP´s in OnE ~

Hope You both will Love it like i doo !!!!


The original version of Kelso you can see here:



The original version of Tippy you can watch over here:


This guy is at all the games, always complete with odd hat and a travel guitar/case.

I'm not keen on showing too much flesh with my characters just curious to the reaction to this shot but I don't do full frontal naked :)

Ultimate beast tamer, this is how i like my buffalo, you can dress him up and take him anywhere!!!

Okay this is probably the coolest self portrait I captured at the Grand Canyon. I risked my fucking life for you assholes taking this shot. This is not trick photography, I really did go to the edge of a cliff and hang backwards to take this picture. I thought the fact that I had a bird type guy on my chest added for a little more coolness.


Yes, I'm scared of heights.


Off to the races now, it's my birthday today. Word! I'm 34.




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