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Poznan, Poland

Stary Ryenk


Beautiful wintery sunrise yeaterday had me exploring the old market here in Poznan. Of course the moment you stop moving pigeons flock to you in hopes of a piece of bread. This one wouldn't leave me alone so I worked with him. Sorry dude, no food for you.


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MP & VM21/1.8 & GND3

PP in ColorEfex

500PX ready... : )

Taken at Roche


Textures by SkeletalMess - all in Flickr - thanks.

Ultimate beast tamer, this is how i like my buffalo, you can dress him up and take him anywhere!!!

spring is in the air........

A little URBEX fun over the weekend, please view Details here


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(both sonic and physical) my beautiful Josh has a new mix.


Go listen to it at :


once you get there-press play.


like this photo, it's completely free to enjoy.


Camo helmets, rusty Stens. What's not to love?

At the Peterborough Custom Car & Hot Rod show 2015


Just started playing with Lightroom free trial. I think it has rescued this old Hudson. The origional image was a bit miserable and washed out. What do you think?

For Pimp My Pixels Group.

Original Pic by duyirish.

Other versions here.


What was done:

Added a fully desaturated layer

Motion blurred that layer at 45 degrees

Set layer mode to Screen

Tune down Opacity to ard 80%

Followed instructions at for the borders. It works!

Flatten layers then duplicate 2 copies

Add vignettes to 1 layer, set to bright for the glare, set to dark for the left to lessen the distraction of the hand on the other layer. Did some erasing to leave a bit of the dark layer for that effect.


Main idea was to somehow lengthen the shadows from the light. I liked how long the shadow is at the ear area in the original.

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European Madness Tour 2011 with Andre Govia, Daanoe, ill-Padrino, Martin Widlund, Niki Feijen, Photoportee, Rusty's Photography, and me


Thank you very much for fantastic tour guys!

For the 'Sliders Sunday' Group

HSS Everyone - Have a great day!


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Here we go with a short PIMP for Gine !!

Hope you like it =)


Original here

Background  JoesSistah Thx for sharing !!


I think this is a 1966 or 67 Buick Skylark


Okay this is probably the coolest self portrait I captured at the Grand Canyon. I risked my fucking life for you assholes taking this shot. This is not trick photography, I really did go to the edge of a cliff and hang backwards to take this picture. I thought the fact that I had a bird type guy on my chest added for a little more coolness.


Yes, I'm scared of heights.


Off to the races now, it's my birthday today. Word! I'm 34.




Original here :


Here is my attempt of your sweethearts Enzo, I hope you willl like it ;-)


Would be good to have better quality picture, to make better work ;-)

Just another attempt, now that I have my full editing software back. Meh. Not completely happy with it, but it's going to take a bit of time to get used to my tools again.


Note: This is NOT my photo. This is just an edit.




Discussion Thread

I found this old car sitting beside the road in outback SA and decided to stop for a shoot.


It was harsh midday sun but it still came out ok.


I love all the abandoned remnants throughout the landscape in outback SA. From old abandoned cars to abandoned buildings.


Press "L" to view this large on black and, as always, thanks for looking!


Just played a bit with ma PIMP Picceh ...

Can´t wait too see what you come up with !!


Greats & hope you like it =)

Your´s Franneh <3





Eyes by .:Hermony:. ... I soo, soo, soo love <3 them !!

Ears by AITUI .... Same with ears RAWR Luuuuv <3 !!

Jacket by :: Sey :: Great Styles as allways <3

Tattoo by Rockers Wear Reloaded .... Soo OLD & still a FANtastic one <3

Piercing by ATOMIC ... My FAV Piercing <3




what the fuck is going on man? no one is going to notice me here. my fedora is useless on this old stream.


can anybody help me get back to my new stream where the cowboy now resides?


Help! Is anybody out there!

Fleetoffice, Hamburg-Hammerbrook

u Guyz r iRreplaceable ..

i'll miss these Days

A.A.A , MeMoo , MeMe , TaTToooY , Pinko , Jo-Jo and Wall-e


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So I have to thank my Nemesis Amber (Yoda) for the inspiration for this "pimped" shot... and also for telling me the secret formula... She's a clever little thing sometimes... ;)

I didn't realize it at the time, but this is now my fave shot from the other night.


Josh says he looks like Jay-Z in this shot, haha. I was going to link to a song...but it's far too early on a Friday for Hova....maybe later. :-)

Our Kaiser Wilhelm Monument near Porta Westfalica is in a process of renovation. Even now in December work is continued to open the basement area and documentation centre in early spring.

..and their boxes :P


all pimped by me XD


**Check out the BEFORE pic of the shoes in the first comment :D


Part 1 ( converse style :P )


* btw its for a business project at skool .. :D

3 shot overlay.......1.Sky and clouds

2.Rocks and Water

3.Man with umbrella, trees

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