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i walked into a pillowfight yesterday

not a place for people with asthma

Happy Birthday Evilnick!

What's the use of a pillowfight

When i've always seen the truth

behind your lies..


Best viewed on BLACK, please use the magnifier :)


Well not really but kinda hehehe.... I was cleaning up her room and stumbled across all the bedding, blanket and pillows. She hasnt been using any yet, only sleepbags and no pillow but she enjoys the pillows in our bed very much :) So i thought we would give it a first she hated it rofl..started crying when she saw it in her crib. But then the pillow got accepted as you can see :) we will wait a bit with the blanket !


Not getting out much, we have no snow, but its icy and just plain yucky out here... :/

Thankyou for being the best part of 2009.

2010 is going to be about having fun, that's all i'm going to say.

Happy new year everyone!


to guard against the pillow fight happening in union square!

Instruction#27 SPNP "Bend the rules and play tricks with the mind......" Peter Funch

Fuji Reala 100 120mm, multi exposures on Holga

Nikon D700 || Fisheye 16mm f/2.8


Valentine's Day Pillowfight, Justin Herman Plaza, SF

Happy Birthday Evilnick!

public pillowfight organized by newmindspace at toronto's dundas quare on 13th of november 2005.

Zio un azione!

pillow fight- Torino


That's Devin Limondi and moi, we are HOTTTTT!


Just having fun with the kids on a rainy day.


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The noun PILLOW FIGHT has 1 sense:

1. a child's game of fighting with pillows


I hit her too hard;

'Down' she went and cracked her head -

That's the end of that!


v. mur·dered, mur·der·ing, mur·ders

1. To kill (another human) unlawfully.

2. To kill brutally or inhumanly.

3. To put an end to; destroy.

4. To spoil by ineptness; mutilate




The idea for this photo initially came as just a pillow fight - inspired by the pillows in Shana's last Chain React. But I thought that would be a bit boring, so I incorporated some of the themes of Shana's image of want/need - by making my friends get a bit naked and sexy (I seem to think that a photo gets better the more naked the people are in it...? Why is this?)

I liked the idea that something as innocent as a pillow fight could end in something as sinister as murder.

Also look up some definitions of pillowfight on the net - very funny.


PS. The two bangers in the photo are dating

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