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This morning I intended to shoot a sunrise from the summit of Bowfell. I set off at roughly 5am from Great Langdale, and ascended Bowfell via The Band & Three Tarns. The sky was completely cloudless to begin with, but once I arrived at Three Tarns the mist swept in competely. Regardless, I carried on to the summit of Bowfell where I was greeted with thick fog. After waiting out for about 5 minutes, a sudden short gap in the mist appeared and I noticed that the nearby Esk Pike was cloudless. I decided to rush to Esk Pike with only 15 minutes until sunrise, and made it just to the top in time for the sun peeking over the horizon. I made the right decision as Bowfell remained in the mist for most of the morning.

The footpath that runs along Unlock Pike Ridge ,.. Skiddaw in the distance.... October 2014

Summit Scafell Pike with Derwentwater Lake in view

Looking across Derwent Water near Keswick with Causey Pike (637m) on the left and Grisdale Pike (791m) on the right. derwent Water is in the English Lake District

I wanted to get some more shots of this old cabin but the rain was coming down to hard

foggy morning in pike county georgia

rainbow after a storm in pike county georgia

During a glorious February hike over the Buttermere hills I took the opportunity to look back ver my route of ascent. The distant Scafell Pike captures my eye.

sunset in pike county georgia

crow in a cemetery in pike county wish I could have got a better shot!

Brown Trout & Pike


A cold and snowy morning today, with a good mix of rain, sleet and snow out on St Mary's Loch, continuing my work gathering some hopefully decent images from around the Loch.


I have used these boats before, their names meaning Brown Trout & Pike, but this time I was trying to catch them as the snow moved in towards me, hopefully you can pick up the feeling of how cold it was.


St Mary's Loch, Scottish Borders


Sony A7RII

Sony FE16-35mm f4


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"Pike Haven"

:copyright: Aaron J. Groen - HomeGroen Photography

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This is a single exposure shot from one of my very favorite spots in the world, the boat ramp at Pike Haven resort. Taken at 11:51PM on 7-28-2014. After arriving here a couple nights before this was the first night that the water was completely calm for a good reflection shot. Again this has not been enhanced in anyway, Canon 6D and 16-35 L II lens at 30 seconds f/3.2 and 6400iso I am also posting a shot from the first night at this same location to show the difference in weather conditions and how it changes the shot.

bad weather example -


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oak tree at sunrise in pike county georgia

This was a fine Autumn day.......


1/80sec @ f9

18-70mm Kit lens with circular polariser attached



Some post-processing in Lightroom

peach orchard at sunset on a cloudy and windy day in pike county georgia

soybean field on a foggy morning in pike county georgia

Attention, an aggressive Monk Fish

Acrylic painting of Pikes Peak at sunrise from Garden of the Gods.


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Last light on the Langdale fells, on a windy August evening.


Lake District.


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I took this picture last year from the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Pike's Peak is beautiful from any viewpoint but it's especially pretty when there is snow on its slopes.

Buttermere and Fleetwith Pike, another classic Lake District view. I am really getting to like what i can do with the Lee Big Stopper.


Canon EOS 5D MKII, Canon 17-40mm, F11, 27mm, ISO50, Exp 121 Seconds

Lee Big Stopper, Lee Soft Grad 0.75, Heliopan C/Polariser

Raw File Processed in Lightroom, Edited in Elements.


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Rivington Pike is a hill summit on Winter Hill, part of the West Pennine Moors, overlooking the village of Rivington in Lancashire, England.


The nearest towns are Chorley and Horwich.


The Pike is a prominent local landmark which derives its name from the Old English hreof plus ing meaning the rough or rugged hill and pic, a pointed eminence. The hill was recorded as Rovyng in 1325 and Rivenpike in about 1540. Saxton records the name as Rivenpike Hill on his 1577 map


The prominent summit of Rivington Pike was the site of one of a series of beacons spanning England as an early warning system.


The beacon system was put in place by Ranulph de Blundeville, 4th Earl of Chester around 1139, following a Scottish raid in 1138, when a small Lancashire army was defeated near Clitheroe by a much larger Scottish force.


The beacon was lit on 19 July 1588 to signal the Spanish Armada was heading towards English shores.Beacons were lit near to the tower for the coronation of King George V in 1910, at the end of the Great War in 1918 and in 1977 and 2012 to celebrate the Silver and Diamond Jubilees of Queen Elizabeth II.


The above courtesy of Wikipedia (

storm clouds in pike county georgia

This is a place called Rivington Pike which overlooks Bolton in Lancashire. No idea what it is or what it was used for but when I can be bothered i'll find out!


This was a 3 exposure HDR image tonemapped then adjusted in my usual way!


If you are interested in learning about HDR, Trey Ratcliff ( is one of - if not the best at HDR photography and bringing the detail / colours out in his shots. His site has a tutorial on how to create HDR images - he is the master you will learn much! There are others who I consider to be inspirational in this field who I will tag in this image - take a look at their work!

When the Albert Pike Hotel opened in downtown Little Rock in 1929, it was considered to be one of the best hotels in the South. The hotel was built in the Italian-Spanish Revival style and features stained-glass windows, tiled roofs and decorative tile and iron work. It cost a cool $1 million to build the hotel, a pretty big sum for the 1920s.


Most of the grand hotels that were built in that era are gone now, either torn down (like the Marion Hotel in Little Rock or the Majestic in Hot Springs) or an empty shell of a building (like the Hotel Pines in Pine Bluff). Like so many other old hotels, it too faced struggles and faced a decline in popularity. But the Albert Pike was saved when it was purchased in 1970 and converted into residences. It now serves as a home for seniors.

Secret pool where I caught my biggest Pike when I was a skinny lad... :)


It weighed 15lbs and almost pulled me in lol


I put it back and marvelled at it as it swam away calmly to fight another day..


:copyright:Gerry Gutteridge...

a cow at sunrise in pike county georgia

Morning Light on Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, Colorado

old abandon house with huge oak in pike county georgia

Pike Place Market is the heart of Seattle with nearly 10 million visitors passing over the brick road ever year. Sometimes, on rare occasions in the early morning hours you can get the entire place to yourself. Seattle WA 2015


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Langdale Pikes don't seem quite so big as you pass Great Knott tarn.

Scafell Pike massif in full winter weather

Leaving the summit of Scafell-Pike with a pleasing shaft of sunlight appearing ahead of us, got another version of this with a lot less editing, it will be interesting to see which is preferred..................still having trouble with my computer which means I've little or no time to comment, sorrry about that.

Buckden pike, yorkshire dales

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