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Not a great specimen of the feathered bird variety.....but I liked the shadow.

Pigeon in flight - Pigeon en vol

These medium sized pigeon was introduced into into New Zealand in the 19th century and is now a pest throughout the country, particularly along the east coast

Another Pigeon seen on Richmond Railway Station west of Sydney

Richmond was settled by the British people here in 1789.


It is on the shores of the Hawkesbury River.


An outer western suburb of Sydney.


To us it is surprising how these birds have adapted to their changing world .

Once they were timid but now emboldened as this one flew in to check out a food opportunity.


They may be numerous but they are very beautiful so take a moment to appreciate their fantastic plumage.

Photo d'un pigeon scrutant l'horizon de la somptueuse ville espagnole Barcelone. Olympus OM-D E-M10.

Very common in the northern regions but seldom seen this far south. They are also called the Topknot Pigeon. Breeding occurs in spring and summer, two eggs are laid and incubated for 19 days.


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....from a late afternoon walk through Oxley Creek Common. Oxley Creek Common is home to a remarkable variety of birds. An experienced observer can find as many as 70 species in one hour of observation during the spring about 10% of all Australia's bird species and several times the diversity one could find walking the suburbs. In the past eleven years over 190 species have been recorded on the Common. (Source: University of Queensland)


Crested Pigeon

Scientific Name: Ocyphaps lophotes

Description: The Crested Pigeon is a stocky pigeon with a conspicuous thin black crest. Most of the plumage is grey-brown, becoming more pink on the underparts. The wings are barred with black, and are decorated with glossy green and purple patches. The head is grey, with an pinkish-red ring around the eye. If startled, this pigeon takes to the air with a characteristic whistling flight, and glides with down turned wings. The whistling sound is produced by the air passing over a modified primary feather on the wing. Upon landing, the pigeon swings its tail high in the air.

Similar species: The Crested Pigeon is one of only two Australian pigeons that possess an erect crest. The Spinifex Pigeon, Geophaps plumifera, markedly smaller (20 cm - 24 cm) than the Crested Pigeon, has cinnamon coloured plumage and a bright red facial patch. The much larger (40 cm - 46 cm) Topknot Pigeon, Lopholaimus antarcticus, has a shaggy, reddish brown drooping topknot.

Distribution: The Crested Pigeon is native to Australia and is common throughout most of the mainland.

Habitat: The Crested Pigeon is found in lightly wooded grasslands in both rural and urban areas. It is usually found in the vicinity of water, as it has to drink every day, and is absent from the denser forests.

Feeding: The Crested Pigeon's diet consists mostly of native seeds, as well as those of introduced crops and weeds. Some leaves and insects are also eaten. Feeding is in small to large groups, which also congregate to drink at waterholes. Birds arrive in nearby trees, and often sit for long periods before descending to drink. Drinking and feeding are most common in morning and evening, but can occur at any time.

Breeding: The Crested Pigeon builds a delicate nest of twigs, placed in a tree or dense bush. Both sexes share the incubation of the eggs, and both care for the young.

Minimum Size: 30cm

Maximum Size: 35cm

Average size: 33cm

Average weight: 207g

Breeding season: Usually September to March; can breed at any time

Clutch Size: 2

Incubation: 21 days

Nestling Period: 21 days



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Seen today in the parking lot at my local grocery store. They looked so pretty, I just had to stop to take a photo.

A male bird - shows prominent iridescence in the front of the neck


My Photoblog- My Third Eye...!

Fort Point, Presidio, San Francisco, CA.

The UK's largest and commonest pigeon, it is largely grey with a white neck patch and white wing patches, clearly visible in flight. Although shy in the countryside it can be tame and approachable in towns and cities. Its cooing call is a familiar sound in woodlands as is the loud clatter of its wings when it flies away

Birds tend to find their way to different fountains or any other form of bird bath. These two in New mexico have been enjoying a bit of a bath at the local water fountain.

Blue Rock Pigeon (Columba livia) Thanks to Priscilla for ID :)



Paloma encontrada en el centro histórico de Saltillo MX.

A Pigeon seen on Richmond Railway Station

Richmond was settled by the British people here in 1789.

It is on the shores of the Hawkesbury River.

An outer western suburb of Sydney.

Parc Bordelais


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Colourful Racing or Wood Pigeon at Christchurch Quay looking decidedly cold.

I find pigeons fascinating.This one was high up on a stone wall and had been pecking away at the stones for some time whilst I watched.

They will swallow small bits of grit or gravel that act as teeth in the gizzard, breaking down hard foods such as seeds in order to aid digestion.


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Does anybody know why Wood Pigeons have these strange shaped eye pupils? I've been wondering this for years, but nobody seems to know why they have it? Most other pigeons don't seem to have this..



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