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The original photo is of mums. A mum is a kind of flower. A tumble weed is a weed which blows and tumbles through the desert. So this mumble weed is mumbling through my image! Ha!

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Purtroppo ho tolto erroneamente la foto precedente con più di cento comm.....

la sostituisco con questa......e spero mi serva di lezione.....

Tamaracks or American Larches are the only pine tree that lose their needles every year. Every fall they turn a golden brown before falling off. The reflection looked like a watercolor painting.


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黃腹琉璃.攝於台灣 台中縣 大雪山

Vivid Niltava, taken at DaSyueShan, Taichung County, TAIWAN

1000 Views Thanks Everyone. A Musky fisherman at sundown on Big Arbor Vitae Lake.


Sunset over Lake Ivanhoe near downtown Orlando, Florida..

I was going through my photos earlier and came across some of the blue banded bee that I had forgotten about. These were taken with my 50 mm 1.8 and cropped.

Blue-banded bees (Amegilla cingulata) are native to Australia, but also occur naturally in Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Indonesia and Malaysia. Unlike other bee species, blue-banded bees are solitary insects. They typically build nests in sandstone, mud or the mortar-gaps in the brickwork of houses. Blue-banded bees specialise in an unusual sort of flower pollination called ‘buzz pollination’. Normally flowers release pollen passively, but some species are specially designed to be pollinated by ‘buzz pollinators’ that grab onto the flowers and vibrate them quickly to release the pollen.


#446 on Explore on 30th May, 2008.

2700 views Thanks Everyone. Octoberfest the trees on Mud Lake were having a party of colors.


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THe WaY To GaTe E iN ZüRiCH aiRPoRT


For a good coffee break, turn up the volume and……….

♪♪♫ L I S T e N ♪♪♫♪♪♫


Miner's Beach Munising in the Upper Peninsula Michigan on the Shores of Lake Superior. This was one fantastic sunset.

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After a thunderstorm in southwestern Wisconsin, from high on a ridge I could see the sun had lit the entire countryside from horizon to horizon. The rainbow was so big that I could not get it all in my 28-135mm wide angle zoom lens. To me, this is the most spectacular rainbow I have ever seen. There were rays of light everywhere! Like roads to Heaven


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I was walking along this old country road in southwestern Wisconsin after a thunderstorm and spotted this rainbow. I went behind this neat old red barn to take this picture.


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Out buildings on a small farm in Western Missouri. Summer dies as fall begins.


View On Black

digital art 2008 inspired by the music of pink floyd

another sunrise from tugun beach gold coast queensland australia.

hand held, as with ALL my images... this is my 1st attempt at converting a raw image...used the raw utilities that came with my canon G6 camera. I've had the camera 3 years...first time using the software. / One of these days I'll give hdr a try.

...foot bridge at washington park in albany,ny.

The lake is located in the center of the park. It is the only original structure remaining in the park.

It was designed by TJ Sullivan and installed in 1875. It was originally lit by gas lamps which were converted to electric in 1881.


Explore9 #454


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I took this shot Aug. 2, 2008 at Crow Creek, its a portion of the lower falls (viewable from the road).


I intended to bike to the dam of Fewa lake but I first biked to downstream of the lake.. seeing the creek downstream and I wanted to see upstream part but I lost my way to somewhere else... at the end of the day I rushed to bike back but I again lost my way...Confusingly I parked my bicycle and walked around.. Then I found myself standing upstream part of the lake where the lake narrows down to the dam side... It was just small wonderful lost world few minutes before last light was gone..long line reflection of the sunset, plae orange light painted on the lake...


Glad that I lost my way


Fewa Lake

Pokhara, Nepal

I saw this boat and a bench next to each other at a beach yesterday. I guess the owner must have left it for the night. It looks like the boat has yet to receive the final painting job.


Shot 5 different exposures. As usual generated HDR using photomatix and modified with photoshop. Adjusted the brightness/contrast and added a bi-colour filter.


Happy Wednesday to you all!! :D

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