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In 1928, the 1,200-foot-long wooden fishing and pleasure pier was constructed at no cost to local citizens. In 1939, and again in 1983, strong storms damaged the pier requiring it to be rebuilt.


The San Clemente Pier was once one of Orange County's entry points for smuggling liquor into California during the U.S. prohibition era.

Key West, Florida, USA. Unedited aside from a slight rotational adjustment.

chilly november morning at the old pier and breakwater for the church street power boat ramp in evanston, illinois, near northwestern university. no powerboats but plenty of ducks and gulls were making use of the facilities.

The Pier of Blankenberge

This time a more typical shot from below the West Pier in Whitby.

Paignton Pier, Devon, UK.

Another shot dragged kickin' & screamin' from the archives !

Happy Sliders Sunday !

What do you do when you are at the beach on vacation and it is raining? You go stand under a fishing pier and take long exposures of the wave action. It was so windy that I had to prop my camera on its tripod against one of the pilings to keep it steady. This is a somewhat murky shot of Kure Beach Pier, Kure Beach, North Carolina.

Brighton's pleasure pier...

Lucky for the main object ship stays still during my long exposure shutter speed. This pier is located in Embarcadero de Legazpi in Bicol area of Philippines.

In Explore.


Early morning at Penarth Pier about a kilometre along the coast from Cardiff Bay. I used my 14mm ultra wide angle lens for this one.


51°26'6.26"N 3° 9'58.85"W

Early before sunrise while in Ocean City, Maryland.

Long exposure using a Pro ND1000 10 stopper.

Hoping for a sunrise under the pier, this is as good as it got. I did take this pier from several angles but the light had gone by that point to get anything more interesting, less sand and more ocean next time....

A last blast of color after sunset ... and blue hour takes over.


Happy Bench Monday :))

A wonky pier at Shelly Beach near Portsea on the Victorian coastline.

Blow the dust off the Camera and shoot a few frames...

Noun - The smallest circle in which a vehicle or vessel can turn with out reversing.


This is the last of the three photos taken in the short let up in the UK's two weeks of constant rain. The Circle is made by the Beach Tractor cleaning the beach as it turns to head in the opposite direction.


I can't decide which of the 3 last uploads ('Turning Circle', 'Shepherds Delight' or 'Pier shadows') to use in an up and coming Club competition - I would very much welcome anyones suggestions as to which picture to use. Thanks, Simon.

May your week be not as stormy as this view ;)

This is from a while back also. It as taken down at Sorrento. There are some great piers with little sheds down there. I do love them, shame they take a bit of time to get to. They are so perfect for long exposures.

The board walk of St Kilda Pier stretches towards the yachts and has a view of the city skyline in the background.


I enjoy taking a stroll along this boardwalk for an open view of the sky, the blue water and the cityscape.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment or fave this image


Part of the old shipping pier at Boca Grande Florida. Hasselblad X1D.


Pier 7 reaches out into San Francisco Bay alongside the steamship San Francisco Belle as the Bay Bridge rises in the background.

Melbourne's iconic Princes Pier in Port Melbourne. A little before sunset on a very windy day.


It was a day that reinforced the need for a decent tripod. Another photographer near me walked away from his gear and the tripod got blown over, smashing the graduated ND filter and lens, which took the brunt of the force. An expensive outing for that poor person.


The first light of the day illuminates the Historic Pleasure Pier in Galveston, Texas.


Many thanks to 500+ followers

The remains of the old West Pier in Brighton at daybreak and low tide.

About : Point Lonsdale Pier

The St Leonards Pier at sunrise. The sun wasn't quite up, on the left, but the pink hues in the sky around it were wonderful.

Warm light hitting the pier at sunrise.

Clevedon Pier, built in c1869, partially collapsed in c1970, was re-opened in c1989 and is now fully restored

Another long exposure of a pier at Shelly Beach.

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