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Original: f/5.6 20sec ISO 100 at 17:47, with ND8, ND4.

Stopper shot from this morning out with Ian Flanigan thanks for the company

:copyright: Josiane Van Den Borre

Please don't use my pictures without my permission....thank you

She loves blue. And I love her :D

Sembla ser que al paratge de la Murta hi havia molts d'aquests pins, però que van ser requisats a causa dels seus troncs llargs i rectes per fer els pals majors dels vaixells de l'Armada Invencible. Això va ser en temps de Felip II i els cadàvers amerats d'aquells pins criats a la Ribera deuen jaure ara al fons de la mar britànica. Ací només en queden uns quants i cal anar a fotografiar-los.

Sunset at Genting Village Tioman during a non-photography trip!


I was fortunate to catch a few shots here and it amazed me how fast the characterisics of the light were changing and the speed at which the sun was setting. Luckily the best light came out just as the sun went below the horizon.


Not having a tripod with me this was one of the few shots that made it. I tried various angles from the little bay alongside the pier but it was hard to beat the interesting foreground created by the rocks. There was not enough drama in the form of waves to give the sea itself sufficient emphasis in the other shots in this set. It was also a struggle to get a good composition of the sky because literally half of it had a beautiful formation lit by the setting sun but the other half was perfectly clear. All in all an interesting experience to shoot.


EXPLORE May 11, 2009

This is a famous spot for appreciating sunset, romantic for lovers. The gate is to prevent visitors from entering and there is yet another gate at the beginning point of this breakwater. There are often sudden billows sweeping the pier, which took away adventurous lives every year.


Yes, today 3.14 is "Pi Day" and ironically I took a math exam today (CSET Mathematics Subtest III), in which several problems were related to the area of a circle, namely Pi times radius squared. I think I did pretty well on the test, so afterwards I headed out for a celebratory photo shoot in Marin.


I've been to this particular location before, but decided to climb down a bit further to have these ice plant flowers in the foreground. I actually wanted to be closer to the flowers, but that would involve moving another foot forward towards the edge of the cliff, which I was not inclined to do.


I was in this location for roughly 2 hours waiting for sunset. The clouds were rather thick so the sunset wasn't as brilliant as I had hoped. This particular exposure shows the color at it's peak.


Single exposure with Lee 0.9H grad ND filter.


ISO 400


1/1.3 seconds

12 mm

Just something (relatively) minor while I continue work on a few other projects.


This SMG is heavily based on the Steyr MPi-81.


okay so I need to get some variety going in my 365 postings!

99 / 365

84 / 366

Exposure 90 seconds

Aperture f/20.0

Focal Length 11 mm

ISO Speed 100

Filter ND 110

Processing Photoshop CS5

- M o n g A n h Đ ư ợ c V u i : )

- yh: pi_ju_ck


-ad 8 nheeee:X

- ckùa = cứt mèo '' meo meo''

vicomunication urban collection 2009

Pi Pi wears the lion hat:P

i like it




chùa là súc vật nhá :"> :*


rep chậm

Chàng trai : Quen k ta?

Cô gái : qen

Chàng trai : qen sao k vẫy đuôi?

Cô gái nghĩ thầm : Á à.... thằg này láo.


..... Hôm sau :

Có gái : qen k zậy?

Chàng trai : Lạ

Cô gái : Lạ sao k sủa?

Chàng trai : thâm thật !!

p/s: con gái trả thù 1 hôm k muộn =))







* fav + cmt nhìu cho Pi nhak :x

chùa ma bóp đít =))))

Stare at a Rubik's cube

San Pedro Bay, San Rafael, Marin County, Northern California, USA

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for Pi iêu : e là e thương Pi nhất , iêu cũm là iêu Pi nhất :x

e coi Pi như là chị e ruột w e v , ~ lúc e bùn thì lun có Pi bên cạh vs khuyên e mọi thứ , tuy có nhìu lúc e làm Pi bực bội vì e nhưg lần nào Pi cũm bõ qa cho e hết hihi :x e pík Pi cũm đâu nỡ giận ú đâu :D hehe !


for Chuối : e là e thương Ch lắm :x Ch lúc nào cũm thg e , chĩ cho e mọi thứ :x h Ch bùn e k bík làm zì ngoài nc vs Ch , tâm sự w Ch , nhưg Ch hãy nhớ là , lúc Ch bùn nhất e sẽ lun bên Ch , ~ chuyện xãy ra vừa r làm Ch bùn , Ch cứ coi như là 1 cơn gió đi nha ! qa r` thì Ch đừg bùn nữa . E dám nói ~ đứa nào làm Ch bùn nó sẽ sốg k iên đâu , nó chuẫn bị chết hết h :) e thg Ch :*



想我吗?但我知道问答, 你没爱我了 :) 1710216 :)


tui lăg xê pé Pi cute dễ thg nhưg mà lùn tịt uf tui nha :">


cm nhìu sẽ có bn* mặt Pi bao dễ thg =))))

I was fortunate to spend a beautiful autumn day at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. While sculpture is often the star of this amazing place, last weekend I thought the colored leaves offered competition.

Sunset in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, nearby Montpellier France. Don't ask what's the pi made of, it just happened to be there!

Sweet dream custom licca. Pi

I love this doll ... sometimes I wonder if it is too much.


March 14 --> from 3.14


π=3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510...

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