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I'm sometimes asked, "Hey! Why don't you ever do any street photography?" There are a number of reasons for this, beginning with the fact that there are simply not many streets by me and those few really provide little interest. A little gravel, some dirt, twigs and leaves. So imagine my surprise when coming upon this artistic rendering spray painted from the ground at the side of the road and continuing on to the pavement, pointing to some unknown but certainly important there.


Finally (said I) a vehicle to appease those who appreciate two genres which I've never really cared for in the same shot! Street photography and graffiti. My excitement was almost overwhelming. And then, while framing up the shot, to my complete shock and awe (not the US military variety used in Iraq), I discover it provides a selfie opportunity as well. I mean....OMG!!! Maybe I should join Instagram...


I reckon this is why we all carry a camera, no? Have a fun Friday and a happy weekend.


[With apologies to Led Zeppelin for use of their album just seemed to be so appropriate.]


(Oh...and size really doesn't matter...)

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Common love isn’t for us

We created something phenomenal

Don’t you agree?

Don’t you agree?

You got me feeling diamond rich

Nothing on this planet compares to it

Don’t you agree?

Don’t you agree?


Who needs to go to sleep

When I got you next to me?


All night I’ll riot with you

I know you got my back

And you know I got you

So come on, come on, come on

Let’s get physical


"Who needs to go to sleep, when I got you next to me?" ♪





Adrenaline keeps on rushing in

Love the simulation we're dreaming in

Don't you agree?.

I don't wanna live another life

'Cause this one's pretty nice

"Common love isn't for us

We created something phenomenal

Don't you agree?

Don't you agree?

You got me feeling diamond rich

Nothing on this planet compares to it

Don't you agree?

Don't you agree?


Who needs to go to sleep, when I got you next to me?"

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Lights out and follow the noise

Baby keep on dancing like you ain’t got a choice

So come on Let’s get physical

Hold on just a little tighter

Come on

Hold on, tell me if you’re ready

Come on

Baby keep on dancing

Let’s get physcal.


Common love isn't for us

We created something phenomenal

Don't you agree?

You got me feeling diamond rich

Nothing on this planet compares to it-


Who needs to go to sleep, when I got you next to me? ♥




Credits coming soon.

Path to the Physical Energy statue, Kensington Gardens, London. Jan 2020.

Dua Lipa - Physical

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Ebano Poses // My Love




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TUNE ♫♪ Dua Lipa - Physical ♫♪




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The physical limits

Thanks to the confinement at home I have discovered a bush of begonias. This one is invaded by a swarm of tiny snails that feed on it. At first I wanted to eradicate them but later I decided to observe and photograph them. They are minuscule in size of just 4mm and this implies developing all the technique I have in macroscopic photography. I have worked with my Nikon D750 and D500 cameras, the TC 1´7 and a Kenko 36 mm extension ring. All this assembly has been stabilized by a BENRO LB200 rail and a Leofoto LH40 ball joint. I am enjoying a lot.

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Dress: Salt & Pepper Cherry - Available @ Bloom


Hair: [monso] My Hair - Jessica - Available @ C88


Necklace: amias Tere 2 - Available @ The Trunk Show


Full credits @ pixelated fashions


Taken @ The Ruins of Deepmarch


Tune: Juliana Hatfield - Physical A whole album of Olivia Newton-John covers. So wrong, it is ever so right!

Kodak Portra 160 with Mamiya 645 Pro and Sekor 35 mm

Original album cover can be seen here


St Marks Place, New York

physical, physical

I want to get physical

let's get into physical

let me hear your body talk ♫




On the campus of Anhui University in Hefei, the capital of the Chinese province Anhui, on New Year's Day 2008


My camera is in repair, so I'm browsing through my archives these days...

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Street festival, Bristol, England

Hi lovely flickr friends, I hope you're all having a nice Tuesday <3 Please check out fab goodies in My Blog


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• Hair: DOUX - Kiko

• Outfit: Addams - Pheobe

There is always another chance,


You have to believe in yourself,

And trust the physics rules

You won't sink

And you won't need for another chance!!!


هناك دائما فرصة أخرى


يجب أن تؤمن بفرصتك

ثق بنفسك

وثق بقوانين الفيزياء

لن تغرق

ولن تحتاج إلى فرصة أخرى


Camera ModeCanon EOS 7D

LensEF70-200mm f/4L USM

Shooting Date/Time21/12/1432 08:48:09 am

Tv( Shutter Speed )1/200

Av( Aperture Value )10.0

ISO Speed100

Focal Length100.0 mm


AF ModeAI Focus AF


أول مصافحة في الرائعة : الـ 7 دي

حبيت تكون في مجالي : الفيزياء

^ _ ^


بالنسبه للإضاءه تم استخدام 4 رؤوس فلاش بمجموع قوى 1110 وات

2 سوفت بوكس ع الجوانب الاماميه

وسوفت بوكس مقابل للكادر

وأمبريلا ع الجانب الخلفي والعاكس من الجهة المقابلة

وبالنسبه للمعالجه فتم التركيز ع مناطق السطوع والظل أكثر ومن البدايه حرصت في الالوان تكون اقل عدد ممكن

واكتفيت بالابيض والاسود والبني لسهولة اختيار التون المناسب وضبط الوايت بلنس من الأساس


شكرا للأصدقاء ( أبو محمد – أبو يآرآ – غآلي – عبودي – طآرق – فهد )

شكر خآص جدا للصديق العزيز المودل ( خآلد )


العمل إهداء لشخص مآ .. وقبل ذلك هو وفاء بوعد له ...


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Etta & Kahn

I much prefer that term to Social Distancing.

Etta sits here on the step while I do exercises down stairs. I think she finds it quite reassuring to be close. She's not really into any form of distancing :)

Daily Dog Challenge: Reassuring

HongKong, China, 2019


Lights out and follow the noise

Baby keep on dancing

Like you ain’t got a choice

So come on, let’s get physical. ♪ ♪

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