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Phredd and Phoebee Snowe wish all of you a warm and wonderful Season, and a prosperous New Year in 2009! View On Black


Oh, dear! They're melting again!!

Oh, dear! I hope you don't mind. . .I just had to do this (well, I didn't HAve to, I wanted to) snowglobe treatment on Phredd and Phoebee!!! I really will stop making these things, pretty soon, I guess, but it was fun! If you want to see more of the Snowes, you can look at my blog, where I posted a few more and little stories to go with them. I'll post more here eventually, maybe, if you want me to.


My blog (I haven't been writing much, but if you use the tags, you can find what you want):

Happy Valentine's Day from Phredd and Phoebee Snowe!


My granddaughter and I set this up together, which was fun (we still have to write the story ), and since I've been so long away, I decided to post this to say hello! Hope you're having a great year so far.

One of our rescued dogs checks out a short-term visitor, Phredd the Hedgehog, in the back garden. Hedgehogs are native to Egypt but often sold as pets. (photo by Merri Melde)

Phredd and Phœbee* live high in the mountains of Glacier National Park. You might have seen them if you had gone there on vacation, but most people don’t go there in the winter. It’s too cold and snowy.


When this photo was taken, they were huddled around their campcandle, trying to keep warm. This was the conversation that was overheard:


"Phœbee, dear, I’m really getting t-t-tired of being so c-c-cold and sh-sh-shivery. I think it’s time we t-t-take a vacation. W- w-what do you think?"


"Phredd, I’m right-t-t there with you! It’s just so hard-d-d to concentrate on any-y-thing when all I can do i-i-is be cold. Where did you ha-a-ave in mind?"


"W-w-well, I guess the best p-p-place for a vacation is F-florida: it's the s-s-sunshine state, you know."


"Phredd, you’re a genius-s-s! Let’s get pa-a-acked right away! I can’t wait to get unfroz-z-zen."


"OK, Phœbee. Use the p-p-portmanteau that Aunt S-s-slushy gave us. And d-don’t forget to p-pack our big B-b-bible. You n-never know when we might n-n-need it."


So Phredd and Phœbee packed their few belongings, hopped into their snowmobile and raced down the snowy mountainside to the nearest airport. They left their cool old portmanteau with the baggage checker and followed the line of travellers onto the airplane.


"G-g-good thing we got here early," said Phredd, with a grin, "I wouldn’t want to be b-b-bumped off our flight."


"I di-i-dn’t like the sec-c-curity check. It ma-a-ade me feel weird."


"Oh, Phœbee, y-y-you’re so silly. At least you didn’t have to t-take b-b-boots off!"


"Si-i-lly snowman!"


They got settled into their seats, and the nice stewardess, oh, I mean flight attendant, helped them get their seat belts on.


"Would either of you like a cup of coffee?" she asked politely. "You look cold!"


Phredd and Phœbee looked at each other and smiled. "No, thanks. W-w-we’re fine."


Phœbee had the window seat, because Phredd was nice enough to give it to her. She leaned her face on the window, leaving crystalline fog on the port-hole-like thing. After they’d been in the air a while, Phredd leaned over her a bit and said, "I’ve n-never seen the m-m-mountains from such a vantage p-p-oint. They sure look c-cold."


"Go-ood thing we’re go-o-ing to Florida," Phœbee said, and fell fast asleep.


I'll keep you posted as to how their trip goes. Stay tooned!


*All characters and situations are fictional, and any resemblance to real people, places, or things is totally occidental.


This PhotoToon was created by Karen Gladys Henry. Copyright 2007.

Some machines soon become part of the family. Mike Durkin's 1978 self-built computer was "originally known as Phredd but after I installed all the cards into the rack unit, my sons renamed it Orac after the machine in Blake’s 7."


Given its rich family history, it's no wonder that Mike says "I could not think of parting with it until it fails beyond repair!"


He goes on to explain a bit more about its origins: "This pile of kit has at its heart a Nascom2 I built from a kit about 1978. At this time I was getting techie withdrawal symptoms having moved from technical to project management. I had the use of the hardware lab at lunchtimes where I worked at Plessey Research so was able to debug the hardware issues. I would not have recommended building this to anyone else unless they had at least a dual trace oscilloscope available!


"A bit later I added more memory to bring it up to 64K and a disk drive controller. I then wrote the bios code and a customised version of CP/M and a floppy disk formatting program. The cassette tape machine is used to run a boot program to load CP/M from the 8” floppy disks. The second keyboard is used for CPM and attached to an i/o board that drives the monitor. The original Nascom2 system used a TV as a monitor."

"Hey friends and fam! We've been enjoying our stay in Florida so much we forgot to write! Hope ya'll (that's how they talk down here you know) aren't too jealous. It took us a while to warm up, so we roasted marshmallows on the beach, and had s'mores! We've collected lots of shells and we're taking lots of pics. Don't think we're getting tan though (he. . .he)! Tomorrow we're going to try the seadoo. No pics for that though. Don't get any frostbite while we're gone."


Love and hugs,


Phredd and Phœbee Snowe


This PhotoToon is by Karen Gladys Henry © 2007


All characters and situations are ficticious, and any resemblance to real people, places, or things is totally occidental.


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We hadn't heard hide nor hair of the Snowes since their postcard from Palm Beach, and we got a little worried. So we sent a private-eye down to Florida to check on them. It seemed that no one had heard of them or seen them, but odd reports of an international jewel and art thief were circulating as far down as Miami. People were saying that the thief's m.o. was to leave puddles of water about. Quirky.


After a lot of snooping and who knows what else, the detective finally discovered that Phredd and Phœbee were ensconced at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in West Palm Beach! Are you wondering how they can afford to stay at a place like that? How do they have money at all? Don't think about that! Maybe Phredd and Phœbee really are international jewel and art thieves. Hmmmmm. . . puddles of water, eh?


How could you think such things about such nice people! You are being rather suspicious, don't you think?


So far, the private-eye hasn't even caught a glimpse of the two lovely Snowes! He doesn't have a single photograph to justify his none-too-shabby advance (his clothes however, were quite shabby). So how did we acquire the photo of Phredd and Phœbee in the Gallery? Hmmmmmm. . . maybe it's a hoax?


No way! The Gallery monitor was keeping a close eye on the two. He said they kept getting too close to the artwork, and he was about to kick them out of the place. He was so suspicious that he took this snapshot, and notated their comment which he just happened to overhear--"Such warm colours!" Phredd and Phœbee really seemed to love the Georgia O'Keefe! The watchman said if that painting ever showed up missing, they'd know who the thief was right away. Is this fair?


The detective also managed to get an interview with the janitor of the Gallery, who said there were some really big puddles he had to mop up. As per the detective, the poor man looked a little soused with consternation.


Phredd and Phœbee, phugitives? How could you think such a thing!


To be continued. . .


This Phototoon is by Karen Gladys Henry ©2007 and is a work of phiction. (ya think?)


P+E playing in Central Park on left. P+E going home to Yonkers on right. Actually this could have been pre-Phredd & Ethyl days. Both taken with my Mamiya 645, color reversal EPR 64 Film. Late 70's.


This as well as my other photographs are COPYRIGHTED. Please DO NOT post anywhere.

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Going to see Hoover Dam after a night of carousing in Lost Wages (Las Vegas), Popper Aussie and some West Coast friends look over Lake Mead. Dredd Phredd looks to of imbibed too much Lost Wages (Las Vegas) at Fred Con.



Phredd and Johanna

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