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The hollows at the Savannah at dusk.

Snapped this guy at Maracas Waterfall, Trinidad on a cloudy day.

Bamboo grove in the Botanical Gardens

What an amazing day. Met some wonderful people.


Worth a visit, with a tour guide, if ever you visit Trinidad and Tobago

to Maracas Waterfall, Trinidad

For a sense of scale, spot the human.

So you're coming along the trail. At this point about half an hour in, and it's a little slippery. So you're minding your own business, doing your best not to fall.


Then you catch a glimpse of cascading water through the trees and you're like oh there it is. In, perhaps, a slightly humdrum sort of way, cause you're really only focused at eye level and down.


Then you look up.


And the only word that sums it up?






Worth every second of the walk.

My First Glimpse of the Falls was breathtaking. :)

The blur is actually the humidity on my filter. I loved the photo anyway..

Perhaps this photo doesn't capture it as compellingly as I saw it, but I was drawn to the verticals of the falling water and the hanging vines

On our way to Maracas Waterfalls..

Very easy to lose perspective and scale.

There's no sense of scale but I just love this photo.

to Maracas Waterfall, Trinidad

to Maracas Waterfall, Trinidad

Note to self: When on "Photo Walk" ..... STOP walking, then take photo... :D

I absolutely LOVE this shot.. hehe