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This is a small shack built completely of driftwood and garbage. I have mixed feelings about this. The shack is great, but I'm not happy with all the polution we throw around us. I'm going on (for me) an epic phototrip and visit a good friend in a couple of days. 6 May I'm leaving Norway and will arrive in Torrevieja, Spain. Between 6 and 10 may we will visit Cuenca,Guadalest,Cartagena. 10 May the trip back home starts with Granada/Alhambra. Then its Gibraltar, Ronda, Sevilla,Toledo, Playa des Cathedrales,Bordeaux,Loire Valley,Brest,Normandie,Paris and after Paris we will improvise for the rest of the trip back to Norway. Estimated 6000km in three weeks :)

This is a place known from the greek mythology, where Hercules killed the legendary vultures. Every season the territory of the lake has a different colour. This is an older photo taken in autumn, during a short phototrip with my friend Christos, who also has a great photostream:

Back in explore after 3 years! (#301)

Rorbu, Reine village, Lofoten Islands, Norway

©GOS. I went to up there in -7 degree Celsius and the wind was about Sec .I was freezing to death there.

The inner courtyard of the Badii Palace in Marrakesh shared with

What a weekend, what a phototrip! The most interesting location, the best mood and some mind-blowing cloud formations I´ve seen in a very long while!

I can´t believe it took me 4 years to capture my first rainbow and I´m still stocked it didn´t even turn out cheesy. :-)


Have an awesome week my dear Flickr friends!

3 Years Almost up since I joined Flickr.

Nearing Almost 250 Photos.

My 2nd Pro A/C is Almost Up Too.. Need to get one! Who's Offering? =D


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Sunset at Straumur art center earlier this week. It´s been quite refreshing to go out for short phototrips lately, some calm and cold nights.


This American Redstart was another bird from the first morning of our trip up north. Like I have come to expect from this species, it was a challenge keeping up with the frenetic action of this bird as it moved through the understory catching insects.


Setophaga ruticilla




seen and photographed during the car trip

Two hours ago I returned from a 5-day phototrip from Madrid (one day Toledo). My tele: 50-140mm I left home and just took the 14 2.8, 27 2.8 and 35 1.4 lenses with me, from which the 14mm I didn´t use. New for me was that I just went on route everyday with my camera around my neck with one lense (3 days 27mm and 2 days 35mm). I am afraid that when I start upload the 1200 Photos, I can´t stop looking; not a good idea with a working week ahead.


Madrid is a fantastic city: vibrant and cosmoplitic. The people are kind, the food is soo warmly, and yes: the weather was pure summerlike.Hope you to show some Pearls next weeks. But for today this playing with light night photo at the wall of the Cathedral of Barcelona. Wish everyone a good week ahead.

actually i dont like dis pic..these days am uploeadin photos from my collection..tats y i uploead this one...

From our phototrip in Affes boat. A fantastic sight from Hjartøya towards The Seven Sisters

Street life in the souk, Marrakesh shared with

Love those upside down reflections in the dew

Ai Vida

Something from Me.


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