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for a good friend here on flickr,


happy birthday to you Franky :-p

check out his awesome photography,


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probably has dust spots I can't see or correct on the iPad. On-the-road low tech processing...

so, my pro account expires tomorrow and i don't get paid until NEXT friday. so half of my stream is going to disappear for awhile! just letting you know!


this also means that i won't be able to get my film developed until next friday also.

shit. i thought i was gettin' paid this week, but NOPE.

I met somebody cute and bonny ,,

got each other and that's funny ,, Eh eh ~


يوم قفى و البخت شآحـــــه . . *


67 of eighty-eight


Its More Than A Hobby ..

photography It is a kindly greeting and

A memory to hold.

Of happy times and pleasant things.

However new or old.


taken by me

edited by Remeya

quote by miss cheeky

modeling the old photographer in doha zoo if some ppl can remember him !!

Gose to the sweetest girl , *L* 3wash ;p , i know you in with love him *a* ! w ana a7bCh ;**




Mashallah is a M U S T

. . . [ 26 of eighty-eight ]

ان قلت احبك قالها قبلي الناس

ودي بكلمه عجزو الناس عنها



film, sooc

pentax k1000



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Part of my Marbles (Set)


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This is the beginning of Foolhardy Photography like us on facebook


We have the video uploaded for this shoot. Subscribe =)


I was in the octopus spinning. Josh and Andrew were keeping the camera dry and shooting. This was fun to do xd.


Here's the J ro show tackling Gyro. Yeah!!!!!

* There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs


There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are !

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سمعت عبارة او قريتها من قريب ، أعجبتني فعلاً..

ناسي وين قريتها بس والله اهني الشخص اللي قالها =)

تصميم بسيط اتمنى يعجبكمـ جميعا .. =)


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تنبيه : التعليقات التي تحتوي على اعلانات او صور سوف يتم حذفها.

is painting with your eyes while your heart sees ,♥


68 of eighty-eight

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Now! I Don't Know !!!

I ♥ PhotoGraphy OR PhotoGraphy ♥ ME ?! =Pp




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I spotted this on the South Bank in London a while back and I couldn't resist :)




apologies, I'm a little behind




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how long have u been with photography ? & why did start taking photos ?

what does photography mean to YOU ?! what was your first camera?


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another addition to my imagined architecture set :)




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