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for a good friend here on flickr,


happy birthday to you Franky :-p

check out his awesome photography,


please NO MULTI INVITATIONS when commenting, THANK You!


جعلوا ذنبي لديْه سَهَري

ليت بدري إذ درى الذنب عفا


عرف الناسُ حقوقي عنده

وغريمي ما درى ، ما عَرفا



*Say: Masha'Alla TabarakAllah :P


Misssssin' you my friends :** (f)


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يوم قفى و البخت شآحـــــه . . *


67 of eighty-eight


in Explore : Jan 7, 2011 #441



First place winner : contest : Love -

probably has dust spots I can't see or correct on the iPad. On-the-road low tech processing...

Balade avec Muriel, Jane, Julien , Olivier et Jean Marie ...

“Photography is a love affair with life.”

Quote - Charlie Waite


so, my pro account expires tomorrow and i don't get paid until NEXT friday. so half of my stream is going to disappear for awhile! just letting you know!


this also means that i won't be able to get my film developed until next friday also.

shit. i thought i was gettin' paid this week, but NOPE.

Lighting up time at Alcan

Gose to the sweetest girl , *L* 3wash ;p , i know you in with love him *a* ! w ana a7bCh ;**




Mashallah is a M U S T

. . . [ 26 of eighty-eight ]

With every sunrise, I foresee a light, a better and beautiful world.


film, straight out of zee cam

pentax k1000



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film, sooc

pentax k1000

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