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Location: San Jose Custom Cycles

Bike: James Garcia Cafe Honda CB550

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D - Delicate (please press L!)

Kiara's version here.


Shoutout to David Talley, who just finished his amazing 365! If you haven't seen his work, go check it out!


Ashley came over today!


And just saying, you crazy Flickr people completely made my day today and I love you all haha


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wnasa al-class alyoom..


6l3na bra ( t'3eer jaww ) ^_^



This photo is going to be on the back cover of an EP by the band State Lines in the coming months!


Also, you can ask questions for my Q&A video here!

I've uploaded every day this month so far, it feels awesome.

Thank you so much to Jess for the testimonial!


Happy Monday you guys :D


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A photo taken at sunset at a lake in California in winter. These weeds, reeds, and plants were the quiet zen reflection of perfect balance. A few minutes later the color went from pastels to grays and blues and black. I was reminded of Japanese ink paintings and of the playful work of artist Miro. Sometime in nature photography you have to let your eyes wander to the quiet details instead of the wide landscape both are important. I love the colors in this and I believe you could turn it upside down or on either end and still have a lovely photograph that invokes harmony, meditation, and peace.

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It's a smog, not a fog.


Note: The fella is not me.... lol

Sprinkenhof, Kontorhausviertel, Hamburg. #photography #architecturephotography #photooftheday #architecture #hamburg

87 long hard years of still strugglin

Uploaded a low resolution so it losses

for a good friend here on flickr,


happy birthday to you Franky :-p

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todo el universo cabe bajo una manta

My wild lake reflection...!!!


I photograph what is beyond me ...!!! Ü


A philosophical and impressionnist photo safari concentrated on other of my small piece of planet …!!!

A Thoreau "waldennienne" approach …!!!






Reflet de mon lac sauvage …!!!


Je photographie ce qui me dépasse...!!! Ü


Un safari photo philosophique et impressioniste concentré sur un autre petit morceau de planète ...!!!

Une démarche "waldennienne" à la Thoreau …!!!

View on black


سمعت عبارة او قريتها من قريب ، أعجبتني فعلاً..

ناسي وين قريتها بس والله اهني الشخص اللي قالها =)

تصميم بسيط اتمنى يعجبكمـ جميعا .. =)


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film, sooc

pentax k1000


double exposure of a pearl necklace

Leica M9 + 1951 Leica Summaron 35mm f3.5


Daylight only. Street portraits with model Lauma


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I still have a few places left for my April 26th, 2014 London photography workshop with model Katie.. I will teaching portraiture on location using both available light and speedlights. I normally include some street photography as we move between locations so you can see my style of shooting.


Broken, yet living.



Press 'L'.


The first pre visualized shot of the trip. I'd the exact frame in my mind ever since I saw this pier on the Internet. To be more precise, the main purpose of the trip was to achieve this shot. Call me mad, but traveling around 350kms, with this frame in mind has been totally worth it.

Voigtlander Bessa R3A + Leica Summicron 50mm f2 v5

35mm Kodak T-Max 100@200

Rodinal semi-stand development

Epson v600 scan (lines from scanner not film)


London model test shoot - Angelique. Available light only portrait using the low winter sun rising across the river Thames on Westminster Bridge


I do love B&W film photography. :)


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