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جعلوا ذنبي لديْه سَهَري

ليت بدري إذ درى الذنب عفا


عرف الناسُ حقوقي عنده

وغريمي ما درى ، ما عَرفا



*Say: Masha'Alla TabarakAllah :P


Misssssin' you my friends :** (f)


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يوم قفى و البخت شآحـــــه . . *


67 of eighty-eight


I met somebody cute and bonny ,,

got each other and that's funny ,, Eh eh ~




...that night...that unique...breathtaking night!!!!


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“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.

~ Albert Einstein ~







Drink up baby, stay up all night

With the things you could do

You won't, but you might

The potential you'll be that you'll never see

The promises you'll only make

Drink up with me now

And forget all about the pressure of days

Do what I say

and I'll make you okay

And drive them away

The images stuck in your head


The people you you've been before

That you don't want around anymore

That push and shove and won't bend to your will

I'll keep them still


- Elliott Smith


potted plant

hair from renderosity


Its More Than A Hobby ..

photography It is a kindly greeting and

A memory to hold.

Of happy times and pleasant things.

However new or old.


taken by me

edited by Remeya

quote by miss cheeky

modeling the old photographer in doha zoo if some ppl can remember him !!

for a good friend here on flickr,


happy birthday to you Franky :-p

check out his awesome photography,


please NO MULTI INVITATIONS when commenting, THANK You!


Gose to the sweetest girl , *L* 3wash ;p , i know you in with love him *a* ! w ana a7bCh ;**




Mashallah is a M U S T

. . . [ 26 of eighty-eight ]

so, my pro account expires tomorrow and i don't get paid until NEXT friday. so half of my stream is going to disappear for awhile! just letting you know!


this also means that i won't be able to get my film developed until next friday also.

shit. i thought i was gettin' paid this week, but NOPE.

probably has dust spots I can't see or correct on the iPad. On-the-road low tech processing...

Photography field trip. I tried to take at least two shots of each composition. The first would be me manually setting the aperture and/or shutter speed. The second would be the camera setting the aperture/shutter speed (automatic).


This is the automatic. I liked it better. But I think my original manual settings were off. At this point, my camera menu was not set so that I could view the exposure settings, areas of overcompensation & the histogram when using playback.


One of the professional photographers later set these menus up for me and showed me how to adjust the exposure compensation. That made a huge difference and I am very grateful.


I guess I could have tried youtube but sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. Of course, the benefit of buying a camera from a camera shop is that they'll help you but I ordered this one. However, it is a beautiful building. I won't mind going back and trying over.

“Photography is a love affair with life.”

Quote - Charlie Waite


Is't time, it's time to take a pictures


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Part of my Marbles (Set)


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First place winner : contest : Love -

i have so much to edit, film to develop. so heres something old.


my 2nd week of my 52 week project will be on here today hopefully. i've been so busy lately, but luckily today class is canceled because of the snow. so it's catch up with life day. today is going to be the most productive day of my life.

film, sooc

pentax k1000


wnasa al-class alyoom..


6l3na bra ( t'3eer jaww ) ^_^


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