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I love the new MacBook!

Joerdis and Matt dragged me through all of Berlin in a quest to go and visit every single photobooth there is.

We succeeded.

We are so bad ass.

hello! *waves*


i admit it, i'm lazy. don't want to go out to the photobooth. but we actually should. no real post-wedding photobooth sessions yet. we're on it, i promise.


have a great weekend!

Mom and I at a photobooth in Prague, Czech Republic. It was such a thrill to be able to take her on her first trip to Europe. She got her first passport for that trip, when she was 79!

For lack of a photobooth in Wellington we went into a Timezone gaming room and had fun with the StarCasting photobooth that Asians love more than anything (in Sydney there's an arcade with dozens of them, but all in some Asian language). You can choose a nice framing, cool pictures to put on your photos and have good fun.



copy/mod - 37li

Phantom + Physics Version




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my grannie thinks these leggings make me look like a hooker..whatevs

Just two old gals having fun in the photobooth.

Fun with the timer in Photobooth. It's not easy getting back to that seat in 3 seconds you know.

I tried to be cute but I failed haha.

The rest will stay Classified (^_^)


An old photo... Taken in my teens in a town center photo booth. Now turned into a work of art...!

Cleaned up my photobooth pictures from 1966, I was 15 going on 16. Loved my duffel jacket......just seems so long ago......

i'm starting to see a lot more photobooths around, which is awesome! this one was really old-fashioned, and it took 5 minutes to produce an analogue, black and white strip of 4 photos. worth the wait though, and so awesome to see film making a real comeback!

Photobooth at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. First time we ever photoboothed together. How we managed to avoid that over seven years is a bit of a mystery to me. Oh, wait, no, now I remember—Scotty hates being photographed. In particular, he is highly opposed to me posting the actual photos here, as he is a pretty private person. Funny that he married the incredibly public person that is me.


This is me trying to get away with kinda getting them up here. You will simply have to imagine our awesomely funny faces. He may insist I take this down… enjoy while you can!

Taken inside a photobooth in Sydney. One of the few remaining.

it's another version of my photobooth stitch. specially commissioned by one of my biggest fans.


I made the frames a little taller and narrower this time, and I think they look better.

Another photobooth picture? But this time I have an excuse! I sold my camera yesterday and when I went to go buy a new one today, they were out of stock! I ordered online, put 2 day shipping & still saved 50 bucks! Even better news? I'm getting it tomorrow, not in two days.

after seein a good friend of mines myspace photo putting faces in a photobooth picture strip, it set my tiny mind a thinkin it might be fun to do somethin similar with lil, give me a chance to do all that experimentation with her expressions ive been meanibg to do for like months now, ha


i enjoyed the zombie one the most :)


the first from our sunday photobooth walk with Ann (keksofant).

Matt is here

Same, same but different.


A challenge for you photoboothers out there, make a strip with 4 pictures looking exactly the same ;)

As you can see, keks snapped a little bit, but still, this strip cracks me up every time I look at it. Another version can be found over at keks's.


Have a great weekend!

We decided, spur of the moment, to go see Night at the Museum a second time, only this time with the whole family. One giant tub of popcorn later I dragged them all to the photobooth for some silliness. I LOVE photobooths. They had me laughing so hard I was almost in tears. hehe


Here is a bit of trivia: What movie features an odd photobooth photo collection? It is one of my favorite movies.

back then, in sydney … those were the happy days friends :-)

reality got me back over the week at work and i'm looking forward to a relaxed weekend.


The first challenge is - "Photobooth".

Made this one in the underground of St. Petersburg.


Watch the video in my blog:

PhotoBooth. 40th and spruce philadelphia. botched passport photo attempt. (they must be vertical) philly diner uniform.


On Interestingness calender for October 24th, 2005. #155

proud owners of yet another photobooth strip. we went to the flea market last weekend so of course we had to get in.


have a great weekend!

taken on our run to five different photobooths with keksofant.


keksofant and J posted theirs too.

today i was testing out where you can put your feet in the photobooth, in the full spirit of "put your feet up friday". though i'm not quite as flexible as keks is, i actually managed to get my feet up which is quite an achievement considering that you constantly slip off the stool.


have a great weekend!

Photobooth wrastlin with the Mich!

i finally met celine! and she took my picture. what a pretty backdrop. can't wait to see the finished project.

Oh hey, it's been a while, hasn't it? Our new thing from now on: take Mari to the photobooth at least once a month.

i just counted, 83 altogether, not including some we sent out, and some of the ones we took on the photobooth crashing walks with pantsofant.


it's the official one year anniversary today of our photobooth love affair, and we already have some international strips in our portfolio. good stuff.


of course we're celebrating with coffee and cupcakes.

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