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My first sighting of an Eastern Phoebe. It's springtime!


Phat Times in the Borough of Kinnelon, County of Morris, State of New Jersey, USA

This pair have raised two sets of babies this year in the same nest. The last ones fledged yesterday and there were 5 or 6 in the tiny nest! Poor parents were working themselves silly trying to feed them all. And as for me... I was glad to see them go as my photos of them revealed that they, the nest and the barn boards the nest was attached to seemed to be crawling with lice. This nest is fairly close to my chickens and the best I can see, my chickens don't have lice and I don't want them to! So yea....glad to see them go! :)

A well-worn adult carries greens to feed the brood not too far away.

Not sure about the ID.


EDIT: Seems to be a Say's phoebe. (Thanks to KOHoff, John, Jeff, and anyone I might be missing for the ID.)


Also, thanks for the many "great timing" and such comments -- but you didn't see the other fifty shots, which alternated between featuring "bird doing absolutely nothing interesting" and "centimeter of bird tail as it leaves the frame." I'm an OK photographer, but I'm even better at editing my own work, I think.


Taken at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve.

I have a backlog of photos from the last week and a rainy day is a good day to work on them. This Say's Phoebe was found at Point Roberts hawking insects on a future construction site.

Phoebe loves to put her face in the snow and then bark. It sounds so funny because it's muffled, but it's lots of fun for her.

She's really pretty.. she has beautiful soft make up and so much hair...:)


she's wearing her stock shirt and shoes and also a beautiful Pomponette hat... Thank you Diana... :)


Finally!These pics are well made and we can see how beautiful really is the new girl!Thanks,Junie Moon!!!!

I posted two shots of this Eastern Phoebe this evening. This view shows her on a favorite perch in her habitat. I also posted a close portrait taken when she flew very close to me.


Eastern Phoebes almost always nest on human built structures. In this case the nest is under a boardwalk that traverses a popular wetland area in St. Albert.


She has given many of us great photo ops.


John E. Poole Wetland. St. Albert, Alberta.


Member of the Flickr Bird Brigade

Activists for birds and wildlife


This Says Phoebe absolutely wanted to have her picture taken. I was fumbling around trying to get the scope on the bird and it would jump from one perch to another.


Digiscoped Using:

I most commonly shoot from inside my truck using the window mount shown in the digiscoping set.

It's rare that I use the tripod because the truck makes a great blind.

Nikon P5000 camera

Nikon 82mm ED Fieldscope angled body

Nikon 30X Wide DS Eyepiece

Nikon FSB-6 Bracket

Manfrotto 055MF3 Tripod w/ Manfrotto 3130 micro fluid head

Bogen 3292 Car Window Pod with Manfrotto 3130 micro fluid head

See my Digiscoping Set for a lot more information.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Dodge 4X4, Levi Jeans, no-name knit shirt, fruit of the loom underwear, el cheapo sandals and the rest you don't want to know.

Digiscoping has really caught fire. I'm amazed at how many photographers are taking the plunge.


Eastern Phoebe (Sayornis phoebe) ~ Polk County, Florida


Thanks for visiting!

An Eastern Phoebe. Just think, if you were a guy would you want to be called Phoebe?

Juvenile Black Phoebe letting his parents know he's starving as he looks up in the sky for his next meal to arrive.

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, Irvine, CA

I posted two shots of this Eastern Phoebe this evening. I got this portrait shot when she flew in close, and also a shot of her on one of her favorite perches in her habitat.


Eastern Phoebes almost always nest on human built structures. In this case the nest is under a boardwalk that traverses a popular wetland area in St. Albert.


She has given many of us great photo ops.


John E. Poole Wetland. St. Albert, Alberta.


Member of the Flickr Bird Brigade

Activists for birds and wildlife


A flock of Eastern Phoebes (Sayornis phoebe) were flying around one late afternoon after a thunderstorm in Piedmont Park.

see another image from this family shoot here.


these pictures were shot in tribute to the little girl this family is adopting (phoebe is big sis)... she will be arriving from china around christmas time. :) according to a chinese legend, people who are destined to be together, to meet sometime someplace (similar to the concept of soulmates), walk around with an invisible red string tied around their ankles. the string can twist and turn and tangle but it can never break. and that was the basis for our shoot!!


in other news, its time to put a hold on work and celebrate halloween! im dressing up as cruella deville. pics to follow on my facebook in youre interested. :P

Pair nesting under the eve at the peak of our home.

Say's Phoebe has a black tail, and distinctly orange belly. They catch insects in flight, or they hover and drop down on a victim.


There were two Say's Phoebes in the rafters of the Visitor Center at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, and both had just snared a flying insect.


Life Bird Photograph #228.


Meet the newly rewigged Phoebe! Her wig arrived yesterday and I really like how she looks now. While I love the color of her stock wig, I'm not crazy about the parting. I like how this shade brings out her softer side, yet she remains a punk because of her high ponytail. n__n

Black phoebe dives with laser-like focus for an unsuspecting bug. It must take a lot of those to make a meal.

Pose: Del May ~ Boop

Skin: Glam Affair ~ Roza BaroQ with Leah Lips No 22

Makeup: Guerilla

Hat: Antine in Black [unreleased]

Necklace & Earrings: Phoebe

There is one bird that we see everywhere, parks, lakes even in our own backyard. The Black Phoebe is a dapper flycatcher that has a sooty black body and crisp white belly. Look for them near any water source from small streams, to suburbs, all the way to the salt-sprayed rocks and cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. We found this little guy hunting in one of the lakes in Las Gallinas WTP and it was kind enough to stay in one place long enough for us to capture this photo.

Photographs taken whilst teaching my sister photography(:

Model: Phoebe Davis

Black Phoebe, Sayornis nigricans, San Simeon, California.

(Sayornis phoebe) - is a tyrant flycatcher, and is one of the first birds to return to the breeding grounds in spring and one of the last to leave in the fall. They arrive for breeding in mid-late March, but they return to winter quarters around the same time when other migrant songbirds do, in September and early October; migration times have stayed the same in the last 100 years.

Phoebe loves Eurotrash -- she really, really does :D

Eastern Phoebe with a fly for her nestlings. Carden Alvar near Orillia, Ontario

This morning I had a wonderful surprise...two little immature Phoebes braved my Mockingbirds and stayed in my backyard for sometime. I caught this one practically upside down preening himself on the fence. I took lots of shots through my window, as I didn't want to scare them away...

Eastern Phoebe Leesylvania State Park Bushy Point Trail

In rural Oregon south of The Dalles.

I live in a rather urban area, my condo is surrounded by other buildings and busy streets so it still surprises me how many great birds I can find in a tiny patch of woods across the street from my home. While walking around in that woods on a beautiful spring afternoon I was enjoying seeing all the trees and bushes beginning to come to life. It's a great time of year for songbird photography with the branches mostly being open and some having wonderful blossoms and colorful flowers to add to the photo. I was standing in one area waiting for a pair of Eastern Phoebes to land nearby when this one landed on a somewhat far away branch but it gave me a wonderful natural silhouette. I found a tiny hole through many branches to shoot, dialed in -1 2/3 of exposure compensation to be sure I got a silhoutte and took the shot. I really wasn't expecting much but when I saw the image large on my computer screen I really liked the look of it. I removed a couple of distracting branches that were intersecting the bird and it's head but other than some slight burning this is how the original image looked. Taken in Clementon, southern New Jersey. ~ 4/4/17 - ¹⁄₈₀₀₀ sec at f/4.0 - ISO180 ~ 500 mm ~ 500 mm f/4

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