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Holly doing what she loves best. Gnoll park, Neath

© Brett Dorron 2010. All rights reserved.

For Flickr Group Roulette challenge, Silly Self Portraits.


"As the sun was setting here in Ponce Inlet, I wanted to have a little piece of it for nostalgia's sake. It just cost me some 3rd degree burns."


I know this might not be silly enough but my original idea for FGR came up a bust and I was too involved with capturing this sunset.

Hope everyone has a Great Christmas and Fantastic New Year!

Explore #52 isn't the most classy photo but there are rarely any photos of I snapped one of my dad a few minutes prior so it was payback. At least my clothes blend in with the Port-a-potty.


Copyright © Mark Kennedy. All rights reserved.

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For PFO Scavenger Hunt: "smile"

Taken on a walk to a small reservoir in Margam. Great sunshine, happy children....BLISS

I got a couple of camera goodies for my birthday so I'm having some fun with them.


After many attempts, this is the only photo that has my big eye mostly in focus. All the photos with the eye centered in the filter were not focused the way I wanted. Boo! (Now that I think about it though, I'm wondering if the focus is partly due to the focal length of the filter.)

These African Daisies are growing in a pot on my patio

Photographed on May 10, 2008

on black at my site

...Did you find what you were after?

The pain and the laughter brought you to your knees

But if the sun sets you free, sets you free

You'll be free indeed, Indeed


She's only happy in the sun

She's only happy in the sun...


Ben Harper- She's Only Happy In The Sun

its a smile face :)

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Harley Fat Boy

Is not the Taiwan 101 tower, but rather an office tower happened to raise on a lower class housing community.

seen @ bhitshah, interior sindh, Pakistan

Just a testing portrait, not cropped after it came from the camera. (Cut down for size)

My little niece. Cute as a button!

Completely transparent. Can't hide my excitement. See that UPS notice? That means this and this are here. In my town. Ready to be at my house and in my hands..... YEEEEEEE!!!! Happy birthday and mothers day to me :D And thank you Mr Shetha :D :D :D

custom made icons from some self portraits by jinwicked

I know the 365 challenge that I'm doing isn't strictly self portraits, but in celebration of my new toy, I thought I'd torture you all with a week of self portraits. Bare with me - this will be interesting! ;)

Taken at Marwell Zoo, Hampshire (23/3/08)

Typical shot of our 4 Y.O boxer Calamity Jane taking a nap. She can sleep is some of the most unusual positions. The shots are hard to get since she sleeps with her eyes half open the flash usually wakes her. The jowl action gets even more out of hand when she starts to snore.

What more natural a setting for a kids photoshot than good ol' Mickey D's

A smiley star just for you.


Explore #255, thank you!

Test shot with my cheap-o DIY fisheye adapter for my DSLR. If you want to make one, you can see the instructions, here. Ironically, the adapter would actually work much better for non-DSLR digicams... you know, the point and shoot kind.


The lens is fun, but not fishy enough... it's only got a 160 degree angle of view.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm, huzzah! That means not being stuck indoors taking pictures of myself.

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