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Grey seal pup, Halichoerus grypus.


I ventured to Donna Nook, Lincs, with my daughter. The seals were fantastic, but the weather was pretty vile - gloomy, showery and way too cold to linger in one place for long.


Handheld, natural light. Would have liked some sunlight to perk up the photos - all look rather flat to me. If I had the means, I'd probably remove the rather distracting grass, bottom right.


i met him in the supermarket.


Life is good.


title credit: gfo


-Added to the Cream of the Crop pool as my most favorited.

Shape of tree and saturated colors.




Setting me in type by myself.



Shutting me in the shell by myself.



I tried to be some person.



and My not anything person was disappears.



Fly more freely.


[main ver.] digi*ana*logue


Wednesday's Child is full of ...smiles! :-)


PigPen says "Hullo" to Bella!

Best to see it Large on Black or Large on White, tell me what you prefer !



Our cat perching on a dining stool


Thought it looked better in B&W


Made Explore #88

the imperfect gradient

the view from my bathroom

via diffused glass,

water restrictions,

fine fly screen,

winter sunlit hedge,

paling fence

and blue sky

Happy Cheery Friday to all :)


©2007 Paulina Bos

All Rights Reserved

This image is not available for use without the explicit written permission of the photographer

After getting into an argument with a loved one, I was like screw it!!! I'm gonna show my anger. Vuala, me being pissed as all hell =D. For lighting details, sb600 in a 20"x30" softbox to the left and 50 1.8 nikkor on a d50 for the camera. For NJ group, taken in morris county NJ

so Mr. D and I are going to take a little coastal roadtrip this super long weekend, down towards North Carolina... or maybe around the block. So we'll see you this side of the Mason Dixon Line in 2007. Happy New Year to you all!!

much scarier than a vampire. I am giving out candy as Annie tonight. "The sun will come outtttt! tomorrow!!! "

It's that time of year once again, Halloween ushers in the best holiday of the Holiday season!


Taken at La Mesa Oktoberfest in 2007 but still relevant every Halloween.

THIS is my VERY reason for being alive.

To see this smile is to light my world.

He is SOOO precious to me!!!!


I had to be goofy and tilt the camera around and make funny faces, but I got him to laugh...and boy did he ever LAUGH!!! To see him smile..... JUST MAKES MY DAY!!!

just horsin' around ;)


©2007 Paulina Bos

All Rights Reserved

This image is not available for use without the explicit written permission of the photographer

I think this is my best dragon fly shot yet, in terms of the DOF & exposure

I also liked his smile :)


Self portrait


instagram ϟ on 500px ϟ behance


#3 on Explore 6th January and appears on Explore Page, Thank You


Belle is smiling because she knows she will get lots of treats, now that she is 11!

These African Daisies are growing in a pot on my patio

Photographed on May 10, 2008

on black at my site

The self-portrait used in the competition not-quite-winning montage from the weekend.


I missed the fine print about needing to have the words in a photo, and not just photo-shopped in, but close enough :)


(This shirt used to be another color, but I like this color better anyway ... and now it's one-of-a-kind too!)


Technical notes: Need to wash out background without killing subject outline next time. Also, next time using two brown eggs will be easier to dye^H^H^Hphotoshop than one brown and one green. Just not enough color to tweak in the green one. I can't even imagine what I would have done with white ones. Maybe replacing white with another color would have worked even better in that case.


One Sunpak FP-38s behind my back washing out the wall/ceiling (it slopes at a 45 degree angle). Trigger and fill provided by a SB-24 on a stand shooting through a diffuser (haven't gotten around to umbrellas or softboxes yet).


Learn how to light at Strobist.


(Original montage image by krazydad/jbum)



It's Monday, and with all these sad stories I'm reading lately, Tag decided we all needed a grin!

Isso é o que acontece quando você pede ao Mizu (vulgo "João Grandão") sorrir para o retrato.


So this is what happened when I asked Mizu (aka "Big John") to smile for the camera. And no, I don't know what's wrong with his nose. Maybe he got stung by a bee that day?

Just another frog hangin' in our pond

at your service.


(My phlow emote for smile.)

Day 16 of the December Challenge.


Bailey is a real character -- some would even say drama queen. She's 100% girly-girl and she's got the attitude to back it up. The funniest thing about Bailey is that she adores flowers and she can't help but pick every one she comes across. Bailey is also the biggest klutz I've ever met. If there's any chance of an opportunity to hurt herself or break something, she'll do it. We're at the point now where it's almost funny just due to the frequency of events. Despite her clumsiness and her 3-year-old attitude, you can't help but get pulled in by those big blue eyes of hers.


You can read more about Bailey on the blog.

Gabriel calls this my "astronaut photo" since it looks like one of those official NASA astronaut portraits, with the helmet perched on the knee. Except, of course, my helmet has two large white fluffy ears. Photo by Whipflash, from his bunny shoot.


I'm trying this thing where I don't get on flickr at work. mostly because I get distracted too easily as it is. ;) add to that not getting home until late every night, and you have me, two days behind processing my photos. They're coming, don't worry (you know who you are)! ;)

Come on you 365ers - time to don your big, red nose and make a fool of yourself. For charity, although I don't really need that excuse.


Join the Discussion and maybe make a donation to Comic Relief


I also really must use this one for 52 weeks this week. Week 11

... in a maniacal, and sort of creepy, kind of way...

Used for the 'I have a request' game in the 'Colorful World' group. (21 Oct 2009)

Hope everyone has a Great Christmas and Fantastic New Year!

Explore #52

My camera, my new prescription sunglasses and a smile, the day was good. :) For my Self Portrait Class. Comments Welcome! =)

Smith's Bakery's finest smiling confection.

Taken at Marwell Zoo, Hampshire (23/3/08)

D has not been feeling well lately and on his way upstairs fell asleep on the landing. He just looks so peaceful!


No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap.

During my short trek to the U.P of Michigan I saw this water tower on the way there and for some reason when I saw it, I chuckled and said thats awesome, but due to time constraints I was not able to stop and take a photo of this great landmark, but the way back was a different story. I made a point to go and get a decent photo of this awesome water tower !

Hvor saare lidet vil der til

For lykkelig at være;

Et muntert Sind, en Piges Smiil,

En Ven, som gjør dig Ære,

En Hytte, som dig skjule kan,

Sundt Brød og Kildens klare Vand,

Saa megen Viisdom, at du vil

Og bruger denne Lære.


(Jens Zetlitz)


Dog heaven... playing ball

Braces should be off in a couple of months woo! Then and now pics with diff angles:

Geoff is our friendly carpenter, he was doing some work for us.

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