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Subfamily:Epidendroideae Tribe:Vandeae Subtribe:Aeridinae

Genus:Phalaenopsis Species: Phal. modesta


{Information is compiled from various sources. Unfortunately, not much on wikipedia.}


The "Modest Phalaenopsis" is from Borneo and can be found growing in the montane forest at elevations from 50 to 900 meters (164 to 2,952 feet). It is a small epiphyte that likes warm and moist conditions. The stem is short, enveloped by several leaf-bearing sheaths which carry a few flowers on an arching pendant 12.5 to 15 cm long (5 to 6 inches). The flowers are small, 2.5 to 3.8 cm (1 to 1 1/2 inches) across and are strongly fragrant.


This orchid blooms in spring and fall. The flowering is irregular but they keep growing over a prolonged period. For a warm greenhouse, they may be planted in pots in shady and moist areas. Hybrids are available.


Generally, there are over 30,000 orchid species and about 100,000 hybrids. 2,500 to 3,000 species of orchids can be found in the wild in Borneo. Most wild orchids have little or no commercial value. Stella and I do not grow flowers or orchids. No time!!!


Some information is available on wikia {Orchids Wiki}. I think some hybrids are also sold online, but I have not searched any. My Wild orchids set.

Phalaenopsis modesta with long flower stems

La familia Orchidaceae debe su nombre a una modesta especie del género europeo "Orchis" palabra que en griego significa "testículo", dada la semejanza entre sus pseudobulbos y las partes pudientes...


[Es una forma de decir que estoy hasta los huevos...y deseando terminar el cuatrimestre]


The term 'orchid' derives from the Greek ορχις orchis, meaning "testicle", from the appearance of subterranean tuberoids of the genus Orchis...


My personal collection. Front view

Phalaenopsis modesta J.J.Sm.

Phalaenopsis modesta with long flower stems

Phalaenopsis species from Kalimantan-Sarawak

Phalaenopsis modesta with long flower stems

The fragrance around this impressive modesta-trunk was very pleasant and intense

Species from Borneo


Photographed at the Poring Orchid Reserve, Sabah, Malaysia

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