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my TALKBAK interview with Pete Gardner is here:


With thanks to Jack for hosting us.

The original Pete's was high on my list of breakfast spots to visit when we were in Denver, but the Colfax location is currently closed for remodeling. Oh well, that gives us someplace to go on our next trip!

Pete and I thank everyone~ interestingness 247 on Thursday, August 16, 2007

I have a few more pictures to share from last winter's photographer's gathering in Holland Park, London. Here's one of the lovely Pete Butchers :]


More of my work can be found at the following-









Models: Pete and Nolan Fromm

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves….James M. Barrie

This is an overdue piece for my buddy Pete in NYC. Hope ya dig. Bias - yours is coming bro.. it will be the next or one after... Big ups to my crews RFK and FAL.

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Pete's Dragon in the lights parade at Disney's Magic Kingdom on the 4th of July

Pete Doherty outside the high Court today 02.007.08 london, England.

Dumpster diving for truck shots in unused photo's . Can not see alot of Semi-trucks from my couch !

Shoot with Mischief1972, 30 December 2010.


I've done some really fun shoots in the past--June 2006 in Toronto with Bill Pusztai comes to mind--but this was hands down the best shoot I've ever done. I think it's fair to say that both Joe and I are really happy with both the experience itself and the end results, which he has put a LOT of time into culling and preparing over the last couple of days.


Love the number this one got. ;-)



He was not happy with this photo!!!! I have to teach him~ how to use the mouse!!!

Happy Macro Monday to all Pete's fans;-)))!!!!

This one just looked good !

meet pete the canon ae-1p!

Welcome Break 15 happened this week. Tues-Thursday all about the yurts, comfy beds, rounders, cameras and an abundance of bright yellow rapeseed fields.


Remember Pete? Yeah, here he is again. With more hair. More to follow Flickr...


As you can see, step by step you can see the hunting process of the agile house cat, Pete. He runs till the ball stops rolling, pants and begins his marathon lounging session :-3 This was fun to do and Pete can join the clone group :] ~Meg This photo made explore June 3rd 2009 highest position #23!!! Thank you!!

Pete Doherty with Babyshambles at Festival deBeschaving august 30th, 2008.


If you want to use this picture, please ask me first. thanks.


Just outside Payson in northeast Arizona, travelers encounter this sign for Pete's Place Cabaret, a topless establishment with a stockyard theme. Yeah, that's right -- the entrances to the parking lot feature cattle grates, too. Depending on who you believe, the property used to be a stockyard, a butcher shop or a steakhouse restaurant. Unfortunately -- or fortunately, as the case may be -- Pete's was closed the day I drove by. But check out the reviews on Yelp for some entertaining reading.

I got to shoot a friend's wedding this weekend, and rented a couple L lenses and a flash to make it happen. It went well, even though we didn't have a lot of time to make the pictures happen. This is one of their portraits. Enjoy!!!

He was the fireman onboard the Scots Guardsman 46115. Pic taken at Carlisle. 25 June 11

"Perennial Pete" has been one busy squirrel....stuffing his face - he might either bust his buttons or make the Guinness Book of Records one of these days....or both!

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