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Duisburg - irgendwo an der Sechsseenplatte

Rucola und Petersilie_rocket and parsley.

Drying basil for yummy pesto on my favorite kitchen towel from Bookhou.

homemade gnocchi w/ pesto



thank you ♥

Strange effects of thermic case on pasta LOL (That cylinder is "pesto alla genovese" = pasta with basil sauce).


Thanks to Zu: that was a really good pasta :)

“We’re Here!” Today explaining the Mediterranean way of life in pictures. Food, of course, is an important aspect of that. In recent years “The Mediterranean Diet” has become codified and packaged, and I don’t pay much attention to all of that. But the basic ingredients have been among my favorites since childhood. Dinner tonight is going to be a very simple affair.


This is my image for category 97, “Simple Pleasures” in the group 120 pictures in 2020.


Today Pasta was the theme for Macro Mondays.... and that's what we had, with a tomato salad, for Dinner tonight.

Yummy super Yummy!!


Of course it is larger then 3" and not in the group.

Macro Mondays Sweet or Savoury

Pesto - dazu gibt es Nudeln und Salat

Time for lunch at ”We’re Here!” We are having Macaroni, Pasta,Spaghetti, Noodles !


I made some compromises here, meeting somewhere between “luscious” and low-cal “virtuous.” This is whole wheat pasta, tomatoes, spinach, reduced-oil pesto, and a sprinkle of non-fat mozzarella. And it was delicious.


(deconstructed of course)


I know....too much Masterchef!

31.12.2016 Varigotti (Sv)


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beauties from the old days, Cker not shown




11/52: Green - I had great fun making fresh pasta al pesto with my daughter last night. Delicious result and a great photo op as it happens.


Well, I'm now into the double digits with this photo-per-week photo project and I've only missed one so far, which is impressive given my summer-induced lethargy :-)

As mentioned previously, in the interest of re-igniting my photo-mojo I've got together with some online photog friends, including Meremail, SnapClickTripod, S_Freer, JSPhotography/Jenn and Blake's Mum (all of whom I've met on Flickr at some point in time). We've set ourselves a 52 Week project with the aim of shooting and posting at least 1 image per week to a theme/topic.


I'll be posting some of the results, such as they are, here on Flickr as well as on my various social media pages, below:




Apologies to all my wonderful contacts for lack of comments and visits on my part, but real life is constantly intruding and posting and running is all I'm able to manage these past few months. I do try to visit your photostreams regularly, but I'm afraid that a "fave" is all I'm managing of late - so sorry!


Vi ringrazio amici per la vostra gentilezza! Un caro saluto


Benched in Southern Ontario.

June 2009.

garden basil before I made pesto

with alaskan smoked salmon. with summer in full swing, i had plenty of basil in the yard begging to be used. hence, the inspiration for this dish.




Caught By A In Southern Alberta

Victoria Graffiti

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