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This shot from the More London development was inspired by the photos taken there by Daruma*. Please do take a moment to take a look at them here, and all of the others on his brilliant photostream. More London is a fascinating place to shoot and I would have spent more time there had a security guard from Ernst & Young not made me feel, let’s say, less than welcome…


Explore highest #175

Sunday: sunrise in Wakerley again.

Leaving on Friday, looking up towards the right place, planning a nighttime return but knowing if it failed then someone else would likely get the Cube on Saturday.

One interpretation of V's identity... Kinda familiar around the upper bars...

Yes, that is all my PXC spares.. and more are arriving on saturday. *phears*

After careful counting, the grand total is: 780. Oops.

The very first glimpse of the Cube, deep in wet clay.

Thursday lunchtime: arriving for the exploratory visit to Fineshade

Wakerley at dawn.

Why is it almost impossible to take a photo of these things and get them in focus? The TSOL leitmark and red through to silver...

Heavy earthworks and posts strewn around - Saturday's diggers were a lot less tidy (but rather more thorough) than I had been on Friday.

Taking the Cube to Ampthill, the site where Kit Williams buried the Golden Hare from Masquerade. A mad journey, given the weather, but one that had to be made as a tribute.

One interpretation of V's identity

Plot of #223 "Secret Location"'s backgorund numbers

The Cube, the hole, Violet's note and a lot of bubblewrap.

at the Virtual Worlds Forum

Guess we don't need to wonder who CT is anymore, then...

How I left it - the hole and card #30, End of the Line. Note how the area of the original excavation made when the Cube was hidden is a different colour from the surrounding woodland floor.

Just before giving up on the wrong trench and back-filling it. Again, hand tools give scale.

Friday: Finally getting the right location - Wakerley Great Wood and the violet footpath at sunrise.

Doing it the high-tech way - that's a mobile internet card sticking out the side, and you'd be astonished how good the signal is.

Introducing Sente Kiteway (pronounced Kite A Way)

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