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For FGR and 6 Million People.


From their mission statement:

"During World War II, Nazi Germany and its collaborators murdered approximately six million Jews. According to the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, the Holocaust is the name used to define a systematic, bureaucratic, and state-sponsored campaign of persecution and murder. Beginning with racially discriminatory laws in pre-World War II Germany, the Nazi campaign expanded to the mass murder of all European Jews by the War's end. The goal of this group is to collect 6 million pictures of different people, with one person in each picture, as a representation of the massive number of Jews the Nazis murdered during World War and to help remember both them and the other victims of Nazi Germany.


Although Jews were the primary victims of Nazi racism, others targeted for death included tens of thousands of Roma (Gypsies) and at least 200,000 mentally or physically disabled people. As Nazi tyranny spread across Europe, the Germans persecuted and murdered millions of other people. More than three million Soviet prisoners of war were murdered or died of starvation, disease, or maltreatment. The Germans killed tens of thousands of non-Jewish Polish intellectual and religious leaders, and deported millions of Polish and Soviet citizens for forced labor. From the earliest years of the Nazi regime, homosexuals and others deemed to be socially unacceptable were persecuted. Thousands of political dissidents (including Communists, Socialists, and trade unionists) and religious dissidents (such as Jehovah's Witnesses) were also targeted. Many of these individuals died as a result of incarceration and maltreatment.


The United Nations General Assembly reaffirms that 'the Holocaust, which resulted in the murder of one third of the Jewish people along with countless members of other minorities, will forever be a warning to all people of the dangers of hatred, bigotry, racism and prejudice.""


For every life extinguished, there were songs that will be never be sung, sonnets that won't be written, children who were never played with, art that will never be made. For every life taken, there was someone who mourned, someone who lost a piece of themselves--of their history--as someone who was deprived of a future. I like this group. I like the idea of impressing upon us that these were people. Not just statistics, not just numbers. It's easy to distance ourselves when we look at numbers. It's much more difficult when we remember the faces.


And, it is so important that we never, ever forget. Even if you're not a member of the FGR, I encourage you to submit a picture to our chosen group today.


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Thanks and love to TwistedAngelTX for reminding us that these things still go on--even today:


#105 in interestingness (on 2008-01-18)

Hello my friends ..... 1st let me thank you for the great comments on the " Door man " shot ..... and yes .. I do love candid shots .. I love people .... even before I ever held a camera I had this thing of looking at people and trying to imagine what they were thinking and feeling... the joys.. the sorrows...the amazement of being in a new place ... all of that ....


And now with my faithful companion by my side ... well I click ... and still wonder..


Like this little East Indian tourist, he was riding the Zig Zag train ... it was a chilly and overcast day in the Blue Mountains and he was in his own little world ... So yeah.... what is going through his little mind.. all of these new sights... the people...the cold ....


Does it bring me back to my childhood days .... yes.... it does.....


Have a superb day my friends.... and again... Thank You .... ALL ....

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Make It Interesting ~ Challenge #4


This is a composite image, not my photography. Credits below....


Starter image (castle) with thanks to Nizurack

Girl from *Mizzd-stock @ deviantArt

Mountains from code1name @ sxc

Steps from kaliyoda @ sxc

Sky from me.

Bird brush and tree brushes from Shadowhouse Creations

Smoke brush by Colorburned


With many thanks to the above....

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beach mine

The El-Molo are the smallest ethnic group in Kenya, numbering about 300 people.They originally settled in the north of Lake Turkana but were forced by the other tribes to move south to the small islands. There are now gathered into two villages, Anderi and Illah, respectively 150 and 70 inhabitants. The Samburu name for El-Molo means "the people who eat fish". As a matter of fact, the El-Molo's life is based on fishing, and that is why they suffer greatly of the increasing pollution of the lake. Their main diet consists of fish and occasionally crocodile, turtle and other wildlife. Killing hippos gives a great social status to the warrior. They hunt from rafts with hand-made harpoons from acacia roots, their fishing nets are constituted of palm fibers. The El-Molo still live in small circular huts, built on the shore of Lake Turkana, even if they are slowly being replaced by permanent concrete buildings. Like the Samburu, the El-Molo wear necklaces and bracelets made of colored beads. Nowadays, only the elder dress in a traditional way.Most of them are not "pure" El-Molo since they have been combined with Samburu and Turkana bloodlines. However, intermarriage with other tribes and abandonment of the nomadic lifestyle has helped to increase the number of individuals. So they certainly have taken the customs from the other tribes. The originality of this ethny is that they have also mixed their traditions with the ones of Christianity. For example, a El-Molo woman can wear a tribal necklace and a cross at the same time.

Les El-Molo sont le groupe ethnique le plus petit du Kenya, avec un total de 300 personnes environ.Installés à l’origine au nord du Lac Turkana, ils ont été forcés par les autres tribus à se déplacer au sud sur de petites îles. Ils sont maintenant rassemblés dans deux villages, Anderi et Illah, avec respectivement 150 et 70 habitants.Le nom des Samburu pour El-Molo signifie « le peuple qui mange du poisson ». En fait, la vie des El-Molo est basé sur la pêche, et c’est pourquoi ils souffrent grandement de la pollution accrue du lac. Leur alimentation principale est composée de poissons et occasionnellement de crocodiles, tortues et autres animaux sauvages. Ils chassent depuis des radeaux avec des harpons faits main avec des racines d’acacia, leurs filets de pêche sont constitués de fibres de palmier. Les El-Molo vivent encore dans des petites huttes de forme circulaire, construites sur les rives du lac Turkana, même si elle sont peu à peu remplacées par des bâtiments en dur permanents. Comme les Samburu, les El-Molo portent des colliers et bracelets faits de perles colorées. De nos jours, seuls les plus vieux s’habillent de façon traditionnelle.La plupart d’entre eux ne sont pas de « purs » El-Molo puisqu’ils se sont mélangés aux lignées Samburu et Turkana. Toutefois, les mariages inter ethniques et l’abandon du mode de vie nomade a aidé à augmenter le nombre d’individus. De fait, ils ont certainement pris des coutumes des autres tribus. L’originalité de cette ethnie est qu’ils ont aussi mélangé leurs traditions avec celles du christianisme. Par exemple, une femme El-Molo peut porter un collier tribal et une croix en même temps.


© Eric Lafforgue


Another people shoot pic.


jour de pluie à Pabos, Gaspésie, Québec

Photo taken on : 05.12.2010

Place : North Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


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This image has been captured at Kuakata, Patuakhali, Bangladesh.


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para B yourself Skinny eyes.

reposted because flickr deleted all...((


Fortaleza Around ( BR)

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