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s-dsc01354 by nixa_
From nixa_

tux by lobsterstomorrow
From lobsterstomorrow

Tux by ClickedByCarol
From ClickedByCarol

Gregbuntu by Miserlou Behind The Aperture
From Miserlou Behind The Aperture

Ubuntu 8.10 Dont miss one moment by noyzy
From noyzy

tux by BotheredByBees
From BotheredByBees

365 Days: Day 5 - Tux on the brain by cyberelk11
From cyberelk11

Canberra claims their Penguin is "Tux" by thrillscience
From thrillscience

Dirty Tux by DraXus
From DraXus

Linux Fever Pads!!! by stits
From stits

Tux on Virgin America by angeloangelo
From angeloangelo

EEEPC Linux Wallpaper by tortugoc
From tortugoc

Linux Lotteries, anyone? by Pioneer_adam
From Pioneer_adam

Tux the Penguin by spicemines
From spicemines

Remember when? by Greg Has Pants
From Greg Has Pants

Linux Pengin Kite by morganglines
From morganglines

Paper Tux is Born by alandd
From alandd

Linux Caffe (with penguin) by andyscamera
From andyscamera

Tux  6/365 by Crashmaster007
From Crashmaster007

RevaLinux Iconset v2 by Rofiq Setiawan
From Rofiq Setiawan

164/365 - Christmas Tux by quack1701
From quack1701

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