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Will this finally be the year that I photograph my slides from 18.5 years ago, when I worked in the Antarctic?

This is a juvenile Magellanic penguin, at Stanley, on the Falkland Islands.

I'm intending to use my macro lens to photograph each slide, although it's tricky getting everything set up (to keep everything aligned, and I probably need a better light source than a white screen on my mobile phone).... and then there's 18.5 years of dust and fluff to clone off each slide!

If anyone has any tips for the set-up, I'd love to hear. I've been Googling, but I can't see anything helpful, so far. Ideally, what would be nice, would be some contraption that would screw onto the end of my macro lens, and hold the slide at the other end, so that the slide is properly aligned with the end of the lens, and the correct distance away, but I can't seem to find such a thing.

King Penguins. Grytviken, South Georgia.

zoo köln, germany


part of zoo.köln.

a natural signpost in the Zoo, made by cute Penguins :)

Gentoo Penguin at Edinburgh Zoo :-)

The Calgary Zoo's king penguins are allowed to venture out of their enclosure for a 15- minute stroll . This program ( 1st of its kind in Canada) is popular with the zoo visitors. So far, the birds seem to love the change in their routine too.


King Penguins have the perfect disposition for a public walk:They follow directions, stick together, and are content to stroll at a leisurely pace.

L & I made this penguin from the wool pets book.

he did the body, wings and head, I did the detail parts.

I should have let him do the details, but I got kind of obsessive....

now we are both sort of obsessed. this is so fun and addicting.

he got a big multi-color pack of wool roving for christmas too....

A pair of Erect Crested penguins at St. Louis Zoo. My flash gave them evil looking eyes. They looked cool so I didn't try to fix them.


I went back to the St Louis Zoo shots to see if I could salvage some of the discarded shots. I thought I'd blown all the shots from inside the penguin exhibit but there were a few I was able to save.

Punta Tombo, Chubut, Argentina

Formerly known as the "Jackass Penguin" because when they vocalize they sound like donkeys. It was really cool to see these penguins on the beach, there were several active nests and lots of fun behaviors to watch!


The grainy portions in the lower half of the image are from sand blowing in the wind. It was an extremely windy day but still lots of photographic opportunities!


Boulders Beach, South Africa

:camera: Mealtime!

:camera: ¡Hora de comer!

The Gentoo and the King penguins at the outside exhibit at the Calgary Zoo

A Humboldt penguin taken at Twycross Zoo


Humboldt penguins have a white front with a brown/black head and back. They have a white border surrounding the dark face feathers.


Humboldt penguins are threatened by poaching, over-fishing of their food species, collection of guano and pollution which increases the risk of disease and are therefore classed as Vulnerable. The guano that covers the nest sites is a good fertiliser, but collection disturbs breeding for the following years. These penguins are protected in Chile and guano collection is regulated.

Rockhopper penguin on Saunders Island in the Falklands.


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Dellingsdawn sent me this magnificent Antarctica card. It is so beautiful!!!!! One of my all time favourites :)

The king penguin in the front is a female. Her suitor is behind her and his rival at the back. The rival kept attacking the suitor with his beak. Volunteer Point, East Falkland.


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Visit to Edinburgh Zoo.


Nikon D7000 Samyang 85mm 1.4

The penguin colony at Betty's Bay, South Africa

The Calgary Zoo has four species of Penguin - Gentoo, King, Humboldt, and Rockhopper. They are part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums penguin species survival plan.


At the time this photo was taken, on 6 December 2012, there were 46 penguins, which had recently come from zoos in Quebec, Texas, New York and Washington states and Scotland. There were 8 King Penguins, 23 Gentoo Penguins, 10 Humboldt Penguins and 5 Rockhopper Penguins, though I know numbers have changed slightly since then. The IUCN Red List states:


"King Penguins - Least Concern

Humboldt Penguins - Vulnerable

Gentoo Penguins - Near Threatened

Rockhopper Penguins - Vulnerable


The King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) is the second largest species of penguin at about 11 to 16 kg (24 to 35 lb), second only to the Emperor Penguin. There are two subspecies—A. p. patagonicus and A. p. halli; patagonicus is found in the South Atlantic and halli elsewhere.


King Penguins eat small fish, mainly lanternfish, and squid and rely less than most Southern Ocean predators on krill and other crustaceans. On foraging trips they repeatedly dive to over 100 metres (330 ft), often over 200 metres (660 ft).


King Penguins breed on the subantarctic islands at the northern reaches of Antarctica, South Georgia, and other temperate islands of the region. The total population is estimated to be 2.23 million pairs and is increasing."


Link to article about fossilised giant penguin bones which lived 27-24 million years ago:


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It's Christmas day and it's snowing. I open the door to the backyard and I see

this little fellow with happy feet standing and looking at me.

Then he turns to me and says: " I can see you guys got lots of snow here, but

down south where I'm from, we are melting. It's getting warmer and warmer and

we are losing it, also heard Polar Bears up north are losing their home too, would

you please save our planet. " !

... :)

penguin colony, magdalena island, Magellan strait, patagonia, chile

Penguin parents are incredibly attentive to their young. They often stand just behind them for hours and hours on end—feeding, protecting, and just waiting for the chicks to grow up.

Swinging wings for Feathery Friday this week. Not to be out done this little penguin shows off his feathers. Head on over for some dazzling wing displays.


And have of great weekend!

Photo taken in the Ice cave at SeaWorld, Southport Queensland Australia. Penguins are flightless birds

"It's your turn to look after the chick!" King Penguins with chick at Volunteer Point.


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Male king penguin trying to mate with female sitting on egg.


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Penguins (order Sphenisciformes, family Spheniscidae) are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. - Wikipedia

I got this great and fabulous penguin card from Vre from Switzerland. Thank you so much, Verena, for this card! I really love it!

The penguins of the New Orleans Aquarium is one of the best parts of the tour. Spend some time looking at these little fellas.


All my photos are CC feel free to use them but if you do please link back. If you're really nice link to, my blog.

Taken with a Nikon F90X with a 70-300mm zoom lens.

Digital scan from, Kodak Elite Chrome 200 film.


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