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Hadn't been here all summer so I drove out Saturday night to catch some colors.


A blend of 3 exposures

This is a long exposure shot - 10 seconds. I wanted to soften the water somewhat. The location is perfect for photographers. This light house/location is one of the most photographed sites in eastern Canada. In the day time there are swarms of people (literally busloads) walking over these rocks. Most everyone has a camera. I had to come back at night to get an (almost) people-less shot.



Just my clothes line after morning rain in Dublin. Colour change was done in LightRoom. Try it in the light box.


The famous lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia Canada, taken before sunrise on a windy digit freezing morning.


2 different photos to upload today, I wish everyone a great weekend, my next upload will be Sunday or Monday.

It was windy and cold, but so beautiful!


ODC (extra)ordinary


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The iconic lighthouse in the village of Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia.


Maybe a visit to a nearby lighthouse is in order this summer? Explore Canada

More images from Sunday's drive to Peggy's Cove, the perfect weather day for happy snapping.

Explored Front Page - March 22, 2009 - Thank you all so very much!

Thank you Wendell & Anne Louise for grabbing the screen shot for me!



The moon rising above the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove just after sunset.



Peggy's Cove

Nova Scotia, Canada



Well it's been over a month since my last PC lighthouse shot! I can't believe it!! LOL

I shot this over 6 months ago with a buddy who wanted to go try out his new camera. The moon was full and the tide was out so I figured that would make for some decent waves. They turned out to be better than normal but not too crazy. The sun had just disappeared over the horizon here but the pink in the sky was really awesome. Too bad there weren't any clouds but at least we had an unobstructed view of the moon. It wasn't dark enough to see the stars yet and the only other thing in the sky was the planet Venus (or was it Jupiter?) that you can barely see here.


You might be asking why I sat on this for so long? Well, a few reasons really... my archives of folders/pictures is or at least was not organized and the RAW file of this image is much darker so I didn't really take a good look at until I switched to Lightroom2 and cataloged all of my shots. LR2 is really great for organizing, ranking and raw processing your work. You can assign a rank (or star rating) so you can easily find the shots you want to process later without having to go through them all again (like I always had to do as I forget about my old shots quickly. I know, you forget about my shots rather quickly as well!! :-)


Post Processing

Well let's see... firstly this was one shot at a wide aperture and high ISO 400 (for the D200) which can be noisy but I wanted to more or less freeze the waves hitting the shore. Knowing what I know now I would have taken another exposure exposing for the rocks and sky and push it far to the right (on the histogram) and blended them later during PP (post processing). At least I knew at the time to take a shot of just the moon exposed properly to blend in later. Anyway this shot was so dark and the sky was so noisy that I passed it by when I first looked at it in September. After learning a few more skills and getting Noise Ninja I gave it another look to see if I could rescue it. I gave the sky a big dose of NN and it really smoothed it out well. If there were clouds it likely would have been too soft but it worked well on the graduated colors in the sky so I'm happy.


Please, no multiple invites or crazy glittery graphics. Thank You


Nikon D200 : Nikkor 18-200mmVR @ 22mm : 1/6s @ f/4.6 : ISO 400


Incredible place, incredible colors, incredible sky. One of the most beautiful views of my life.



f/5 5.0s, ISO 100, 10mm Canon 7D con ND Cokin filter & polarizer filter

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Modified version of another shot. I'd like to stay in this cabin!


I almost didn't take this. I quickly decided to take it as we were walking to the car to move on to another place! I'm glad I did.

Last Sunday evening we drove out to Peggy's Cove to see what the waves were like after a tropical storm blew through the night before. It was hazy, and surprising calm and warm, and though we didn't get a colorful sunset as I had hoped, there were still some pretty clouds. To see HUGE waves, check out my set...

Inspired to add a few more Peggys Point Pictures (thanks !) as I wait for my turn typing up the documentation we need for tomorrows meeting - busy times but not busy enough from stopping me editing some photos!


Have a nice Saturday.

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved.


HDR: Standard 3 exposure shot (+2..0..-2 EV) with tripod using Sigma DC HSM 10-20mm lens, Photomatix Pro and Photoshop


I have a lot of photos that I have described as one of my favorites. Well here it is. MY FAVORITE SHOT EVER!!! I shot this in 2002 in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. It was just one of those lucky moments to catch on film. It was not doctored in Photoshop. Nothing major anyway. Increased contrast in the sky, and brightened the rocks in the foreground, which is stuff I could have done in the darkroom. Got rid of a few people walking aound on the rocks, otherwise, the negative looks exactly like this. The ironic thing is, I thought I was totally wasting my time waiting for the sunset. It was very overcast. The sun was behind the clouds, and it was just a gray, dreary, ugly evening. Just a minute before the sun set, the sun dropped below the clouds. With the sun exposed, the landscape transformed into this magical scene. One minute later, the sun dropped below the horizon, and everything turned gray and dreary again.


A very old one! I was in need of something 'NOT WINTERY' as the snow arrived today. Happy New Year to everyone! I am still in a photographic slump and hibernating in front of the TV.

Sid from Winnipeg MB (on Flickr @ Sid's Art) painted this scene. Explore: #281

Nova Scotia, Canada;

16mm F10 1/250s ISO 220;

Taken on the 1st of December 2011

Glorious Nova Scotia FOG

This is another iconic photo of the fishing village of Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia. The natural beauty of these small fishing villages, rugged shores, and lighthouses are what draws tourists to the province of Nova Scotia.

again...I just love this place...

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On a day when everything is covered with snow as far as the eye can see and beyond, it's fun to open up a summer shot and "play" in Photoshop. This was taken summer '12 at Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia.

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia Canada

Peggy's Cove Milky Way

Landscape Composition; Peggy's Cover; Nova Scotia Canada; (c) Diana Lee Photo Designs

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved.


HDR: Standard 3 exposure shot (+2..0..-2 EV) with tripod using Sigma DC HSM 10-20mm lens, Photomatix Pro and Photoshop


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09/07/2006 - Peggy's Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia

Another view from Peggy's Cove today. The thing about this place is, it doesn't seem to matter which way you turn there is another pretty image waiting to be taken. This one is actually an edit of one I uploaded yonks ago. Big, Big thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday and today! Much appreciated.


Peggy's Cove is 43 kilometres southwest of downtown Halifax and comprises one of the numerous small fishing communities located around the perimeter of the Chebucto Peninsula.


The community is named after the cove of the same name. Peggy is a nickname for Margaret, and the village may have taken its name from St. Margarets Bay upon which it is situated. Local folklore has several alternative origins for the name. Some people claim Peggy was an early settler. Others say she was a young survivor from a shipwreck who remembered nothing of her life before her rescue; not even her name but was given the name Peggy by the family who adopted her.


The village was founded in 1811 when the Province of Nova Scotia issued a land grant of more than 800 acres (3.2 km2) to six families of German descent. The settlers relied on fishing as the mainstay of their economy but also farmed where the soil was fertile. They used surrounding lands to pasture cattle. In the early 1900s the population peaked at about 300. The community supported a schoolhouse, church, general store, lobster cannery and boats of all sizes that were nestled in the Cove.


Many artists and photographers flocked to Peggys Cove. As roads improved, the number of tourists increased. Today the population is smaller but Peggys Cove remains an active fishing village and a favourite tourist destination.


Textures by pareeerica:


Paper Grunge:



Hint of Jade Lace:


Explored 11.02.09 - #495

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

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