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Photo has been taken by my father in 1993.

Only in modern China is the openness!!! Imperial China will not even be allowed forbidden pee!!! HAHAHAHA -


Just imagine this conversation:


Dad: Hurry up son... imperial guard dogs are coming to get you!

Child: where?

Dad: Over there

Child: Almost done!

it was done before i could shout "akash, you can't do it there!"


see other people on beach @

More inspiration from Tesco's finest greeting card collection!!!

Ok, these are called splitty pants, they don't have diapers here, I'll let you paint your own picture. Sorry for the zoom, I didn't want to get too close to this special moment. It's also common for the grandparents to look after the children while the parents work.


The Pee Gee Hydrangea will grow into a medium sized tree. It's flowers are huge bright white blooms that begin to turn pink before falling. For a better look, click on the photograph. Thanks for the look and have a great week.

Armazém Guimarães, Recife Brasil. Espero que o dono não veja a foto e reclame pela "mijada". :) Taken at Pizzeria Armazém Guimarães, Recife Brazil. Hope the owner doesn't complain about this ingenuous pee.. :)

This shot does not portray sadness due to Pajama Sunday being put on hold while mother-in-law visits.


This shot does not portray anger at the weather for going from Almost Spring to Dead of Winter in one weekend.


This shot does portray waiting for the toilet at the bar face. If BFF were here, I'd have her spot me while I went in the dude's loo.

I ran across this male Costa's Hummingbird in Palm Springs, California at Palm Canyon. Actually the air was literally alive with their sounds, including a male doing his mating dance. They sound like a tiny toy airplanes whirring around in circles.

What can I say? The kid likes to pee off the deck. Better than in a diaper I suppose.


Sorry about your flowers Noni!

I took this when I was at the Portland Zoo. I've always wanted to take pictures of bats but never thought I would get this shot :)


Non è riuscita a tenerla....metropolitana di Valencia, agosto 2007

Here is something a little different! I work in a lab at a large hospital, so we see some interesting things. A coworker of mine collected these urines to make a "pee rainbow." It only took a few days before we had our full spectrum of color. :) It was then requested that I bring my camera to work and document this endeavor.


*Note: Contrary to popular belief, these are straight from the body, before any testing takes place.

Nothing like seeing PWH on my drive to work to bring a smile on my face.


~drive by shooting~

I had to. He was way too cute and right before this he was itching his butt while peeing.

While eating my post ride kebap, a dog peed on my bike

..the year Gram's squirrel got

into the fertilizer.

As seen over the urinal at Bubbalou's Bodacious Barbecue, Altamonte Springs, Florida. Phone cam quality. Little girls watching are amazed.

not peeing but pooping


or maybe both actually

for the Nifty Fifty Friday Group and 8/08/08

freestyle peeing. snapshot!

Our Daily Challenge ... it flies.


A Pee Wee, or Magpie lark, took a rest on an old log at the lakes edge and ruffled it's feathers for a clean up.

part of my peeing in nature series

Ready, aim, fire!

Seems like Santa needed to go... :)

seems like not an uncommon site here in istanbul, but tell me to remove this if this is deemed globally inappropriate.

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