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This cute grey female squirrel forgot all about timidity and came very close to me to beg for peanuts - which she got of course, to make her happy ....


Taken in a Wild Garden in West Wales


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200


108.0 mm


ISO 100


[Dedicated to C.F. (ILYWAMHASAM)]

doll's house furniture with peanut etc

Lost a Peanut Skippy spends time scratching around this tree, it looks like he is looking for something, or just entertaining himself, shot in North Carolina.

Sincerest apologies for my inactivity lately! I really don't have a proper reason such as 'busy with school' etc -- it was simply laziness, haha! Here's a Peapic from already over a month ago, oops..


I've btw refreshed my dolls' looks a bit! Inès got new eyes, Cherie got new eyes and a wig & Mallory is currently wearing Cheries old wig (the pink one), so I'll try to show you the changes asap!


Oh, and also, I have a doll -instagram! I've had one for about 1,5 years now actually, but I realised I've never really mentioned it here on flickr, so if you're interested, it's @squirrellicious! Don't expect to see any quality stuff there though, I basically just spam random quick phonepics of my girls there .. ^^

This is Peanut, my step Son's wonderful and very affectionate dog. I took this image of Peanut while I was babysitting, Hope Y'all love Peanut as much as I and the whole family love him. Thanks for all your support on my work in Photography. Lol: Gaston.!!!



New entry in Peanut Gallery. "Evening sail off in Bosphorus" from the series Faces of Istanbul. Limited edition of 10 signed and numbered prints. Paper size A3+, image size 30X45cm. Archival inkjet paper Ilford Fibre Gold Silk.

Yesterday was warm and I put out my red bowl and filled with peanuts ....the squirrels were cautious at first.....not quite sure what to make of the red container....but soon I had dozens of them creeping up and grabbing two or three at a time. They are so's difficult to get decent pics of them. I'm sure they were expecting Jasmine to bolt out the door and chase them up the tree.

Peanuts grown in Central Washington

Ha!ha! Just another Chippy photo taken today. I love his little hands wrapped around the peanut like a corn on the cob;)

A Woodhouse's Scrub Jay jumps for joy with a prized peanut before flying off to find a quiet place to enjoy its treat.


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he was moving at breakneck speed

till this peanut appeared

as he put the brakes on ,,i was ready

he fell for the speed trap ,,,,


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Blue jays are a work of art, I never tire of looking at their beautiful feathers! :blue_heart::blue_heart:


Just a little reminder and information the peanuts that I use for Blue Jays are unsalted and roasted. Salt is toxic to birds because they unable to process it.


Happy weekend :)

Thanks to a nice person, I know now what this is called,A Peanut Butter Bush,Now that's Sweet.

On the garden bird table.

Quebec Nature ............................................Canada .

The Planters bus was at the grocery store:))

Spaghetti with carrots and broccoli in peanut lime sauce

Get in MY belly!!


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Steller's Jays love their peanuts!

Many times they will shell one then stick another in their beak and take off. You can see the one in it's beak. Just as I took this, he dropped one. I have that effect on animals..


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I decided to get a new lens and a new computer. I have wanted to work with a 70-200mm lens. I also did my research and the Apple MacBook Pro is supposed to be an excellent tool for photography.


My own capture of a Eurasian Jay (Garrulus glandarius )


This bird has stuffed its crop full of peanuts, in addition to the ones held in its beak.


Special effects created in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2.


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cleaning out the peanut butter jar

Found a peanut. Found a peanut. Found a peanut just now.... and so on.


this is my baby peanut....i am so greatful for so many reasons to have him...when he was born his white hair and angry face they called him the angry old man...everyone wants to touch his silky white hair...he was called a cottontop by an elderly man at an airport...he is fascinating...he snuggles with me almost every morning.he is a car fanatic...he knew the symbol to every car by the time he was 3.he loooooooves chocolate,camoflauge and his bear....he is tough at times but so concerned and caring for others ...he makes me laugh and cry...he is my peanut...

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Chocolate cookies with peanut butter centers. "Regally rich chocolate with a peanut butter kick." with a touch of sanders sugar crystals on top for that extra little sweetness!


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Watching 'Criminal Minds' on TV and sharing peanuts.

Today was a bonus day at my feeders. Mostly I have house sparrows a few chicadees and a few juncos. Today I looked out and these two were sharing the peanuts. Not a great shot, it was through my window but I was so pleased to see them I had to post.

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