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A squirrelly visitor who managed to get a half sandwich of peanutbutter

... you don't want to know.

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j } i write and write and write until it feels right.


p.s. i heart peanut butter.

happy weekend :)



Clerodendrum trichotomum

harlequin glorybower (peanutbutter tree)



The aqua and blue colored berries presented in a red magenta star turn black later.

Rogue - Voodoo Doughnut

makes her own sammiches.

Here is a closeup of a Pileated woodpecker with a mouthful of peanut butter. The Pileated woodpecker is one of the largest woodpeckers in North America and is the size of a large Crow. This is a male because the faceplate below the bill is red and on a female it is black. This picture was taken with a Canon 50D with a 100-200 L I/S zoom lens.

Your comments and faves are greatly appreciated.

To see more amazing birds of Northern Wisconsin visit our website:

Our artist-squirrels design the zombie pumpkin! First my Jerry drilled the face and stuffed the holes with peanuts and peanut-butter. Then we watched several days as our fuzzy artists create: Voila!!! Zombie Pumpkin!

Love these little woodpeckers..I have two pair in the backyard...

so, thats it :P

in December, will be 3 years on flickr :D


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Een grote bonte specht snoept van de pindakaas in onze tuin, foto genomen door dubbelglas.

On this day, I made some snacks for the squirrels in our yard. Apples, coated with peanut butter then rolled in bird food. Yum!! ;-)


Happy Fence Friday

this little guy took no chances that he wouldn't get second and third helpings... he took ALL the peanut butter crackers!

I took this photo a while ago, lost it, then found it again! It is for one of several peanut butter jars on my kitchen counter. Have a wonderful day.

Peanut butter for my peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that I made today! 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter (shown here) and 1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter!


The treat i made was a big hit with the chickadees:)

Daily Dog Challenge: It's So Good

Etta loves to lick out the Peanut Butter Jar

Today I needed a chocolate fix. Salty pretzels go good with chocolate.

Canon EOS 6D - f/4 - 1/200sec - 100 mm - ISO 100

The Silvereyes absolutely love peanut butter. I spread a bit around the trees. It gives them a bit of fat in their winter diet. And gives me a few photo opportunities too :-)


f5.7; 1/250; ISO 80.

Small amount of levels and curves on the eye area.


I know its a little different to my other photos, but i do love my peanutbutter plant and how the dew sits on the end of its leaves in the morning :)


When you rub the leaves it smells exactly like peanut butter! :) Yum.


Etsy Shop

[842-365] K is for Potassium.

Taken for Macro Mondays. This weeks theme is "creamy".


Instead of just using Kraft Creamy Peanut Butter on the toast I decided to help make this shot a little more colourful by adding on some of my own homemade strawberry jam. Trying to be fancy schmancy I even made the jam into the shape of a heart. I know, awwwww, shucks huh! But since it just looks like a blob of jam and you can't see it's in the shape of a heart very well in this shot I added another one in comments below. :P


HMM everyone!

March 22 2017

Canon EOS 6D - f/5 - 1/200sec - 105 mm - ISO 100

chapter 2, part 1.




for those of you who follow us, when gracie the rhodesian was alive, we got into the habit of having a bit of peanut butter after midnight. gracie was dying and jones the basenji was losing weight, so that extra fat didn't matter. [the exception, of course, is me; me with the fat stomach.]


it took chai the smooth saluki several weeks to settle into the routine of wandering upstairs to my room when leon takes the spoodles and marina the podenco ibicenco to bed in his room. chai now sleeps with jones and me. jones and I had resumed the peanut butter parties after gracie died. so now chai is included.


to be continued....




*for you who want realism there is a picture below of that same peanut butter jar.

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