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Calgary has had a great fall after the early snowfall in September

with a glimpse of Prince's Island Park and cityscape

still on a break...

Hope you all won't forget who I am when i come back. I'm just taking a flickr break for awhile.


Bow River view-----luxury condos and a glimpse of the Peace Bridge in the distant background.

The openning of the south side of the Peace Bridge looked like a symbol.


Explore #63, thank you.

Peace Bridge is a pedestrian bridge, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, that accommodates both pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The bridge opened for use on March 24, 2012.

framed by golden trees


Calgary, Alberta Canada

Across Peace Bridge over frozen river


Model Mayhem# 3593103 | SmugMug | Instagram


Peace Bridge going from Buffalo NY into Canada

Crossing the Peace Bridge to Prince's Island Park from Memorial Drive is a nice walk----Calgary, Alberta

Calgary's Peace Bridge by Calatrava you can see a nice ghost at the entrance!

The Peace Bridge in Derry Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK


The Peace Bridge is a cycle and footbridge bridge across the River Foyle in Derry, Northern Ireland. It opened on 25 June 2011, connecting Ebrington Square with the rest of the city centre. The bridge is intended to improve relations between the largely unionist 'Waterside' with the largely nationalist 'Cityside', by improving access between these areas, as part of wider regeneration plans.


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I joined Neil Zeller's 2nd Annual Birthday Photowalk tonight. It was a perfect autumn evening for a walk along the Bow and meeting lots of great people.


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the Calgary Night photographers meetup on Saturday March 8 : "how to set up your camera for HDR", sometimes the photographers get in the way! this is a 4 frame HDR with some solid and some ghost photographers. the Peace Bridge South entrance is the frame.

Transcendence sees the Dual Perceptions of Reality by Sight and Reality by Faith ..


Quotes by Patricia Bechthold


Peace Bridge Calgary Alberta Canada

The Peace Bridge is a pedestrian / bike pathway connecting the Sunnyside community to downtown Calgary. The artistic red helical steel structure and glass roof looks futuristic.


Designer -----Santiago Calatrava


Calgary, Alberta

Was looking though some old photos and this one stood out. This is one I took around this time last year. Usually when I go to Londonderry/Derry I'm there for work and i'm firefighting some issue - I never really get an opportunity to explore the area. This time I wasn't there for work and I had a great time exploring the area.


Just don't tell my colleagues - they might send me there more often...

The Calgary Night Photographers met for some snow storm shooting and hiding under bridges is one way to keep some snow off your camera. I am amazed you can see underwater with this 3 layer HDR

Mothers Day Peace Bridge.....Another shot from last weeks fantastic sunset. I couldn't stop snapping the sky was so good

A re-edit of an image I captured of the Peace Bridge in July 2015. New tools, new tweaks....

Photo by Kristina Bedward

Peace Bridge------a pedestian / bike pathway connecting the Sunnyside community to downtown Calgary. The artistic red helical steel structure and glass roof looks futuristic.


The tubular bridge was manufactured in Spain and shipped to Calgary. Assembly of the bridge pieces started in Fall 2010 and the bridge was moved across the Bow River in November 2011. The bridge was opened to the public on March 24, 2012


Design By Santiago Calatrava

Taken on the Fort Erie side in Canada. The background shows the Peace Bridge. The winds were really strong and also when I shot this there was hail. It was actually coming down sideways. I really hate winter but it gives you some pretty good shots. :-)

Peace Bridge (Calgary, Canada. Gustavo Thomas © 2013)

The Peace Bridge in Calgary leads pedestrians and cyclists in and out of Calgary on a Spring night

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