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This was the prize for the Omegathon winner - almost a complete collection of NES games, plus some other stuff.

Can you imagine a finer feeling than, after nearly 24 hours travel, seeing the gleaming beacon that was 2005 PAX? I think not.

For testing purposes, they keep a copy of every Xbox game on hand. In every language. Yes, that's a lot of discs. These aren't all full - yet.


This shot has reached #206 in Explore for August 26, 2005.

At this point, the strip has been done in pencil and scanned in. That wasn't done "live", though.

At PAX at least, cell phones, GBAs, etc, fill in for lighters.

I asked if we could have a demo of iPod connectivity to the 360. And since I had my iPod, it was the one that got used! Here it is connected up. And I think that's the bottom half of Major Nelson ( in the background.


This photo got linked to by Joystiq.

A closer look at the 360. You can see the MU in the front, to the left, and the headset in front to the right. The wires at the top are there because this is a test machine, not a final product.

The stack of NES games was just incredible.

I thought it would be great to have a shot of all the Frag Dolls who were there together with the 4 of us PMS girls. It took a while to find a time to get us all together, but we did it.

And here you can see the 360 dashboard, with my iPod recognized! Yes, that's what I named my iPod. At least that's not as bad as Eric - and everyone else - making fun of some of the music I had on there...

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