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After shooting tons of sunset shots, I prefer the color I get naturally in the dark with long exposure & my cokin filter. There is no saturation added..


Camera: Nikon D300

Lens: Tokina 12-24mmF4

Filters: CokinP121

Exposures: (10, 2.5, 5, 20, 30)

Aperture: f/11

Focal Length: 12mm

ISO Speed: 200

On Explore - Thank you very much my friends.

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Hi Everyone,


HBW Everyone. Long time no see!


Sorry to be away so long I hope all is well with you. I hope to be around to visit your sites a little later today as I am taking a break today from studies and I am back from a brief vacation.


I did not really go far away but I was able to visit some cool local places and have some rest. =D


It's great to be back on Flickr again though!


It may take me a while to catch up with everyone. If I have not been to visit you yet please be patient a little bit more I will be around for sure! =D

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Oct 26, 2009 -Front page in Boat & Island Poetry for a week... thanks to Calyn

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. the bus stop.


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Can u imagine seeing 4 tigers at the same time , A mother and 3 cubs . Something i ll never forget .


Shot at Bandhavgarh

A set up shot i did with our cat Albus. I used a single desk lamp for this one. I'll probably post a few of the tuna/cat bokeh theme, this was a quick edit, i need to go through the rest.

Have a nice day everyone. Thanks for the views, comments, and faves.


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I've waited a long time to capture this image. Finally got to photograph an amazing sunset up on the cliff looking down on Redhead Beach. This pano consists of 16 images - 2 rows of 8.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.


Ralph Waldo Emerson


Better days down the way

No more dreams no more heartbreaks

Better smile better skin

Better place your faith in us

Better do it, better stop

Better keep your spirits up

Listen to Meeee


CREDITS Unedited Close ups on the blog!

Seen on Gale Storm Retreat

(Aphrodisia Isle (36, 85, 20)


Patience is what man most resembles the process that nature uses in his creations.

Honoré de Balzac


Explore 12 Genn

About halfway through my shift, I got wind of an IC Deathstar leading on 505, and seriously considered shooting it, but figured it would be too late, so I wrote it off. When I was leaving work, I had noticed that the train was skipping its usual work in Flint and heading straight for Durand, to which I thought I should go. After retrieving my equipment, I headed out, quickly trying to get there. Then the waiting game began. 2 hours after I arrived and a small window of set up time so as not to arouse suspicion with the train crew, CN L505 finally departs Durand passing the classic depot. To think I didn't want to stay out late...

Waiting for just the right time.


Or maybe waiting for the world to hold still...



...can bring you the best moments...



More often than not, patience is a virtue that is needed to wait for something interesting to happen.




Explore # 374 May 21, 2008

Pirnmill, Arran, Scotland






A timid little juvenile blackbird awaited patiently to be fed.

I really don't know which shot to lead off with - this one or the uncropped shot? Tell me what you think.


A fishing great grey heron stands rock-still iin this 2.5 second exposure of a River Dodder weir after a night of heavy rain.


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Pedicab rider waiting patiently for a customer (either that or he's bored), Bacolod City, Philippines.


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Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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[White~Widow] DarkTower - Black


Starting on June, 25th

1 Exclusive tattoo in 2 colours


▲ F L I C K R

▲ F L I C K R G R O U P

▲ M A R K E T P L A C E

㋛㋛ (,,,......) ㋛㋛

Taken The Outer Garden

A virtue not taught in enough schools

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