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as Louise Brooks and a golddigger

The Cheetos were quite tasty.

Catherine, Spencer, and Alec.

dude. wtf is teen wolf doing chilling at my house.

I am no longer "what's the matter with Kansas," but what's right with California. And Kate is still digging for gold.

Cylonic Emily, anti-Christmas corporal Sommer, and Other Kate seem oblivious to the danger in their midst.

Sorry Tommy, I keep forgetting the name of your Teenage Mutant Ninje Turtles costume. But you're rocking it!

Kay, Dana, and that gold-digger Kate.

I think all the things the matter with Kansas make Catherine glum.

There's really no joke needed for this one.

Who says a guido and a beatnik can't fall in love?

tasty but dangerous

Dave "Chavez" Weigel merrily denounces the American devil.

No, that's all.

devil in a blue dress blue dress

Brooke and Gene as Britney and K-fed